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Bi-Co, Tri-Co and Penn


Thanks to the special Bi-College (Bi-Co) relationship between Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, students at either college can live, study, or even major at the neighboring school. While most academic fields are offered at both institutions, a number of disciplines are concentrated on one campus: at Bryn Mawr, those include archaeology, history of art, Russian, and arts programs in dance and theater; at Haverford, they include astronomy, fine arts, music, and religion. In addition, a number of extracurricular activities, such as performing arts clubs, a weekly newspaper, an orchestra, social-action groups, and some intramural sports operate jointly.


Bryn Mawr and Haverford are also part of the Tri-College (Tri-Co) consortium, a fully integrated, cooperative education program with Swarthmore College.The three colleges share an expansive list of resources: students can access nearly 2.5 million volumes in the colleges' libraries and attend lectures and performances, dances, and social events on the three campuses. To facilitate the exchange, a regular shuttle service runs among the colleges. Haverford is one mile from Bryn Mawr; Swarthmore is about 20 minutes away.


The College also offers a unique arrangement with the University of Pennsylvania, expanding the number of classes available to Bryn Mawr undergraduates to about 5,000 and offering the resources—including classes, libraries, and research facilities—of one of the nation's premier universities. Penn is less than an hour away from Bryn Mawr by commuter rail or 25 minutes by car.