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The London collection is rich in information on the city's architecture, both in books listed here and in those of other categories, not the least of which is Stow's Svrvay of London. Included here are works addressing the city's various architectural styles--Horwood's A to Z of Regency London and Pugin's Specimens of Gothic Architecture among them--as well as numerous descriptions and histories of particular structures, from the Tower to Guildhall, Buckingham Palace to the Crystal Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral to Westminster Abbey, Charter-House to Keat's House, the Albany to the Savoy, and the Monument commemorating the Great Fire to Westminster Bridge.

The strength of this category is the number of books, mainly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, on the city's churches. A particular highlight is St. Paul's Cathedral, from its beginnings in the seventh century to the present structure designed in the early seventeenth by architect Sir Christopher Wren. In addition to the definitive source on the Cathedral, Sir William Dugdale's History of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, from Its Foundation (1716), Bryn Mawr's collection includes A History of the Three Cathedrals Dedicated to St. Paul in London (1873) by William Longman, St. Paul's Cathedral and Old City Life (1894) by W. Sparrow Simpson, and St. Paul's Cathedral, London (1927) by Arthur Poley. The Cathedral as well as other churches in the city are discussed and pictured in George Godwin's Churches of London (1838-39), Alexander Wood's Ecclesiastical Antiquities of London and Its Suburbs (1874) and Alexander Rottman's London's Catholic Churches (1926). Bryn Mawr's copy of Godwin was originally owned by writer Augustus Hare and contains his bookplate and a personal inscription telling how this work laid the foundations for his Walks in London (found in the General Views, Descriptions, Travel Accounts & Guides category). As well as the treatment of individual churches in books such as Joshua Denham's Views Exhibiting the Exterior & Interior & Principal Monuments of the . . . Church of St. Dunstan in the West, many are covered in the collection's various general books on London architecture. For example, beautiful section and elevation drawings of St. Paul's by nineteenth-century architect Augustus Pugin can be found in Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London (1825-28), by John Britton and Pugin.

The collection has a number of such books dealing with the general subject of London's architecture. Two from the eighteenth century are A Critical Review of the Publick Buildings, Statues and Ornaments in and about London (1734) and James Stuart's Critical Observations on the Buildings and Improvements of London (1771). Nineteenth-century works include The Public Edifices of the British Metropolis (1825), Description de Londres et de ses Edifices (1810) by Jean Baptiste Barjaud and Vestiges of Old London (1851) by John Wykeham Archer.

Books on London's bridges are another highlight of the collection. Chronicles of London Bridge (1827), by antiquary Richard Thomson, tells of the city's earliest bridge, which remained the only one across the Thames until 1750, when Westminster Bridge was opened. In The Present State of Westminster Bridge (1743), Charles Labelye, the Swiss architect who designed the original bridge, defended its progress and methods of construction. London architect Batty Langley condemned the bridge's sinking piers and "piratical" building methods in Survey of Westminster Bridge, as 'tis Now Sinking into Ruin (1748), claiming that the entire structure was subject to "immediate (if not unavoidable) ruin." Revealing his utter contempt for Labelye, Langley suggested that the public would have been better off if Labelye had been hanged before Westminster Bridge had ever been conceived, an idea represented in the book's one illustration.

Two other London landmarks well represented in the collection are the Tower of London and the Savoy, both said to have foundations, at least partial, dating back to the Roman city. Among the works treating the former are A New and Improved History and Description of the Tower of London (1827), Lord William De Ros's Memorials of the Tower of 1867, Her Majesty's Tower (1885) by William Hepworth Dixon and The Tower of London: Fortress, Palace and Prison (1909) by Charles George Harper. Those on the latter include William John Loftie's Memorials of the Savoy: The Palace, the Hospital, and the Chapel (1878), The Savoy, London, published by the Hotel of the same name in 1923, and Sir Compton Mackenzie's Savoy of London (1953).



Archer, John Wykeham, 1808-1864
Vestiges of old London, a series of etchings from original drawings, illustrative of the monuments and architecture of London, in the first, fourth, twelfth, and six succeeding centuries, with descriptions and historical notices, by John Wykeham Archer
London, D. Bogue, 1851

Arlen, Michael, 1895-1956
A young man comes to London: an original short story, by Michael Arlen
[London, J. J. Keliher, 193-?]
DA687.D69 A7 1930

Arnott, Samuel, of London
The Column, called the Monument, described : erected to perpetuate the dreadful fire of London in the year 1666
London : printed by J. Bryan for Samuel Arnott, c1805
Uncat 6176

Barjaud, Jean Baptiste Benoit, 1785-1813
Description de Londres et de ses edifices : avec un precis historique et des observations sur le caractere de leur architecture, et sur les principaux objects d'art et de curiosite qu'ils renferment / par J.-B. Barjaud, et C.P. Landon ..
Paris : Chez C.P. Landon, 1810
DA677 .B3 1810

Bell, Walter George, 1867-1942
The Tower of London / by Walter George Bell ; with eleven drawings by Hanslip Fletcher
London : John Lane ; New York : John Lane company, 1921
Uncat 12,143

Britton, John, 1771-1857
Illustrations of the public buildings of London; with historical and descriptive accounts of each edifice, by J. Britton and A. Pugin
London, Printed for J. Taylor, J. Britton, and A. Pugin, 1825-28
fNA970 .B8 1825

Britton, John, 1771-1857
Memoirs of the Tower of London
London : Hurst, Chance, and Co., 1830
Uncat 9140

Britton, John, 1771-1857
Picturesque antiquities of the English cities. Illustrated by a series of engravings of ancient buildings, street scenery, etc., with historical and descriptive accounts of each subject, by John Britton.
London, Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green [etc.] 1830.
fNA961 .B7 1830

Camden (England). Libraries, Arts and Amenities Committee
Keats House: a guide to the house and museum
London, London Borough of Camden (Borough Librarian & Curator), 1966
PR4836 .C3 1966

Chancellor, E. Beresford (Edwin Beresford), 1868-1937
Lost London, being a description of landmarks which have disappeared, pictured by J. Crowther circa 1879-87 and described by E. Beresford Chancellor
[London] Printed at the Chiswick press for Constable and for Houghton Mifflin, 1926
DA683 .C47 1926

City of London (England). Court of Common Council. City lands committee
The Guildhall of the city of London : together with a short account of its historic associations and the municipal work carried on therein / compiled by Sir John James Baddeley
London : Printed by E. Fisher, 1927
DA687.G8 L65 1927

De Ros, William Lennox Lascelles Fitzgerald-de-Ros, 23d baron, 1797?-1874
Memorials of the Tower of London / by Lord De Ros
London : J. Murray, 1867
DA687.T7 D4 1867

Denham, J. F. (Joshua Frederick), d. 1861
Views exhibiting the exterior & interior & principal monuments of the very ancient and remarkable church of St. Dunstan in the West, in the City of London
London : F. Waller, 1850
Uncat ff195

Ditchfield, P. H. (Peter Hampson), 1854-1930
London survivals : a record of the old buildings and association of the city / by P.H. Ditchfield ; with 114 ill. by E.L. Wratten
New York : F.A. Stokes, 1914

Ditchfield, P. H. (Peter Hampson), 1854-1930, ed
Memorials of old London, ed. by P. H. Ditchfield
London [etc.] Bemrose & sons, limited, 1908

Dixon, William Hepworth, 1821-1879
Her Majesty's tower
New York : Scribner & Welford, 1885
942 D647h

Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686
The history of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, from its foundation
London : G. James for J. Bowyer, 1716
Uncat f1121

Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693
Catalogue of the tombs in the churches of the city of London, A.D. 1660 / by Major Payne Fisher / revised and edited by G. Blacker Morgan. London : printed 1668
privately reprinted, 1885
Uncat 9684

Furniss, Harry, 1854-1925
Paradise in Piccadilly; the story of Albany, by Harry Furniss; with illustrations from sketches by the author and from photographs
London, John Lane; New York, Dodd, Mead and company [1925]
DA689.A6 F8 1925

Godwin, George, 1815-1888
The churches of London : a history and description of the ecclesiastical edifices of the metropolis : with biographical anecdotes of eminent persons, notices of remarkable monuments, etc. / by George Godwin, assisted by John Britton ; illustrated by numerous plates engraved by J. Le Keux and others, from drawings by Robert William Billings
London : C. Tilt, J. Hatchard, L. & G. Seeley, J. Weale, and J. Williams, 1838-39
NA5470.A1 G7 1838

Hammon, Henry J
The architectural antiquities and present state of Crosby Place, London as lately restored by John Davies, Esq., architect
London : J. Weale, 1844
Uncat f1177

Harper, Charles George, 1863-1943
The Tower of London : fortress, palace, and prison / by Charles G. Harper ; illustrated chiefly from photographs by W. S. Campbell
Philadelphia : George W. Jacobs, [1909]
DA687.T7 H3 1909

Harris, John, 1931-
Buckingham Palace and its treasures [by] John Harris, Geoffrey de Bellaigue [and] Oliver Millar. Introd. by John Russell. Photography by Lionel Bell, Kerry Dundas [and] Sidney Newbury
New York, Viking Press [1968]
fN1025 .H27 1968

Harte, Glynn Boyd
Temples of power : lithographs / by Glynn Boyd Harte ; with an introd. and architectural notes by Gavin Stamp ; and a foreword by Sir John Betjeman
Burford [Eng.] : Cygnet Press, 1979 (Plaistow : Curwen Press)
ffNE2347.6.H37 A4 1979

Horwood, Richard
The A to Z of Regency London / introduction by Paul Laxton ; index compiled by Joseph Wisdom
Lympne Castle, Kent : H. Margary, in association with Guildhall Library, London, 1985
fG1819.L7 H65 1813a

Kaye, Elaine
The History of the King's Weigh House Church : a chapter in the history of London
London : Allen & Unwin, 1968
Uncat 7297

Keats House Committee
Keats House and Museum, Wentworth Place, Hampstead, historical and descriptive guide
[London, Hertford, Simson printer, 1934?]
PR4836 .K4 1934

Keats House Committee
Keats House and Museum, Wentworth Place, Hampstead. Historical and descriptive guide
[Hampstead, Hampstead Public Libraries Committee, 1939]
PR4836 .K4 1939

Keats House Committee, Hampstead
Keats House and Museum, Wentworth Place, Hampstead. historical and descriptive guide
[London, 195-]
PR4836 .K4 1950

Labelye, Charles, 1705-1781?
The present state of Westminster Bridge. : Containing a description of the said bridge, as it has been ordered into execution by the... Commissioners appointed by Parliament, and is now carrying on. With a true account of the time already employed in the building, and of the works which are now done. In a letter to a friend.
London: : Printed for J. Millan, bookseller, over-against the Admiralty-Office, Charing-Cross., 1743
TG64.W52 L22 1743

Langley, Batty, 1696-1751
A survey of Westminster Bridge, as 'tis now sinking into ruin : wherein the cause of the foundation giving way ... is not only accounted for, but also, that the whole structure is likewise subject to ... ruin : with remarks on the piratical method used for building the piers ... / by Batty Langley
London : Printed for M. Cooper, 1748
TG64 .W52 L26 1748

Leighton, John, 1822-1912
London cries & public edifices / by Luke Limner
London : Grant and Griffith, 1851
DA688 .L45 1851

Loftie, W. J. (William John), 1839-1911
Memorials of the Savoy : the palace, the hospital, the chapel / by William John Loftie ; with an appendix of original documents contributed by Charles Trice Martin and a preface by Henry White
London : Macmillan, 1878
DA687.S2 L8 1878

Longman, William, 1813-1877
A History of the Three Cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in London ..
London : Longmans, Green, and Co., 1873
Uncat 7300

Mackenzie, Compton, Sir, 1883-1972
The Savoy of London
London, Harrap, [1953]

Morris, William, 1834-1896
Architecture and history, and Westminster Abbey / by William Morris
London : Longmans & Co., 1900 ( [London] : Chiswick Press)
PR5080 .A73 1900

Phillips, Samuel, 1814-1854
Guide to the Crystal Palace and park / by Samuel Phillips ; illustrated by P.H. Delamotte
London : Crystal Palace Library, 1855

Poley, Arthur F. E
St. Paul's Cathedral, London / measured, drawn & described by Arthur F. E. Poley
London : printed for the author: Willowbank, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, 1927
Uncat ff227

Pugin, Augustus, 1762-1832
Specimens of Gothic architecture; selected from various ancient edifices in England: consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large; accompanied by historical and descriptive accounts, by A. Pugin, Architect
London, J. Taylor; A. Pugin; J. Briton, 1821
fNA445 .P8 1821

Richardson, C. J. (Charles James), 1806-1871
Architectural remains of the reigns of Elizabeth and James I : from accurate drawings and measurements taken from existing specimens / by Charles James Richardson ; Vol. I
[London] : Published by the author, and sold by Ackerman and Co. ... Jennings and Co. ..., 1840
ffNA965 .R5 1840

Rottman, Alexander
London Catholic Churches : A historical & artistic record
London : Sands, 1926
Uncat 7295

Salter, G. H
St. Sepulchre's Church over against Newgate in the city of London : a watcher at the city gate for thirty-eight reigns A.D. 1137-1956
London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1956
Uncat 7303

Savoy Hotel (London, England)
The Savoy, London
[S.l. : s.n.], 1923 ([Plaistow] : Curwen Press)
TX941.S28 S2 1923

Simpson, W. Sparrow (William Sparrow), 1828-1897
S. Paul's Cathedral and old city life; illustrations of civil and cathedral life from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries
London, E. Stock, 1894

Smith, John Thomas, 1766-1833
Antiquities of Westminster; the Old Palace; St. Stephen's Chapel, (now the House of Commons). Containing 246 engravings of topographical objects, of which 122 no longer remain
London, J. T. Smith, 1807

Smythe, Robert
Historical account of Charter-house / compiled from the works of Hearne and Bearcroft, Harleian, Cottonian, and private Mss. and from other authentic sources. By a Carthusian
London : Printed for the editor, 1808
q271.71 Sm99h

Stewart-Liberty, Ivor, 1887-
Liberty's Tudor Shop : Great Marlborough Street, Regent Street, London / compiled by Ivor Stewart-Liberty
London : Liberty & Co., [192-?]
NA970 .S783 1920

Stuart, James, 1713-1788
Critical observations on the buildings and improvements of London
London : for J. Dodsley, 1771
Uncat 11,093

Temple, Josiah
An Account of the monuments and pictures in the Guildhall of the city of London ..
London, 1849
Uncat 9381

Theroux, Paul
The London embassy / Paul Theroux
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1983
PS3570.H4 L6 1983

Thomson, Richard, 1794-1865
Chronicles of London Bridge / by an antiquary
London : Smith, Elder, and Co., 1827
Uncat 10,021

Thornton, Bonnell, 1724-1768
City Latin, or critical and political remarks on the Latin inscription on laying the first stone of the intended new bridge at Black-Fryars ... by Bushby Birch [pseud.]
London, Printed for R. Stevens, 1760
DA689.B8 T6 1760

Way, Thomas R. (Thomas Robert), 1861-1913
Architectural remains of Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, Petersham, and Mortlake; drawn in lithography by Thomas R. Way, with notes comp. by Frederic Chapman
London and New York, J. Lane, 1900

Wood, Alexander
Ecclesiastical antiquities of London and its suburbs
London : Burns and Oates, 1874
Uncat 7296

Woodward, Max W. (Max Wakerley)
One at London: some account of Mr. Wesley's Chapel and London house, by Max W. Woodward
London, Epworth Press, 1966
BX8483.L6 W48 1966

A Chronicle of the St. James's Theatre from its origin in 1835
[London, England] : The Theatre, [1900?]
PN2596.L7 S3198 1900

A critical review of the publick buildings, statues and ornaments in and about London and Westminster; to which is prefix'd the dimensions of St. Peter's Church at Rome and St. Paul's Cathedral at London
London, Printed by C. Ackers for J. Wilford and J. Clarke, 1734
NA970 .C8 1734

A new and improved history and description of the Tower of London ; including a particlar detail of its numerous and interesting curiosities ...
London : Printed by J. King ... , 1827

A Perspective view of the Thames Tunnel
[London? : Azulay?, 1830?]

Aunt Elinor's lectures on architecture : dedicated to the ladies of London
London : Printed for J.G.F. & J. Rivington, 1843
NA961 .A8 1843

Gephyralogia : an historical account of bridges, antient and modern, from the most early mention of them by authors, down to the present time : including a more particular history and description of the new bridge at Westminster, and an abstract of the rules of bridge building, by the most eminent architects : with remarks, comparative and critical, deduced both from the history and the rules, and applied to the construction of Westminster-bridge : to which is added, by way of appendix, an abridgement of all the laws relating thereto
London : Printed for C. Corbett, bookseller, at Addison's Head over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet ; and sold by all booksellers in town and country, 1751
TG144 .G46 1751

The public edifices of the British metropolis : with historical and descriptive accounts of the different buildings.
London : Published by C. Taylor; Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper; Simpkin, Marshall; T. Hughes; and T. Mason, 1825
fDA683 .P8 1825

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