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Adams, William, M.A.
The modern voyager & traveller through Europe, Asia, Africa, & America.
London : H. Fisher, Son, and P. Jackson, 1828.
G161 .A43 1828 v. 1-4
(some color illustrations)

Appleton (George S.) and Company, Philadelphia.
A catalogue of books on various subjects: including history, biography, voyages and travels, logic, rhetoric, moral and mental philosophy, novels and tales, political economy, angling, shooting, sporting, &c., &c., arranged under their various heads, and for sale at the low prices affixed by George S. Appleton.
Philadelphia : G. S. Appleton, [1849]
Z998 .A6 1849

Arrowsmith, Aaron, 1750-1823.
A new and elegant general atlas: comprising all the new discoveries, to the present time; containing sixty-three maps /drawn by Arrowsmith and Lewis.
Boston : Thomas & Andrews, 1812.
f G1019 .A77 1812
(extensive maps)

Bos, Lambert van den, 1610-1698.
Leeven en daden der doorluchtighste zee-helden en ontdeckers van landen deser eeuwen: beginnende met Christoffel Columbus, vinder van de Nieuwe Wereldt, en eyndigende met den roemruchtigen Admirael M.A. de Ruyter, Ridd. &c ... / Naeukeurigh, uyt veele geloofwaerdige schriften, en authentijcke stucken, by een gebracht, en beschreven, door V.D.B.
Amsterdam: Jan Clae sz. ten Hoorn, en Jan Bouman, 1676.
IN PROCESS 33446362

Bourgeois, Nicolas Louis, 1710-1776.
Voyages intéressans dans différentes colonies françaises, espagnoles, anglaises, &c: contenant des observations importantes relatives à ces contrées, & un mémoire sur les maladies les plus communes à Saint-Domingue, leurs remèdes, & le moyen de s'en préserver moralement & phisiquement: avec des anecdotes singulières, qui n'avaient jamais été publiées / le tout rédigé & mis au jour, d'après un grand nombre de manuscrits, par M.N.
A Londres: et se trouve à Paris: Chez Jean-François Bastien, 1788.
E143 .B77 1788

Brydges, Egerton, Sir, 1762-1837.
Recollections of foreign travel, on life, literature, and self-knowledge.
London, Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,1825.
PR4252.B7 Z7 1825 v. 1-2 c. 1-2

Dizionario geografico portatile, ovvero, Descrizione di tutti I regni, provincie, citta, patriarcati, vescovadi, forti, fortezze, cittadelle, ed altri luoghi considerabili delle quattro parti del mondo / traduzione dall'originale inglese nel francese, e da questo nell'italiano.
Venezia: 1757.
910.3 D64

Drake, Edward Cavendish.
A new universal collection of authentic and entertaining voyages and travels, from the earliest accounts to the present time .../ illustrated with maps from the latest improvements, and beautiful plates, by Grignion, and other celebrated masters. Subtitle: Judiciously selected from the best writers in the English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and other languages: comprehending an account of whatever is curious in the government, commerce, natural history, customs, marriages, funerals, and other ceremonies of most nations in the known world: including an account of the most remarkable discoveries, conquests, settlements, battles, sea fights, hurricanes, shipwrecks, sieges, tortures, wonderful escapes, massacres, and strange deliverances, both by sea and land: also a description of the buildings, mountains, rivers, harbours, lakes, islands, peninsulas, creeks, &c. of various countries: the whole forming a history of whatever is most worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
London : Printed for J. Cooke, 1768.
f G160 .D758 1768

Franck, Sebastian, 1499-1542.
Weltbuch spiegel vnd bildtnis des gantzen erdtbodens von Sebastiano Franco Wordensi inn vier bucher namlich in Asiam Aphricam Europam vnd Americam gestelt vnd abteylt ... Auch etwas von new gefundnen welten vnd Inseln nit auss Beroso Joanne de Monte villa S. Brandons Histori vnnd dergleichen fabeln sunderauss angeno˜mnen glaubwürdigen erfarnen weltbeschreibern muselig zuhauff getragen vnnd auss vilen weitleüffigen buchern in ein handtbuch eyngeleibt vnd verfasset vormals dergleichen inn Teütsch nie aussgangen. Mit einem zuend angehenckten Register alles innhalts…
[Franckfurt a. M.?], 1542.
f 878C2 B

Halley, Edmond, 1656-1742, ed.
Miscellanea curiosa / Containing a collection of some of the principal phaenomena in nature, accounted for by the greatest philosophers of this age ... By R. Mead…
London: Printed by W. B. for James and John Knapton, 1723-27.
Uncat 2875 v. 1-3
(sparsely illustrated)
Note: Volume three is a collection of "curious travels, voyages", etc., including John Clayton's Account of Virginia and Dr. Wallace's journal of a a voyage from Scotland to New Caldonia in Darien, with an account of that country.

Harris, John, 1667?-1719.
Navigantium atque itinerantium bibliotheca, or, A complete collection of voyages and travels ... / originally published in two volumes in folio by John Harris; now carefully revised, with large additions, and continued down to the present time, including particular accounts of the manufactures and commerce of each country.
London: Printed for T. Woodward, A. Ward, S. Birt, D. Browne, T. Longman, R. Hett, C. Hitch, H. Whitridge, S. Austen, J. Hodges, J. Robinson, B. Dod, T. Harris, J. Hinton, and J. Rivington, 1744-48.
f G160 .H29 1744 v. 1-2

Howell, James, 1594?-1666.
Instructions for forreine travell. Shewing by what cours, and in what compasse of time, one may take an exact survey of the kingdomes and states of Christendome, and arrive to the practicall knowledge of the languages, to good purpose.
London: Printed by T.B. for Humprey Mosley, 1642.
IN PROCESS 32312301

Jesuits. Letters from missions.
Diversi avisi particolari dall' Indie di Portogallo riceuuti: dall' anno 1551, sino al 1558, dalli reuerendi padri della compagnia di Giesv, dove s'intende delli paesi, delle genti, & costumi loro, & la grande conuersione di molti popoli... / Tr. nuouamente dalla lingua Spagnuola nella Italiana…
[Venice: Michele Tramezzio, 1558?].
BV2290.A28 D4 1558

Jesuits. Letters from missions.
Raggvaglio d'alcvne missioni dell' Indie orientali, & occidentali: Cavato da alcvni auuisi scritti gli anni 1590. & 1591. Da i pp. Pietro Martinez, prouinciale dell' India orientale, Giouanni d'Atienza, prouinciale del Peru, Pietro Diaz, prouinciale del Messico ... & raccolto dal padre Gasparo Spitilli...
Rome: Appresso L. Zannetti, 1592.
BV2290.A5 I66 1592

Jesuit letters from missions.
Lettres edifiantes et curieuses: ecrites des missions etrangeres.
Paris: J. G. Merigot, (1780-1783).
271.5 J499l v. 1-26

Mavor, William Fordyce, 1758-1837.
An historical account of the most celebrated voyages, travels, and discoveries: from the time of Columbus to the present period.
Philadelphia : S. F. Bradford, 1802-1803.
G160 .M46 1802 v. 1-23
(unillustrated, except for frontispieces)

A New collection of voyages, discoveries and travels: containing whatever is worthy of notice, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in respect to the situation and extent of empires, kingdoms, and provinces, their climates, soil, produce, &c. .../ illustrated with a variety of maps, plans, and elegant engravings. Subtitle: With the manners and customs of the several inhabitants, their government, religion, arts, sciences, manufactures, and commerce: the whole consisting of such English and foreign authors as are in most esteem, including the descriptions and remarks of some late celebrated travellers, not to be found in any other collection.
London : Printed for J. Knox ..., 1767.
G160 .N48 1767 v. 1-7

Novvs orbis regionvm ac insvlarvm veteribvs incognitarvm, unà cum tabula cosmographica, & aliquot alijs consimilis argumenti libellis, quorum omnium catalogus rerum memorabilium index ... Adiecta est hvic postremae editioni nauigatio Caroli Cœsaris auspicio in comitijs Augustanis instituta.
Basileae: apvd Io. Hervagivm mense martio anno M.D.XXXVII.
f E141 .N933 1537

Parish, Elijah, 1762-1825.
A new system of modern geography, or A general description of all the considerable countries in the world: compiled from the latest European and American geographies, voyages and travels: designed for the use of the seminaries, schools, and academies of the United States: ornamented with maps.
Newburyport, Mass. : Published by E. Little & Co., 1814.
G125 .P25 1814

Pinkerton, John, 1758-1826, ed.
A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels, in all parts of the world: many of which are now first translated into English. Digested on a new plan.
Philadelphia : Published by Kimber and Conrad ..., 1810-12.
G161 .P67 1810 v. 2-6

Wahlen, Auguste, 1785-1850.
Mœurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde, d'après des documents authentiques et les voyages les plus récents; publié par Auguste Wahlen.
Bruxelles, Librairie historique-artistique, 1843-44.
GT70 .W2 1843 v. 1-4


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