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Borrowing Policies

Library patrons are expected to act responsibly when checking out items to their library accounts. Patrons should always:

  • Return materials on time (fees are assessed on all items returned after a bill has been issued)
  • Keep borrowed items in good condition. Fines are assessed on damaged items.
  • Keep borrowed items in your own possession. Do not lend items you borrowed from the library to someone else, as you are still responsible for returning them on time.
  • Patrons must show a valid Tri-College ID or Yellow Bryn Mawr Borrowing Card in order to borrow library materials or request information about their acccount.


General Borrowing Policy Chart [PDF]


Undergraduates, Post-Bacs, and Non-Degree Students [PDF]

Seniors and Graduate Students [PDF]

Faculty and Staff [PDF]

Carpenter Carrels [PDF]

Visitors and Alumnae [PDF]


In an effort to conserve paper, the Bryn Mawr College libraries send all library notices (overdues, recalls, fines, bills, hold pickup and cancellations, etc.) via email. These notices are sent to your Bryn Mawr e-mail address ( 

If you do not use your Bryn Mawr e-mail, it is your responsibility to set your Bryn Mawr e-mail account to forward to the address that you do use. You are also responsible for setting your spam filters on your Bryn Mawr and any other email account to allow messages from the library. These messages are sent from the address, except for ILL messages, which are sent from


"Thesis Status" is automatically given to all Bryn Mawr seniors and graduate students.  This means that all regularly-circulating tri-college books will be due for these patrons at the end of the semester. For more information see Lending Policies

Thesis status does NOT apply to:


  • RECALLS - any recalled book must be promptly returned, even if the borrower is using it to write a thesis
  • Videos and DVDs
  • Bound journals
  • ILL and E-ZBorrow books
  • Laptops
  • Any other short-term loan materials not individually listed


Alumnae/i of Bryn Mawr College's undergraduate and graduate programs who are in good standing with the library may request borrowing privileges at no cost. 

Alumnae/i borrowing does not include access to electronic resources from off-campus, or to EBL ebook library.

Request Borrowing Privileges

Lending Policy: Visitors & Alumnae [PDF]

Alumnae/i access to JSTOR and Mango Languages is provided through the Alumnae Assocation and may be accessed via Athena's Web. For more information, please see the Alumnae Assocation page.  



Bryn Mawr faculty have borrowing privileges at some PALCI member institutions. Bryn Mawr College also extends reciprocal borrowing privileges to faculty members of other participating PALCI member institutions. For a list of participating institutions and information on applying, please see You will need to have the authorization form signed by a librarian at Bryn Mawr (or your home institution).


Visitors are welcome at the Bryn Mawr College Libraries on weekdays from opening through 6pm. See this announcement for more details about after-hours access for visitors. 

We do not offer borrowing privileges to visitors with no affiliation with Bryn Mawr college unless the patron is faculty member at a PALCI member institution. For more information see: Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing.

Visitors may not:

  • Borrow materials
  • Print from library printers
  • Access electronic resources from off-campus
  • Access EBL ebook library

Visitors may view videos and DVDs in-house only, using viewing rooms in Canaday Library. Visitors may not take these items out of the library. If interested, please see the circulation desk to sign a lending agreement and receive a key to a viewing room as well as headphones, if necessary. Please email or call the circulation desk at 610-526-5276 with any questions.

Patrons with visitor card from other Tri-Co libraries (Swarthmore or Haverford) may not borrow materials from Bryn Mawr College Libraries. Correspondingly, patrons with Bryn Mawr Visitor Cards may not borrow from other Tri-Co libraries.