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Bryn Mawr College
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Deb Alder, Coordinator Telephone: 610-526-7351
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Information for Students

Bryn Mawr College welcomes qualified students with disabilities to the campus community, providing support and reasonable accommodations through its Access Services office. Students who require assistance because of a learning, physical, or psychological disability are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Access Services as early as possible to discuss their concerns. The Coordinator will work with the student, and others on campus when necessary, to identify appropriate support and accommodations to help the student participate as fully as possible in our programs, services, and activities. Reasonable accommodations are intended to minimize the impact of a disability as much as possible without altering essential academic or program standards. They include the elimination of physical barriers to campus buildings and facilities whenever possible, as well as reasonable academic adjustments when necessary.

Current relevant documentation of a disability from a qualified professional is required to verify eligibility and to help determine appropriate accommodations. Please note that a prior history of accommodation does not mean that similar accommodations will automatically be provided at college. Consideration of a student's current functioning is essential in evaluating eligibility for accommodations.

Students with food allergies and/or related dining issues should complete the “Special Diet Needs Form” ( and return it to the college’s dietician via mail or email.  Additionally, students should make an appointment to see the dietician by contacting her at or calling 610-526-7417.

For additional information about eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and procedures, please follow the link below to our Guidelines for Providing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:

Guidelines for Providing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Information for Students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder

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