Activities Listserv

The activities listserv is used to send mass e-mails to subscribing students and staff about weekly events/activities taking place at Bryn Mawr College. Send information about an event to You must be a list member in order to post to the list. Please read the Mass Mailing Policy prior to sending a mesage to the listserve.

Messages are reviewed on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays and are sent to list subscribes at 2pm on those days. Messages are not sent out on Tuesdays, Thursdays or weekends.

Messages received after 2pm will be sent out on the next day the list is forwarded. Messages sent to the listserve on Saturday or Sunday will either be sent out on Monday or deleted if the event has already taken place. Messages that are not applicable to the listserve, advertise events that already occurred, or are not from a member of the College community will be deleted. Please note that attachments cannot be sent over the list.

Mass e-mails may be sent for the following reasons:

  • To advertise campus activities, such as lectures, performances, colloquia, parties, and other community events open to the entire College community.
  • To announce updates/changes to previously advertised events which will effect a significant number of students
  • For weekly open-meetings which will discuss a special issue or will effect a significant number of students (i.e. parking open forum, Plenary)
  • Emergencies which will effect a significant number of students

Mass e-mails will not be sent for the following:

  • Specific target groups (i.e. specific departments/majors, members of a specific organization)
  • Closed-meeting announcements (meetings for only specific members)
  • Other options for information distribution other than mass e-mails should be used in these cases which include flyers, event calendars (including the online event calendar), and campus center bulletin boards.

Subscribing to the list

  • To subscribe or unsubscribe to the activities listserve please visit the Activities listserve information page located here.