"Stimulating the mind, in any way, can stimulate the imagination. In this sense my intellectual life has a profound impact on my craft."

Mark Lord, the Bryn Mawr-Haverford theater director, understands that his students are deeply committed to their studies, and he invites them to bring to their acting everything they're thinking about and turning over in their minds. What I did with Mark felt like a grand synthesizing of every book, poem, theory or concept I was working on in my academic life. I learned to integrate all aspects of myself into my work, and, in doing so, to apply more imagination and creativity to my studies and my life at large.

Maggie Siff '96
Los Angeles, Calif., and New York, N.Y.

Major: English

Note: Maggie Siff plays Rachel Menken in the highly acclaimed AMC drama series Mad Men. She has earned awards for stage performances in Philadelphia and New York. Of Philadelphia, she says, "It's a great theater town. There's so much creativity there, and it was a wonderful place to get a lot of work done."

Maggie Siff '96