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Evening scene, from Maxwell's The New Lights o'London

General Views, Descriptions, Travel Accounts & Guides


The works in this category, the largest in the Books on London collection, have been organized under the five fairly self-explanatory subheadings of General Views, London in Art, Description & Travel Accounts, Guidebooks, and Atlases & Maps. The main emphasis of all the books included here is either a general view or description--or perhaps both--of the city's physical landscape, with works ranging from 1708 to 1983.Vignette from The Grand Panorama of London from the Thames

Under the subheading General Views, the strength of Bryn Mawr's collection is books from the nineteenth century, among them the illustrated London (1825) and Charles Frederick Partington's National History and Views of London and Its Environs (1834), as well as Victorian era works: The Grand Panorama of London from the Thames (1844), The Royal Album of London Views (1880), The Queen's London (1896), and Charles William Heckethorn's London Souvenirs (1899).

Books in the collection containing artist's renderings of the British capitol include London as Seen by Charles Dana Gibson (1897) from the American illustrator known for his famous 'Gibson Girls', Three Cities by American Impressionist Childe Hassam, and The Little Book of London (1911) by Philadelphia artist Joseph Pennell, who lectured on illustration at London's Slade School of Art and Royal College of Art. Also owned by Bryn Mawr is The Artist's London as Seen in Eighty Contemporary Pictures (1924).

The atlases and maps listed here include A New Map of the River Thames from Oxford to London of 1872 and J. G. Bartholomew's Handy Reference Atlas of the World (1887), with the alternate title: Handy Reference Atlas of London & Suburbs.

The collection has numerous general guides to the city of London, in addition to those for specific places or attractions. Some of the first type are Peter Cunningham's Handbook for London, Past and Present (1849), Black's Guide to London and Its Environs (1879), and Karl Baedeker's London and Its Environs: Handbook for Travellers (1889). Of the second type are The Student's Guide through Lincolns Inn (1823) by Thomas Lane and the Authorised Guide to the Tower of London (1934). On the subject of walking, there are several guidebooks detailing scenic walks for visitors to the city--from the late Title page of Old Rome and London Comparedeighteenth-century Ambulator: or, A Pocket Companion in a Tour round London (1793), to John Campbell's Walks of Usefulness in London and Its Environs (1812) and David Hughson's Walks through London (1817), to the twentieth-century London Perambulator (1925) by James Bone.

Of the several eighteenth-century works in this category, almost all are found under the subheading of Description & Travel Accounts. The earliest of these is Edward Hatton's New View of London (1708), a two-volume work with the bold claim of "being a more particular description thereof than has hitherto been known to be published of any city in the world." Others include de Souligne's Old Rome and London Compared (1710), in which the author concludes that the latter city in its present state Building and plan, from Walks through Londonsurpasses the former in size, population and many other advantages; British Curiosities in Nature and Art (1713), describing "natural and artificial rarities," particularly those found in London; and London and Its Environs Described (1761), illustrated with numerous views and a map of the city and surrounding area. Two eighteenth-century descriptions of tours to the city held in the collection are Jean Pierre Grosley's two-volume Tour to London (1772) and George Thompson's Sentimental Tour (1798). This theme continues in a number of the collection's nineteenth-century books, including Thomas Pennant's Journey from Chester to London (1811), William Hutton's Journey to London (1818), Blanchard Jerrold's London, a Pilgrimage (1890), illustrated by Gustave Doré, and Joseph Pennell's Stream of Pleasure: A Narrative of a Journey on the Thames from Oxford to London (1891). On a similar topic, there are several books in the collection constructed on the model of describing what one sees while walking the London streets. Works of this genre include Thomas Pennant's Some Account of London (1813)--Bryn Mawr's copy originally owned by Henry James, with his signature inside the front cover; John Thomas Smith's Antiquarian Ramble in the Streets of London (1846); Up and Down the London Streets (1867) by Mark Lemon, one of the original founders of London's Punch magazine; Augustus J. C. Hare's five-volume Walks in London (1878) and More Wanderings in London (1916) by E. V. Lucas. Other collection highlights in the subcategory of description are E. W. Brayley's four-volume Londiniana (1829) and Vintage London (1942) from British poet laureate and writer on architecture, Sir John Betjeman.


General Views

Adams, Bernard
London illustrated, 1604-1851 : a survey and index of topographical books and their plates / Bernard Adams
London : Library Association, 1983
NE954.3.G7 A3 1983b

Boys, Thomas Shotter, 1803-1874
Original views of London as it is / drawn from nature expressly for this work and lithographed by Thomas Shotter Boys, exhibiting its principal streets and characteristic accessories, public buildings in connexion with the leading thoroughfares, &c, &c, &c ; with historical and descriptive notices of views by Charles Ollier, 1842 & James Laver, 1954
Guildford, England : C.W. Traylen, [1972]
ffDA683 .B79 1972

Boys, Thomas Shotter, 1803-1874
Original views of London as it is, by Thomas Shotter Boys, 1842 : a re-issue of the complete set of these scarce and valuable delineations of London, with descriptive notes to each plate, and a short introduction by E. Beresford Chancellor
London. The Architectural press, 1926
fDA683 .B79 1926

Cameron, Robert, 1911-
Above London / photography by Robert Cameron ; text by Alistair Cooke
London : Bodley Head, c1980 (1983 printing)
fDA684.2 .C25 1980

Charles, Reynolds & Co., London
The album of London views
[London : Charles, Reynolds & Co., 1910?]
Uncat 10,065

Dixon-Scott, James
Surrey-the playground of London ; camera pictures of the county, by J. Dixon-Scott ; selected by Prescott Row.
London : The Homeland Association, Ltd., [1928]

Heckethorn, Charles William
London souvenirs
London : Chatto & Windus, 1899
Uncat 10,467

Hoppe, E. O. (Emil Otto), 1878-1972
A camera on unknown London
London : J. M. Dent and Sonds Ltd., [c1936]
Uncat 10,360

Partington, Charles Frederick, d. 1857?
National history and views of London and its environs ; embracing their antiquities ...
London : Simpkin and Marshall ..., 1834.

Smith, Charles Roach, 1807-1890
Illustrations of Roman London / by Charles Roach Smith
London : Printed for subscribers, and not published, 1859 ( T. Richards)

Wilkinson, Robert
Londina illustrata; graphic and historic memorials of monasteries, churches, chapels, schools, charitable foundations, palaces, halls, courts, processions, places of early amusement and modern & present theatres, in the city and suburbs of London and Westminster
London, R. Wilkinson, 1819-25
DA683 .W68 1819

[London / illustrations by P. Dewint, Mackenzie, and W. Westall ; engraved by Chas. Heath]
[London : Hurst, Robinson & Co., 1825]
Uncat 12,190

Collectanea Londiniana : [an entertaining collection of nearly 200 rare old copper plate and other engraved views of the principal buildings, churches, halls, bridges, monuments, and incidents in the history of London ; portraits of notabilities, manuscripts, newspaper cuttings, etc.]
[S.l. : s.n., 1900?]
ffDA683 .C5 1900

The Grand panorama of London / with an introduction by Asa Briggs
London : Sidgwick & Jackson, 1972
Uncat 9683

The Grand panorama of London from the Thames ..
London : Charles Evans, 1844
Uncat 9678

The Queen's London, a pictorial and descriptive record of the streets, buildings, parks, and scenery of the great metropolis in the fifty-ninth year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
New York, Cassell, 1896
fDA683 .Q4 1896

The royal album of London views
[London? : s.n., 1880]
Uncat 11,967


London in Art

Cornman, Frederick
Some illustrations of olde London : as quaintly illustrated advertisments, shope signs and curious olde house of the XVIIIth century
London : Privately printed for F. Cornman, 1894
DA689.S9 C82 1894

Gibson, Charles Dana, 1867-1944
London as seen by Charles Dana Gibson
New York : C. Scribner's sons, 1897
ff741 G35l

Hassam, Childe, 1859-1935
Three cities, by Childe Hassam
New York, R.H. Russell, 1899
ffND237.H35 T5 1899

Loftie, W. J. (William John), 1839-1911
The colour of London, historic, personal, & local, by W. J. Loftie; illustrated by Yoshio Markino, with an introduction by M. H. Spielmann and an essay by the artist
London, Chatto & Windus, 1914
DA684 .L7 1914

Maxwell, Donald, b. 1877
The new lights o'London, being a series of impressions of the glamour and magic of London at night, written and illustrated by Donald Maxwell
[London] H. Jenkins [1926]
DA677 .M28 1926

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
A little book of London
Edinburgh & London : T. N. Foulis, Ltd., [1911]
Uncat 7745

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
A little book of London
Boston : Le Roy Phillips ; London & Edinburgh : T. N. Foulis, [1912]
Uncat 10,989

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
A little book of London, by Joseph Pennell
Boston, LeRoy Phillips [1912]
DA684 .P4 1912

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
A London reverie : fifty-six drawings / by Joseph Pennell ; arranged with an introductory essay and notes by J.C. Squire
New York : Macmillan, 1937
fNC1075 .P466 1937

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
Haunts of old London : being twenty-five etchings of literary and historical London in photogravure
Boston : LeRoy Phillips, [1914]
Uncat 8873

Sasek, M. (Miroslav), 1916-
This is London
New York, Macmillan [1959]
fND1946.S2 A53 1959

The artist's London as seen in eighty contemporary pictures, with essays by John Drinkwater, Wilfred Whitten, James Laver, W.P. Robins
London, J. Castle, 1924
q914.21 Ar78a

Atlases & Maps

Bacon, G. W., & Co., ltd., London
Bacon's Gem-Map of London and Suburbs
London : G. W. Bacon & Co., 19--?
Uncat 7289

Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920
Handy reference atlas of the world / by John Bartholomew ... With complete index and geographical statistics
London : John Walker & co., 1887
912 B283h

Taunt, Henry
A new map of the river Thames from Oxford to London, from entirely new surveys, taken during the summer of 1871: with a guide, giving every information required by the tourist, the oarsman, and the angler. By Henry W. Taunt. Illustrated with eighty photographs
Oxford [1872]
DA670.T2 T36 1872

Extended tape indicator map of London [map.]
London : C. S. Smith, 188-?



Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879
Rollo in London / by Jacob Abbott
Boston : W. J. Reynolds, c1854, 1855 printing
DA678 .A2 1855

Adam and Charles Black (Firm)
Black's guide to London and its environs
Edinburgh : Adam & Charles Black, 1879

Bon Viveur
Bon Viveur's London, 1954
London : Andrew Dakers, 1954
DA679 .B697 1954

Bone, James, 1872-1962
The London perambulator, by James Bone; with illustrations by Muirhead Bone
New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1925
DA684 .B73 1925

Campbell, John, 1766-1840
Walks of usefulness in London and its environs
New York : Whiting & Watson, 1812
Uncat d9970

Cunningham, Peter, 1816-1869
London in 1853 / by Peter Cunningham
London : John Murray, [1853]
DA679 .C95 1853

Cunningham, Peter.
A Handbook for London, Past and Present. In Two Volumes.
London: John Murray, Albermarle Street. 1849.

Elmes, James, 1782-1862
A topographical dictionary of London and its environs : containing descriptive and critical accounts of all the public and private buildings, offices, docks, squares, streets, lanes, wards, liberties, charitable institutions, commercial, charitable, scholastic and other establishments, with lists of their officers, patrons, incumbents of livings, &c. &c. &c. in the British metropolis / by James Elmes
London : Whittaker, Treacher and Arnot, 1831
DA679 .E54 1831

Feltham, John
The picture of London for 1819 : being a correct guide to all the curiosities, amusements, ..
London : Longman, Hurst, 1819
Uncat d8693

Gaspey, William, 1812-1888
Tallis's illustrated London : in commemoration of the Great exhibition of all nations in 1851 : forming a complete guide to the British metropolis and its environs : illustrated by upwards of two hundred steel engraving from original drawings and daguerreotypes : with historical and descriptive letter-press / by William Gaspey
London ; New York : J. Tallis, [1851-1852]

Gillig, Charles Alvin
Charles A. Gillig's New guide to London and important suburban districts : specially compiled for the use of American travellers : maps and illustrations
London : Gillig's United States Exchange ; Chicago : Rand, McNally, 1885
DA679 .G48 1885

Hughson, David, d. 1813
Walks through London, including Westminster and the borough of Southwark, with the surrounding suburbs; describing every thing worthy of observation in the public buildings, places of entertainment, exhibitions, commercial and literary institutions, &c. down to the present period: forming a complete guide to the British metropolis
London, Printed for Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1817
DA679 .H84 1817

Karl Baedeker (Firm)
London and its environs : handbook for travellers / by K. Baedeker
Leipsic : K. Baedeker, 1889
DA679 .B2 1889

Karl Baedeker (Firm)
London and its environs. Handbook for travellers, by Karl Baedeker. With 45 maps and plans
Leipzig, K. Baedeker; New York, C. Scribner's sons; [etc., etc.] 1923
DA679 .B2 1923

Kent, William, 1884-
London for everyman, by William Kent. With 48 pages of coloured maps
Philadelphia, David McKay company [1938]
DA679 .K4 1938

Lane, Thomas, fl. 1805-1814
The student's guide through Lincolns Inn : containing an account ..
Printed for T. Lane, 1823
Uncat 10,464

Pascoe, Charles Eyre
London of to-day. An illustrated handbook for the season 1889.
Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1889

Taylor, Ann, 1782-1866
City scenes, or, A peep into London
London : Harvey & Darton, 1828
DA678 .T23 1828

Tower of London (London, England)
Authorised guide to the Tower of London
London, H.M.S.O., 1934
DA687.T7 A3 1934

Ambulator: or, A pocket companion in a tour round London, within the circuit of twenty five miles: describing whatever is most remarkable for antiquity, grandeur, elegance, or rural beauty: including new catalogues of pictures, and illustrated by historical and biographical observations: to which are prefixed a concise description of the metropolis, and a map of the country described
London, Printed for Jane Bew, 1793
DA679 .A496 1793

The Langham Hotel guide to London, prepared for the use of visitors / revised and edited by the Langham Hotel management
London : Langham Hotel, 1904


Description & Travel Accounts

Bartlett, David W
What I saw in London : or, Men and things in the great metropolis / by David W. Bartlett
Auburn : Derby and Miller, 1852
Uncat 10,047

Bensusan, S. L. (Samuel Levy), 1872-1958
Souvenir of London, by S. L. Bensusan
London, T. C. & E. C. Jack; New York, Dodd, Mead, [1911]
DA684 .B48 1911

Betjeman, John, Sir, 1906-
Vintage London. Eleven plates in colour and twelve illustrations in the text
London, W. Collins, 1942
fDA677 .B47 1942

Bone, James, 1872-1962
London echoing. With pictures by Muirhead Bone
London, J. Cape [1948]
DA684 .B725 1948

Brayley, E. W. (Edward Wedlake), 1773-1854
Londiniana; or, Reminiscences of the British metropolis: including characteristic sketches, antiquarian, topographical, descriptive, and literary, by Edward Wedlake Brayley
London, Hurst, Chance, 1829
DA677 .B84 1829

Cook, Emily Constance Baird, d. 1903
Highways and byways in London / by Mrs. E. T. Cook, with illustrations by Hugh Thomson and F. L. Griggs
London : Macmillan and Co., Limited ; New York : The Macmillan Company, 1902

Croker, Thomas Crofton, 1798-1854
A walk from London to Fulham. By the late Thomas Crofton Croker ... Rev. and ed. by his son, T. F. Dillon Croker ... With additional illustrations by F. W. Fairholt
London, W. Tegg, 1860
DA683 .C94 1860

Darwin, Bernard, 1876-1961
The lure of London; being a treatise on the historic and social features of The mighty city of the Thames . Issued by the Hotel Cecil
[London, Hudson & Kearns, c1927]
DA684 .D37 1927

De Milt, Aida Rodman, 1871-
Ways and days out of London / by Aida Rodman De Milt, illustrated from photographs made by the author
New York : The Baker & Taylor company, 1910
DA684 .D5 1910

Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731
A tour thro' London about the year 1725; being Letter V and parts of Letter VI of 'A tour thro' the whole Island of Great Britain,' containing a description of the city of London, as taking in the city of Westminster, borough of Southwark and parts of Middlesex. Reprinted from the text of the original edition, 1724-1926. Edited & annotated by Sir Mayson M. Beeton and E. Beresford Chancellor
London : B. T. Batsford, 1929

Fox-Davies, Moyra
Eighty miles around London, by Moyra Fox-Davies
London, Edinburgh, T. Nelson, T. C. & E. C. Jack [1934]
DA650 .F6 1934

Grant, James, 1802-1879
The great metropolis / by the author of Random Recollections of the Lords and Commons
New York : Saunders and Otley, 1837
DA683 .G7 1837

Grant, James, 1802-1879
The great metropolis, second series, by the author of Random recollections of the Lords and Commons
Philadelphia, E. L. Carey & A. Hart, 1838
DA683 .G7 1838

Grosley, Pierre Jean, 1718-1785
A tour to London, or, New observations on England and its inhabitants / by M. Grosley ... ; translated from the French by Thomas Nugent
London : Printed for Lockyer Davis ..., 1772
DA682 .G7613 1772

Hare, Augustus J. C. (Augustus John Cuthbert), 1834-1903
Walks in London / by Augustus J. C. Hare
London : Daldy, Isbister, 1878
DA683 .H27 1878

Hare, Augustus J. C. (Augustus John Cuthbert), 1834-1903
Walks in London / by Augustus J. C. Hare
London : Daldy, Isbister & Co., 1787
Uncat 11,947

Hatton, Edward, b. 1664?
A new view of London; or, An ample account of that city, in ... eight sections. Being a more particular description thereof than has hitherto been known to be published of any city in the world .
London, Printed for J. Nicholson [etc.] 1708

Henrey, Robert, Mrs
The Virgin of Aldermanbury : rebirth of the City of London / by Mrs. Robert Henrey ; water-colour and drawings by Phyllis Ginger
London : J. M. Dent, 1958
DA684.2 .H46 1958

Hopkins, Robert Thurston, 1884-
London pilgrimages, by R. Thurston Hopkins.
London, New York [etc.] Brentano's ltd. [1928]

Hutton, William
A Journey to London : comprising a description of the most interesting objects of curiosity to a visitor of the metropolis
London : Nichols and Bentley, 1818
Uncat 9668

Jerrold, Blanchard, 1826-1884
London, a pilgrimage, by Gustave Dore and Blanchard Jerrold
New York, Harper, 1890
fDA683 .J56 1890

Lemon, Mark, 1809-1870
Up and down the London streets / by Mark Lemon ; extra illustrated
London : Chapman and Hall, 1867
DA677.1 .L55 1867

Loftie, W. J. (William John), 1839-1911
In and out of London : or, The half-holidays of a town clerk
London : Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ; New York : E. & J. B. Young, 1875
Uncat 9665

Lucas, E. V. (Edward Verrall), 1868-1938
More wanderings in London / by E. V. Lucas ... with sixteen drawings in colour by H. M. Livens and seventeen other illustrations
New York, George H. Doran Co. [c1916]
DA684 .L92 1916

Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947
The London adventure
London : M. Secker, 1928
828 M183l

Morton, H. V. (Henry Vollam), 1892-
H.V. Morton's London : being The heart of London, The spell of London and The nights of London in one volume
London : Methuen, [1945]
914.21 M846l

Pennant, Thomas, 1726-1798
Some account of London / by Thomas Pennant
London : Printed for J. Faulder ... [et al.], 1813
DA682 .P42 1813

Pennant, Thomas, 1726-1798
The journey from Chester to London, by Thomas Pennant; with notes
London, Printed for Wilkie and Robinson, 1811
DA620 .P41 1811

Pennell, Joseph, 1857-1926
The Stream of Pleasure : A Narrative of a Journey on the Thames from Oxford to London / By Joseph and Elizabeth Robins Pennell
London : T. Fisher Unwin, 1891
Uncat 7447

Roberts, W. J. (William James), 1873-
Some old London memorials / by W. J. Roberts
New York, N.Y. : Frederick A. Stokes, [190-]
dDA679 .R63 1900

Ross, Frederick
Bygone London
Lond., 1892

Sala, George Augustus, 1828-1895
Gaslight and daylight, with some London scenes they shine upon / by George Augustus Sala
London : Chapman & Hall, 1859
PR5299.S2 G3 1859

Smith, John Thomas, 1766-1833
An antiquarian ramble in the streets of London, with anecdotes of their more celebrated residents, by John Thomas Smith; edited by Charles Mackay
London, R. Bentley, 1846
DA677.1 .S65 1846

Souligne, de
Old Rome and London compared : the first in its full glory, and the last in its present state, by which it plainly appears that Lipsius and Vossius are egregiously mistaken in their over-stretched, fulsom and hyberbolical account of old Rome, and that London, as it is at present, exceeds it much in it extent, populousness and many other advantages / by A person of quality [i.e. de Souligne]
London : Printed and sold by J. Harding, 1710
DA682 .S72 1710

Symons, Arthur, 1865-1945
London, a book of aspects, by Arthur Symons
London, Privately printed for Edmund D. Brooks and his friends, 1909
DA688 .S8 1909

Thompson, George
A sentimental tour : collected from a variety of occurrences from Newbiggin, near Penrith, Cumberland, to London by way of Cambridge & from London to Newbiggin by way of Oxford ..
Penrith, 1798
828 T37

Weale, John, 1791-1862, ed
London exhibited in 1851; elucidating its natural and physical characteristics, its antiquity and architecture; its arts, manufactures, trade and organization, its social, literary, and scientific institutions and its numerous galleries of fine art, with 205 illustrations executed by Robert Branston, O. Jewitt, J. R. Jobbins and others including a newly constructed map engraved by Wilson Lowry, edited and published by John Weale
London, J. Weale [1851]
DA683 .W36 1851

British curiosities in nature and art : exhibiting an account of natural and artificial rarieties, both ancient and modern, intermixt with historical and geographical passages : with a very particular account of the curiosities in London, and the two universsities and an appendix concerning the posts, markets, and their fairs..
London : Printed by J. H. for C. Coningsby, 1713

Flower of cities : a book of London / studies and sketches by twenty-two authors
New York : Harper, 1950
DA684 .F5 1950

London and its environs described; containing an account of whatever is most remarkable for grandeur, elegance, curiosity or use in the city and in the country twenty miles round it; comprehending also whatever is most material in the history and anitquities of this great metropolis, decorated and illustrated with a great number of views in perspective, engraved from original drawings, taken on purpose for this work, together with a plan of London, a map of the environs, and several other useful cuts
London, Printed for R. & J. Dodsley, 1761
DA682 .L84 1761

The curiosities of London and Westminster described in four volumes / embellished with elegant copper plates
London : Printed for E. Newbery, 1799
I36204900 (d?)

Historical / Physical / Natural
Social / Cultural / Political