FAQs for Faculty

What is the structure of a 360°?

    360°s take a variety of forms, but are typically made up of three courses.  Additional structures can be seen in the 360° archives.

How do I develop a 360°?

What is the budgeting process?

    A budget is developed by the faculty with help from the 360° coordinator, then submitted to and approved by the Provost.

How are students informed of the 360°offerings?

    Upcoming 360°s are advertised in the Upcoming Clusters section of the 360° website.  Faculty are also encouraged to use department teas and major reps to share new 360°s.  Posters and emails are distributed by the 360° coordinator prior to the application period for all 360°s.

How do students preregister for the courses?

    Students apply to 360°s using a Wufoo form designed by faculty and administered by the 360° coordinator.

Are students required to take all courses in the 360°?

    To be considered 360° participants, students must enroll in all courses required by the cluster.  At faculty discretion, individual courses can be open to non-360° students.

When are students notified of their acceptance in the program?

    Students are notified no later than the second Monday of preregistration in the semester prior to the 360°.  See the application procedures for futher details.

How do I bring speakers for my course?

What kinds of institutional support are available for 360° programs?

    The Provost’s Office provides $3,000 course development funds for each faculty member the summer prior to their 360° cluster.

    The Teaching and Learning Initiative student consultants are available to work with faculty members during the planning, teaching, and/or assessment phases of a 360° cluster.  See this document for further information.

How can I set up a blog for my 360°?

    Web Services (help@brynmawr.edu) can help you set up a Wordpress blog.  The 360° coordinator can also point you to other technological resources you can incorporate in your courses.

What is the course equivalent value of a 360° course?

    Faculty are given a 1.5 teaching credit in the semester of the 360°.

Who should I contact about developing a 360°?

    Sarah Theobald, the 360° coordinator, is a good place to start.  (contact information at left)