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Autobiographical Materials Miscellaneous Clippings and Manuscripts by Housman and Others Graphic Materials

Autobiographical Materials
Box Folder Content
13 1

Materials and Notes for Autobiographical Account

AMs, TS and TLS documents evidently gathered as part of an autobiographical work. Folder includes notes for Housman's autobiography, The Unexpected Years on the "Vicar of Wakefield" incident.

13 2

Biographical Information

Folder contains TS and AMs copies of an introduction to The Essential Laurence Housman by Reginald Reynolds and revised by Housman; numerous newspaper clippings of Housman's obituaries in New York papers, and a revised copy of a critical essay on Housman by Katherine Bregy.

13 3

Bibliographical Information

Folder contains "A Brief Catalogue of the Collections of Books, Manuscripts and Drawings, presented to the Street Library by the family of Roger and Sarah Bancroft Clark, 1965", and many bibliographical lists of Housman's published works, including some notes to publishers on details of production.

13 4

Documents Regarding Housman's Published Writings

AMs describing the royalties due for the performance of Housman's plays: "Note on Joseph Moorat's musical settings to 'Prunella', 'The Chinese Lantern' and 'Bethlehem'"; AMs describing royalties owed for the performance of Victoria Regina; TS legal document: "Memorandum of Agreement made this day of ____ 1942, BETWEEN LAURENCE HOUSMAN, c/o James B. Pinker....of the one part and THE OLD VIC COMPANY..."

13 6

The Family Remains

TS of unpublished book by Housman concerning his family. Includes 3 pages AMs fragments.

13 7

Outrageous Fortune

TS and AMs sections of what seems to be an autobiographical work by Housman which discusses his adolescence and sexuality, detailing his relationships with men and women throughout his young life. Folder contains copies of the forward to this book.

13 8-10

What I Believe

Unpublished book on ethics. Includes Housman's autograph notes under a number of titles, with fragments.

Miscellaneous Clippings and Manuscripts by Housman and Others
Box Folder Content
13 11 Political Writings by Housman
13 12 Miscellaneous Critical Essays--Clippings
13 13

Printed Material on Victoria Regina

Articles, reviews, and a magazine feature on the production of Victoria Regina in New York.

13 14

Victoria Regina in Paris

Newspaper clippings on the Paris production of Victoria Regina including the program from the show at Theatre de la Madeleine.

13 15

Petites Pieces de Saint Francois

Two copies of French translations of Little Plays of St. Francis.

13 16

Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Miscellaneous printed material (not by Housman) on current events, politics...includes the program from a dinner in honor of James B. Pinker and a pamphlet sample for an illustrated edition of Daphnis and Chloe with woodcuts by Charles Ricketts and Charles Shannon.

13 17

Miscellaneous Printed Materials annotated by Housman

Miscellaneous printed material (not by Housman) but with corrections or annotations in Housman's hand. Most materials are political essays or literary criticism with.

13 18

Miscellaneous AMs Material not by Housman

3 AMs notes and essay, "Retirement of Mrs. Henry Siddons from the Stage" by unknown authors.

13 19

The Drawn Arrow

2 TS of short story by Clemence Housman

13 20

Why They Eloped

2 TS copies of a short story by George Herbert Housman. Document labeled: Works of George Herbert Housman. Poetry and History.

13 21

Francis of Assisi: An Imaginative Story of His Life, based on the Laurence Housman's Little Plays of St. Francis

TS of a prose spin-off of Little Plays by an unknown author, signed "Dvdsr."

13 22

Open Sesame

AMsS of a short story by Charles Marriott.

13 23

The Red Shawl

TS of adaptation of Housman's The Magic Casement by Gertrude Kingston.

13 24

Parody of Victoria Regina

TS of parody, Victoria Invicta: Incorrectly Remembered by Elizabeth Bowen, along with 2 ALS and 1 TLS of letters from Bowen to "Graham".

13 25

Papers of Peace Organizations

Printed material on the Peace Pledge Union and other peace associations including details of the structure and mission of these organizations.

13 26

Short-hand Manuscript

AMs short-hand manuscript, author/title unknown.

13 27

Miscellaneous Fragments

1 receipt for 2 jars Cashew Cream and 4 Maple Fruitarian Lunches, 1948; 1 newspaper advertisement clipping from the NY Times, June 11, 1976 for Bombay Dry Gin proclaiming "Try this or you'll make Victoria cross."


Graphic Materials
Box Folder Content
13 28


Miscellaneous sketches and caricatures, some appear to be scenic designs.

13 29

Unidentified Photos

Some may be family photographs.

13 30

Photographs of Plays

Photos from productions of Housman's plays-- many of Victoria Regina and some hand-labeled by Housman.

13 31

Photograph of the Royal Family at Windsor

Accompanying notes states, "A "composite photograph" made in 1868 by a Manchester man named "McLachlan". He was assisted by Frederic Shields who made watercolor drawings at Windsor of carpets, furniture etc. and posed the royal figues etc. - describing the work as "loathsome slavery". The photograph was the subject of a lawsuit in 1886." Photo signed by [La---] McLachlan.

13 32

Drawings and Paintings

Ascribed by the folder to Housman, though mostly unsigned. These paintings mostly depict stage scenes or characters, as well as a caricature of Gordon Craig accompanied by AMsS explanation by Housman of the disagreement between Craig and Housman over the production of Bethlehem, for which Craig was producer.

13 33-34

Drawings and Paintings

Various pen-and-ink drawings and other media, some labeled. Most appear to be designs for plates or stage scenes/designs.

13 35

Drawings by Others

Printed colored book plates by various artists.

13 36

Drawings and Sketches

Pen-and-ink drawings and other media, mostly small plates and figure studies.

13 37

Illustrations and Miscellaneous Folders

Copies of illustrations of what seems to be medieval scenes by Housman and various folders used by Housman for notes and manuscripts, some with doodles.

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