Student Activities

Tickets for The Book of Mormon and Phillies vs. Marlins go on sale in Guild L-08 on Sept. 2 at 11am. Trips are only open to BMC students. Payment must be made by cash or check only.

The SEPTA program will begin at 12pm on September 2.

Fall Frolic registration will begin at 12pm on September 2.

Fall Club Registration will begin at 12pm on September 2. Club registrations will be accepted until September 15.

Students who participate in campus life opportunities outside the classroom discover an ideal learning laboratory for gaining essential personal and professional skills such as analysis, decision making, time management, communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and budgeting. Service to the College community through student activities is personally rewarding and provides opportunities to meet other students, develop relationships, promote change on campus and explore new interests.

The Office of Student Activities strives to create a vibrant, purposeful, and supportive college community where students make a difference, develop healthy and meaningful relationships with others, advocate for their interests, learn about themselves, and develop leadership and life skills.

Focus Areas:
Individual and Student Club Advisement and Advocacy
Special Programs and Initiatives

Contract Negotiation and Event Management

Party Planning

Leadership Development

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