Friends of the Library


Susan L. Klaus

My first year as Chair of the Friends of the Library coincided with momentus events at the College: a new President, a new Director of Libraries, and a new Art, Archaeology, and Cities Library. In honor of the opening of the Rhys Carpenter Library, the 1997-1998 Friends of the Library events celebrated architecture. We sponsored two lectures and two talks in our popular "Booked for Lunch" and "Booked for Dinner" series. On view in the Rare Book Room of Canaday Library until 31 May, this year's exhibition, "From Stonehenge to Bryn Mawr: Exploring Architecture," showcases some of the treasures of Bryn Mawr's own collection of prints, drawings, photographs, and rare books. Those of you coming to campus for graduation or reunions will not want to miss this stunning exhibit, curated by Head of Special Collections Mary Leahy.

We may not be able to match the excitement of the inaugurations and dedications of the past year, but we can promise a series of programs for fall and spring that will be a visual as well as intellectual treat. Our focus for 1998-1999 is on bookbindings, whose beauty and fine craftsmanship captivate us. Who among us has not made an impulse purchase at a booksale simply because we couldnąt bear to leave behind a beautiful volume--regardless of the subject matter!

In the coming year, the Friends of the Library Board looks forward to working with Elliott Shore to find new ways to support the library, and to engage the College community as well as our neighbors in library activities. We know that each of you is a de facto "friend of the library," and we invite you to become a member of our group. I hope to see you at one of our events during the coming year.

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