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May, 2003
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10 boxes, including 3 oversize

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Acquired primarily by purchase from Seymour Adelman and Grace Lovat Fraser.

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The photograph section of the Claud Lovat Fraser and Grace Crawford Lovat Fraser Collection complements the detailed diaries and manuscripts that exist in the manuscript section of the Collection, and also illustrates Crawford's life after Fraser's death. The section has been divided into five series. Images range in size and are of both professional and amateur quality. Photographers are identified where known. A number of the photographs are duplicated and copies may be found in more that one series.

Photographs that document Lovat Fraser's art work and related negatives are housed with Claud Lovat Fraser artworks.

Series I. Personal Photographs is organized into two subgroups: photos of Claud Lovat Fraser and photos of Grace Crawford Fraser. They are arranged chronologically. Most of the photographs are of only one person, although there are a few photos of both Fraser and Crawford that show other people.

Series II. Family and Friends contains photographs of family, friends and professional associates of both Frasers. The main group of photographs of Helen Catherine Adeline Lovat Fraser is found in this series.

Friends represented in this group include Tamara Karsavina, Beatrice Hackett (Mrs. James), Richard Collett, Norman Wilkinson, Arthur Bliss, Eugene and Jansi Goossens, Gordon Craig, Gregory Stroud, the Courtaulds, Hugo Rumbold, Adeline Genee, and Ralph Hodgson.

Series III. Grace Lovat Fraser Theatre Work This small series contains photos of some of the costumes and sets Crawford designed after Fraser's death.

Series IV. Miscellaneous Both Frasers have miscellaneous photographs (of pets, places, photos of personal belongings) that have been separated from the chronological groupings of Series I. Many of the miscellaneous photographs are not identified, and a large number are casual snapshots.

Series V. Negatives contains an assortment of black and white negatives and color transparencies. Included is an album of negatives identified by Fraser.

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