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Student Clubs

Bryn Mawr Student Clubs

All Clubs are required to register with the Office of Student Activities each academic year. The Fall 2014 deadline is September 8.

Academic/Professional Political
Affinity Religious
Awareness and Advocacy Service and Activism
Governing Special Interest
Media Sport
Music and Performing Arts  
Clubs denoted with an * are Bryn Mawr/ Haverford clubs.

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Starting a Club

Students are encouraged to explore the clubs already in existence at Bryn Mawr College before starting a club. If a student finds that we do not have a club which is of interest to them they can choose to start their own club. However, the club must be different than any club already on campus.
New club petitions are accepted in the beginning of the fall (September) and spring (January) semesters only. A minimum of three members is required for any new club.
New clubs should submit the online Club Update form indicating that they are a new club. The listed members will be contacted letting them know if their club has been approved.
If funding is desired, the new club must submit a written consistitution to SGA's Student Finance Committee in the beginning of the semester. Please review the Constitution Guide for a template. Consitution Guide (pdf) (doc)


85 Broads Bryn Mawr Chapter

85 Broads is a global network of professional women who are inspired, empowered, and connected.Our members are located in more than 90 countries around the world and work for thousands of for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations.
Our 85 Broads-Bryn Mawr College Chapter develops and strengthens students' global network through exclusive workshops and events. Some of our previous events including workshop series on internship and job search, alumnae networking cocktail and featured speakers. We also collaborate with the Philadelphia Chapter to bring out students to outside events and provide the opportunity for online seminars. If there's an industry you are interested in, we help get your foot in the door.


Bryn Mawr Admissions Ambassadors

Contact: Jenna Myers

Bryn Mawr College Law Review

The Law Review, a publication of scholarly papers focusing on legal issues, gets published every semester. The content of the publication focuses on both law and policy issues and is produced by Bryn Mawr students. The organization is entirely student-run.

Contact: Miriam Ahmed

MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Med Students)

The purpose of MAPS Bryn Mawr Chapter is to empower and encourage minorities to consider health professions; as well as to make the public aware of their own health needs.


Owl Investment Group
The Owl Investment Group (OIG) is a student-run organization whose purpose is to learn about and explore investing through the stock market, weekly informational and decision-making meetings. We invest in a portfolio worth $100,000, and give back the profit through club donations and gifts to the school.
Contact: Dingwei Li

Parliamentary Debate Society

The Bryn Mawr Debate Team travels to other prestigious campuses up and down the east coast to think, argue, and make friends.  We are members of APDA, the American Parliamentary Debate Association.  Over the past few years, the team has grown in size and has enjoyed great success.

Contact: Paige De Rosa

Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Health Club is an important resource for students interested in the health sciences, to share information that is not always available from our advisors or the internet.  Our goal is to increase our efforts to improve health awareness through strengthening our club's partnerships with local organizations in Philadelphia.

Contact:  Jancy Munguia

PMS: Peer Mentoring Services

Bryn Mawr students who have successfully negotiated the transition to studying in college are available to coach their peers in a wide range of study skills: managing time more effectively, understanding and using one's strongest learning style, developing great note-taking and active reading skills, preparing for college exams, etc. Check the website to find a mentor in your dorm.

Contact: Rachel Heiser

*Society of Physics Students

The purpose of this organization shall be to unite all students at Bryn Mawr College interested in physics and the physical sciences. As a student chapter to the national Society of Physics Students, the organization shall represent Bryn Mawr College in the larger national SPS community through outreach and communication to other SPS chapters in colleges or universities.

Contact: Srividya Suresh, Maggie Xiao

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Awareness and Advocacy

Active Minds
Active Minds is Bryn Mawr's chapter of the national organization, Active Minds on Campus.  We aim to promote awareness of mental health and well-being issues on campus by encouraging discussion, providing de-stressing opportunities, and serving as a liaison between students and the Counseling Center.

In the past, we have held panel discussions, hosted benefits for local mental health organizations, screened mental helth-related movies, and held book discussion groups.  We are always trying to expand our group's activities and seek to tailor these activities to our group menbers' and the community's interests.

Amnesty International

The mission of Bryn Mawr's Amnesty International chapter is to spread awareness of serious international human rights issues recognized by the Amnesty International Organization. In addition, we aim to provide fundraising opportunities for students to contribute to the cause of ending human rights abuse.

Contact: Natalie Mathes


Body Image Council

The mission of the Bryn Mawr College Body Image Council is to advocate and support the growth and development of healthy body images and attitudes among all members of the college community.  The council plans educational activities that offer information, personal experience, and cousel about the range of care, support and referral services available in our college community and promotes dialogue aimed at enhancing wellness for all.

Contact: Shobhi Kanal


Because you are a badass, and no disability should get you down!
Who we are: a club dealing with disability and chronic illness support, awareness, and advocacy on campus.
What we do: gather together to discuss varying topics about disability & chronic illness. We have fun regardless of limitations!

Contact:  Nikki Barker, Christina Lisk, Angela Rosenberg

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

Fem-Co. (Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance) is an organization open to all BMC students to establish a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals -- social, political, and economic equality for women and men, to study and take action on national, campus, and local feminist issues and concerns, to provide leadership and career building opportunities for feminist students, and to ... educate the community about feminist issues. Campaigns include: Birth Control Access (on campus and globally), Global Reproductive Health/Rights, Eco-Feminism: Women & Climate Change, Gender Equity in Education, & Sweat Shop Elimination.

Contact:  Ingrid Asplund, Michaela Olson

*National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

The purpose of this organization shall be to inform the Tri-Co community of the problems affecting racial and ethnic minorities, and to advance the economic, educational, social and political affairs of these groups and help facilitate their harmonious cooperation with other peoples; to stimulate an appreciation of the African Diaspora and other people of color’s contribution to civilization; and to develop an intelligent, militant effective youth leadership.

Contact:  Laura Footman, Emma Kioko

Project Educate in Africa
Project Educate in Africa (PEIA) is an advocacy group for education and literacy in Africa.  We not only hold book drives and fundraisers, but we also organize events to raise awareness in the community.  We support a variety of beneficiary organizations- carefully chosen based upon their  mission, commitment to make a difference, and the impact their efforts have made on education and literacy in Africa. Contact us with any questions- we'd love to have new and enthusiastic members!
Contact: Claire McLeish

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is a social, cultural, and political group. Through meetings, discussions, campus-wide events, and participation in the Philadelphia community and beyond, we foster community for all students who are part of any gender and/or sexual minority (including, but not limited to, students who identify as one or multiple of the following identities: lesbian, gay, bi-sexual/-romantic, trans*/non-cis, intersex, a-sexual/-romantic, pan-sexual/-romantic, polyamorous, queer and questioning) as well as their allies.

Contact:  Melissa Torquato, Rhett Richardson, Rachel Feyman

*Students for Education Reform

Our mission is to work to close the achievement gap and ensure an excellent education for all children by mobilizing the next generation of leaders in education reform.

Contact: Noreen Neal, Maya Sachadeva


We are here to raise awareness and support for LGBTQ people of color.

Contact:  Iliana Dominguez-Franco

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Asian Student Association (ASA)

Our mission is to educate the women of Bryn Mawr College, as well as the surrounding communities about issues and concerns affecting Asians and Asian Americans in today’s society; to empower our students to become future leaders by organizing cultural, political, and social acitvities and by acting as a support group for Asians and Asian Americans on and off campus; to build alliances with other cultural organizations on campus and at the local, state, and national level and to come together and share experiences and form a supportive community.

Contacts: Grace Chung, Karishma Mansukhani

Association of International Students

AIS is an organization open to all students of the Bryn Mawr community interested in sharing a variety of cultures from around the world.  The organization aims to provide a support network both within the Bryn Mawr community and beyond for international students who are faced with college life in a new country.  Members take an active role in educating the community about their home countries and learning about others.

Contact:  Saniya Mehra


BACaSO is a dynamic organization promoting the rich heritage of Africa, the Caribbean and diaspora communities.  The organization is open to all members of the community who are interested in and/or are of African and Caribbean descent.  The purpose of the organization is to support and articulate the needs of BACaSO wormen as members of the larger community as well as create awareness of the diverse cultural and social experiences of Africa, the Caribbean and the diaspora through a range of campus-wide activities.

Contact:  Faatimah Jafiq


The group aims to unite people of Filipino heritage or people who are interested in the Filipino culture.  We also hope to hold events or fundraise in some way where all proceeds would go to a charity in the Philippines.

Contact: Isidora Armentrout, Jelyn Masa, Samantha Saludades

*Chinese Culture Study Association

Do you really know about China? Do you want to get deep in touch with Chinese culture and people? Come to join us! Chinese Culture Study Association (CCSA) is an association that aims to provide a platform for people to truly understand Chinese culture. By introducing and promoting Chinese culture from traditional base, we guide you to learn the significance of Chinese culture. In order to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and grasp the essence, we present you an opportunity to learn the culture in a different way from class. Especially for those who take great interests in studying Chinese and East Asian Study, we offer you a great chance to get to know more about Chinese culture and to use what you've learned in class. Also we expect your participation that we can better assist you with an adequate background to enhance your study and research later on. As a Bi-co club, we absorb people from both campuses and gather to exper ience the culture in ways of workshops, seminars, movies or festival events. Thus, we cordially invite you to our CCSA and enjoy the brilliant 5000-year history of Chinese culture!!!

Contact: Siyue Guo, Jianru Jin

*Japanese Culture Club

JCC seeks to promote an understanding of Japanese culture by exposing interested members of the bi-co community to unexplored or unknown facets of Japan. We work to furthering people's interests in Japan. Additionally, as a group, we hope to help foster people's curiosity in Japan and all it has to offer.

Contact: Suki Lopez, Sarah Choi, Marcia Lee

*Korean Students Association

The purpose of this organization is to act as a resource for the Bi-College Korean American student community by providing a space for networking through community activism and cultural and social events with other local college and university KSAs. The organization also strives to raise awareness of Korean and Korean American culture within the Bi-College student community.

Contact: Euna Park

*Mixed Company

Mixed Company is an open club for people of different cultures and backgrounds to talk about various cultural topics. Our goal is to foster community between and among the multiracial community and the general Bryn Mawr/Haverford student body. We want to dissect how we perform self so that we can unmask certain societal illusions and get to meet our peers under the identities that they choose instead of those inflicted upon them.

Contact:  Ilena Pegan, Francine Leech, Laura Walker


Mujeres is the on-campus organization that fosters the Latin and Latin American community on campus.  Mujeres is open to everyone from the Bryn Mawr community who have an interest in Latinidad.  Bi weekly open meetings are held to discuss various topics concerning identity and issues involving the Latin/Latin American population on campus.  Mujeres also hosts several speakers, dances, shows, and events throughout the year. 

Contact:  Alexis De La Rosa

Nesa Arab Students Society

The purpose of this organization shall be to unite Arab students and other members of the Bryn Mawr community who are interested in the culture and language of the Arab World. Members will be encouraged to further explore Arab culture and identity. We specifically aim to create a safe space for Arab students to empower one another while also educating the Bryn Mawr community at large on cultural issues pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa.

Contact:  Maha Alghamdi, Farah Alyaqout, Sangita Kanumalla

Sano Paila

Sano Paila aims to spread awareness about Nepali culture by exposing club members and student body to Nepali cuisine, art, and film. In addition, the club also hopes to bring attention to and fight against important social problems in Nepal such as women trafficking, lack of adequate health services, and illiteracy.

Contact:  Ishani Das, Sarina Shrestha, Shreepriya Poudel

*SEASA (Southeast Asian Student Association)

Southeast Asia Student Association (SEASA) is an organization dedicated to reach out to surrounding and extended community and teach them about the cultures of Southeast Asia: Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines. One of main aims is to support fellow Southeast Asian students and provide a voice for ourselves in student government. Along with other organizations at Bryn Mawr and Haverford, SEASA welcomes any student regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, nationality or religion. We strive to bring diversity and create a sense of community in a large student body.

Contact: Carmen Lai, Alice Doan, Ngoc Nguyen


Sisterhood is a support network for African-American/Black women at Bryn Mawr College. We hold weekly meetings to discuss issues that affect the African-American community at large. We host a number of events to inform Bryn Mawr and the wider Main Line community about these issues. Sisterhood is also very eager to educate Bryn Mawr about African-American culture, as we utilize various mediums including cultural performances, music, speakers, service initiatives, and most importantly dialogue to do so. Like all cultural organizations at Bryn Mawr, Sisterhood welcomes all women regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.

Contact: Tonja Nixon

South Asian Women (SAW)

South Asian Women (SAW) is an organization dedicated to promoting South Asian culture and that of its diaspora by organizing a variety of events ranging from community service, cultural and religious events, and guest speakers.

Contact: Shamial Ahmad

Swetha Narasimhan

Taiwanese American Student Association

This organization hopes to bring together students of Taiwanese descent and students interested in Taiwanese culture and history. Through meetings introducing food, traditions, music, language, and famous points of interest, we hope to educate fellow students about Taiwan and build community among Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American students.

Contact:  Josephine Hsu, Rebecca Lee, Stephanie Yang

*Turkish Cultural Club

Turkey is a country of 74 million people with a rich history and even richer culture. It has witnessed centuries of religious, political, and cultural change—and resistance to change as well. With a booming economy, a strategic location in the Middle East, and highly publicized negotiations with the EU, it is clear that Turkey’s presence on the world stage is not going anywhere.
While there are only a handful of Turkish students at BMC, there are many others who have expressed an interest in this region. Philadelphia is also home to many Turkish immigrants. The purpose of this club is to celebrate and educate about Turkish culture; on campus and in the greater Philadelphia community.
Meetings would include beginning Turkish lessons, cultural discussions, film screenings, Philadelphia excursions and cooking lessons and lectures from members of the Turkish community. This club is open to anyone in the bi-co who is interested in learning more about Turkey.

Contact: Joanna Birkner, Fiona Benmayor, Lydia Walz

Voices for Palestine

The purpose of this organization shall be to:
1. Introduce the Palestinian culture to the Tri-Co community in attempt preserve the Palestinian identity, and bring diversity to the campus
2. Raise awareness about the Israeli -Palestinian conflict in attempt to initiate a dialogue
3. Illustrate the injustice within the conflict by using various sources such as international law, and human rights organizations (especially B’Tselem).
4. Using the points above to bring the student body to take action towards aiding the Palestinian cause by making a difference for those who were dramatically effected by the conflict

Contact:  Nida Tapal

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Self-Government Association (SGA)

Under the Bryn Mawr College Honor Code and Self-Government Association Constitution, Bryn Mawr College undergraduates take responsibility for governing themselves in academic and social matters, as well as playing an active and fundamental role in the life of the College.  The oldest self-governing association in the nation, SGA is composed of any candidate for a Bryn Mawr College A.B. degree.  As members of the association, undergraduates are entitled to attend weekly assembly meeting and voice their opinions, participate in a variety of SGA sponsored events, groups, film series, magazines, newspapers, and traditions, as well as vote in elections that send student representatives to various committees, the Board of Trustees and the SGA Assembly.  It is the hope and expectation of self-governance at Bryn Mawr College that all students will be able to find a place, group, activity and concerns in the most effective, responsible and satisfying way possible.  SGA represents the concerns and needs of the undergraduate body to the administration.  SGA's organization includes: Executive Board, Finance Committee, Traditions, Honor Board, Residence Council, and Appointments Committee.

Contact:  SGA

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*The Bi-College News

The Bi-College News is a weekly journal of the happenings at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges and a testimony to the Bi-College relationship.  We endeavor to provide representative, accurate, and fair news and information.  It's a great way to know what is going on at both campuses and improve writing skills while having fun along the way!

Contact:  Rachel Genovese

*Bryn Bites

An online magazine that is dedicated to the appreciation and creation of food and drink on the Bryn Mawr and Haverford campuses and the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Contact:  Diana Tive, Emma Fraser

*Bunk Spaces

Bed and Desk is a Bi-co magazine setting out to help create unique and livable spaces on campus. With our DIYs and our fun, informative articles we help you to build a beautiful and affordable home away from home.

Contact: Ilena Pegan, Megan Thomson, Camilla Aguais

The College News

The College News is a feminist news journal which serves as a source of information and self-expression for the Bryn Mawr community. Recognizing feminism as a collective process, we attempt to explore issues of interest to all women, both as members of this college and of the larger world community. Through this continuing dialogue, we seek to promote communication and understanding while fostering self-confidence and independence in expression.

Contact: Ingrid Asplund, Mattie Wechsler, Elizabeth Vandenberg

Hepburn's Closet

Engaging the Bryn Mawr community in the world of fashion and exploring creative, fun and artistic Mawrter styles through our very own online fashion magazine, Hepburn's Closet!

Contact: Sarah Bochicchio, Steffi Feldman, Tirsa Delate


Kaleidoscoope is an alternative literary magazine published annually at Bryn Mawr. In serving as an open forum for the creative voices of students, faculty, and staff, we represent the diversity of the Bryn Mawr community and publish at least one submission from everyone who contributes.  Across any two pages, you will find contradicting works of art juxtaposed to promote dialogue.  Kaleidoscope is more than a mere literary magazine: it is Bryn Mawr at a glance.  Send submissions to Let the scopes collide!



Our group works toward compiling and publishing a bi-semester zine titled "Leverage." Leverage is dedicated to documenting and highlighting the experiences and voices of people of color on the Bryn Mawr campus. It is an anthology of submissions we receive over the course of the semester. Our goal is to hold candid and informal, but informative discussions about the issues impacting our lives. We accept artwork, poetry, prose and other creative works.

Contact: Chrystine Tran, Krystal Caban

The Martyr

The Martyr seeks to fill an unfortunate journalistic gap by establishing itself as the first, and only, satirical newspaper at “the Mawr”. The Martyr offers students a witty deconstruction of campus life and happenings. The Martyr releases bi-monthly publications available at Erdman, Haffner, and the Campus center. There are monthly calls for submissions open to the entire Bryn Mawr community (including faculty and staff!). All writers have the option to pen anonymously to protect their identity.

Contact:  Emma Kioko, Kieres Regensburg

Nimbus Literary Arts Magazine

Nimbus is Bryn Mawr's premiere magazine showcasing student writing and artwork.  Our hardworking editorial staff accepts all types of creative submissions in the fall and the layout staff sees the magazine through publication in the spring.

Contact: Fatema Esaa, Prianna Pathak

*WHRC Radio

WHRC is the bi-co's online radio station.  The station has a select number of "live DJs" who record their shows in public locations on both campuses, encouraging student interaction and input into each show.  In addition, any member of the bi-college community can record podcasts to put on the station's website.  The site itself also serves as a music blog where students can make music suggestions, promote concerts, or share their original music.


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Music and Performing Arts


We are a high-energy, fun-loving acappella group that sings a wide range of song, from 80's pop to indie rock. We typically hold two concerts a semester, in addition to making guest appearances in concerts held by other groups. Most importantly, we foster a love of music and encourage our members to dive into the experience, no matter their musical background. Many of our members have learned to read sheet music during their time with us and have even written their own arrangements.

Contact: Meredith Burger

*BiCo Original Works

A BiCo group that produces original student-written theater. In the form of a one act festival, students can be involved in any part of the creative process, including playwriting, acting, teching, and directing.

Contact: Delia Bloom, Allison Rodgers

*BiCo Recital Series

We provide opportunities for Haverford and Bryn Mawr students of all musical backgrounds to perform and develop their musical abilities in a relaxed, informal environment both on- and off-campus.

Contact: Stephanie Yang, Kiran Rajamani

Bring Your Own Beat

The purpose of this organization shall be to introduce hip-hop and its culture to the Bryn Mawr community.

Contact: Vanlu Madarame

Bryn Mawr College Concert Series

Contact:  Zoe Colman, Hannah Tucker

*Bryn Mawr College Night Owls

Founded in 1989, the Night Owls are the official acapella group of Bryn Mawr College. We sing at major campus events and traditions, such as May Day. On top of traditional songs, our repertoire includes a variety of songs that range from rap to pop to folk, all arranged by our group members.
We also tour once a year - either during fall or spring break - as well as record two to three songs every semester for group CDs that are produced every few years.

Contact: Sara Price, Syona Arora


Chaverim is a tri-college, co-ed a cappella group with members from Swarthmore, Haverford, and Bryn Mawr Colleges.  We sing songs from many countries, including traditional folk songs, rock and popular music, and original compositions.  Our purpose is to bring music from many cultures and traditions to all three colleges, to interact with diverse cultural and musical groups at Swarthmore, Haverford, and Bryn Mawr, and most importantly to sing. Chaverim is a unique group in that it fosters interaction among the three colleges and shares world musical culture with the tri-college community.


Choom Boom

Choom Boom is Bryn Mawr's one and only K-Pop/J-Pop/Pan-Asian dance club. The club meets weekly to learn and perform dances. The club is open to any member of Bryn Mawr College community, regardless of previous dance experience.

Contact: Natalie Zamora, Grace Lee

*Counterpoint A Cappella
Counterpoint is the only all-female a cappella group in the Bi-Co comprised of ladies from both Bryn Mawr and Haverford. We sing all types of music from Top 40 hits to folk songs with our roots being primarily in jazz, rock, gospel, soul, and R&B. Members of Counterpoint are enthusiastic, fun-loving, energetic students who like to work hard and play hard. Concerts are held at least once each semester on both campuses, as well as mini-performances throughout the semester, fund raising and charity events, and by request. Students may audition for Counterpoint during scheduled audition periods at the beginning of each semester.
Contact:  Marian Becchtel, Malenca Logan

Extreme Keys

The Extreme Keys came together in 1981 to sing and have a good time (not necessarily in that order). Verging on three amazing decades together, the Extreme Keys proudly hold the title of the oldest female a cappella group in the Haverford/Bryn Mawr consortium!

Noted for our electric energy and killer concerts, we perform a range of music from 70's disco to 21st century indie-pop.

We love performing on the beautiful Bryn Mawr campus and frequently host a cappella groups from other colleges. We also enjoy venturing off campus to spread some Keys loving!

Contact:  Emma Kioko, Alex Mannix

*Fall Student Dance Concert

The Fall Student Dance Concert is a Bi-Co institution that promotes artistry in dance on both campuses. Because it is run completely by students, the integrity of the event relies on the investment and contributions of Bryn Mawr and Haverford students themselves. It gives students a venue to explore performing arts in a way that might be otherwise unavailable to them. All students are welcome to participate.

Contact:  Joie Waxler, Gemma Johnson

*Flute Choir

We are a club of flute players who's goal is to continue our music skills in a low-ket environment. We accept flute players of many different levels and pick pieces that accommodate each of our musical tastes. We give a concert every semester and are always looking for new members!

Contact:  Betrice Yambrach, Alisha Pandit

*Folk Club

Folk Club organizes Contra dances, folk sings, and other folk activities on campus and provides resources to students who wish to be involved in folk life, both on and off campus.
Contact:Marianne Wald

Ginger Ale Rock Band

We are a club of aspiring Rock lovers who are setting out to create the first Rock band belonging to Bryn Mawr. We accept not only dedicated Rock players but also those enthusiastic about Rock too. We are looking forward to give a conert on regular basis and are always looking for new members!

Contact:  Jingwen Qiang, Kewei Qu



*The Harlequin

In the past, the Bryn Mawr community has offered a narrow range of theatrical options: musical theater, the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and the work of Mark Lord. The Harlequin will endeavor to reinvigorate the performance of theater on campus by taking on theatrical projects across genres and styles that go ignored by other theater groups with particular attention to unconventional uses of space and audience including theater in the round, walking ghost tours, etc. It will prioritize projects that reimagine the purpose and function of the fourth wall—the divisory, imaginary line between audience and performance—and scripts that transcend singular, traditional approaches. The Harlequin will also conduct workshops to develop theatrical technique and overall dramatic knowledge open to the public and offer group trips to productions in Philadelphia and neighboring campuses for tri-co students.

Contact: Nicole Colchete

Lavender's Blue A Cappella

Contact:  Emily Mobus

*Lighted Fools

Contact:  Nicole Colchete

*Looney Tunes A Cappella

We are Bryn Mawr and Haverford's only Bi-Co, Coed a cappella group, and we sing a wide variety of genres of music.

Contact:  Adriana Nocco, James Burvant, Daniel Waranch


Mayuri is a South Asian fusion dance team. Combining classical Indian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak with western styles such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern and Jazz, the members of Mayuri work hard to choreograph dances and mix music so that in the end, they truly have a perfect cross-cultural blend.

Contact: Shohini Bhattasali, Samyuktha Natarajan, Isha Pandya

*Open Mic Club

To create a safe space where all tri-co students can express themselves through various mediums.

Contact:   Sarah Andrew, Pam Gassman

*Pulso Latino
Pulso Latino is a Bryn Mawr-based, tri-co dance troupe dedicated to the exuberance and passion of Latin culture. Incorporating a wide range of music, style, and influence, the group aims to attract a multitude of dancers, regardless of ethnicity. Members are given the opportunity to both audition for and choreograph individual pieces, which are performed at the end of each semester and during special events. Additionally, professionally instructed classes are sometimes offered to aid the creative process, as night-clubs tend to challenge dancers differently than choreographed routines performed before an audience.
Contact: Camila Aguais, Jillian Moroney, Sheena Gopal

*Rhythm 'N Motion

RnM was born from the response of several individuals who wanted to express themselves and create a community through the dance styles of the African Diaspora, but found no appropriate outlet through Swarthmore's curriculum. The group has now evolved into a Tri-College performance-based group. The styles of the African Diaspora now serve the group as an influential place mark in our history that we adhere to through the combination of current member’s diverse strengths with the styles of our founding.

Contact: Catherine Wagner

*Rince Na Mawr

Rince Na Mawr is a group dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Irish culture through dance lessons on campus with a certified instructor. All levels welcome, from beginner to champion.  Come dance with us!

Contact: Erin Saladan, Lindsey Foster

*Scottish Country Dance

The Bi-Co Scottish Country Dance Club offers students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges the opportunity to learn Scottish Country Dance if they are new to the dance form, or to perfect their form and technique if they have danced previously. The club also acts as a liaison between the college and the Delaware Valley Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. This offers students the opportunity to participate in formal balls and other social events that would not otherwise be available to them.

Contact: Emily Williams

Shakespeare Performance Troupe

The Shakespeare Performance Troupe is a student theater group dedicated to performing the works of William Shakespeare and other dramatic works related to the Shakespeare canon.  We perform at least one play each semester, and all productions are entirely student run.

Contact: Angela Rosenberg, Sarah Gilmour, Kayla Bondi

*United States of Play

United States of Play is the only non-musical, non-improv, tri-co, theatrical organization on campus! SOP is a tri-co theatre group that seeks to encourage theatrical engagement and growth on each of its three member campuses. The group offers various theatrical services, such as acting exercises, short skits, practice monologues and staged readings, in addition to the production of at least one larger scale dramatic (meaning non-musical and non-improv) production each semester. This is a chance to develop and explore your theatrical talents, be they in acting, directing, costume design, lighting, set design, tech crew, or just critical reading. SOP welcomes interested students of all skill levels! No previous experience in theatre is required.

Contact:Monique Alfonso

*WHRC Bi-Co Radio

Contact:  Madeline Backus

*Yalah!, the Bi-Co Bellydancing Club

Yalah!, the Bi-co bellydancing club meets weekly to learn different dances which incorporate traditional styles. Bellydancing is superb exercise, a way to appreciate culture, and a confidence booster. The club dances in several big events during the year, including the Fall Student Dance Concert, May Day, and a Spring Showcase.

Contact: Hilary Pierce

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*Bi-Co Conservatives

The Bi-Co Conservatives are a coalition of moderates, libertarians, and conservatives who aim to provide a conservative perspective on public policy. BCC aims to educate the Bi-Co community about the intellectual and philosophical foundations and practical applications of conservatism. We hold weekly meetings, have outreach efforts, and host guest speakers as well. Along with the political activism, BCC hopes to create a bond among all conservatives at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

Contact:  Rachel Genovese, Peter Kondelis

Bryn Mawr College Democrats

The Bryn Mawr College Democrats is a local chapter of the College Democrats of America. The goal of the BMC Democrats is to promote a better America, with equality, freedom, and justice. To achieve this goal, the BMC Democrats volunteer on behalf of local, state, and national campaigns, host voter registration drives, sponsor political speakers, organize community service events, participate in statewide leadership conferences, and provide a variety of other civic education programs for the campus and community. The BMC Democrats meet weekly during election seasons and biweekly during nonelection periods. The organization has a variety of positions on its executive board and there are always opportunities for individual and project-specific involvement.

Contact: Nikki Ditto

*Democracy Matters

Democracy Matters, a non-partisan campus-based national student organization in partnership with Common Cause, works to get big private money out of politics and people back in. Offering paid internships to undergraduates and affiliate internships to high school students, Democracy Matters mentors the next generation of leaders dedicated to strengthening our democracy. Students organize actions and projects connecting pro-democracy reforms to issues of environment, civil rights, education, health care, foreign policy, and many more.


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Athena's Circle

Athena's Circle consists mainly of Pagans and Wiccans, but we welcome practitioners of all alternative religions.  We hold workshops, mediations, and discussions about alternative religion and practicing magic.

Contact:  Alexandra Cooke

*Bi-Co Chabad

Contact:  Alexandra Lieberman

*Bi-Co Newman Catholic Community

The purpose of this club is to provide Catholics on campus with a place to seek guidance for spiritual growth, as well as offering service trips as a way to practice what our faith teaches us.

Contact: Maria Nam, Emily Garcia


We are the Unitarian Universalist group on campus, welcoming UUs and anyone interested in learning more about UUism.  We meet weekly on campus and also attend services at the Main Line Unitarian Church.  Newcomers are always welcome to participate in any or all aspects of the group.  We are guided by the Unitarian Universalist principles and express them through discussian, reflection, and community service.


Bryn Mawr Christian Fellowship

Bryn Mawr Christian Fellowship is a community seeking to be inspired by Jesus. We have a network of weekly Community Groups around campus that discuss the Bible, pray, and encourage one another in our faith journeys. There are also large group gatherings and retreats every semester with Tri-Co. We value serving Bryn Mawr and fostering open dialogue on campus about faith and spirituality. BMCF is affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.


Bryn Mawr Hillel

The Bryn Mawr College Hillel is a student run organization whose purpose is to provide opportunities to explore and celebrate Judaism and Jewish culture, and to enrich the lives of the Bryn Mawr College community and its Jewish students. Such outlets may include, but are not limited to, the provision of religious services, the maintenance of a kosher kitchen, the sponsorship of educational events relating to Jewish issues, organization of Tikkun Olam (community service) events, and the support of events whose purpose is to bring together Jewish students on campus in a social environment focused on Jewish culture. Bryn Mawr College Hillel will endeavor to address the needs of Jewish students on campus and to encourage a sense of community between them by being pluralistic, welcoming, and inclusive.

Contact: Sarah Lesser, Bluma Millman

Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF)

Harvest Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational gropu open to people who are interested in learning about, growing in, and living out the Christian faith.  HCF meets weekly for Bible study, Friday Night Live, and Sunday service.  HCF is associated with Grace Covenant Church (GCC) in Philadelphia.

Contact: Grace Lee, Linda Cho, Eunyoung Park

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Contact:  Chrystyna Colon

Latter-Day Saint Students Association

Contact:  Ingrid Asplund

Muslim Students Association

The bi-college Muslim Students Association (MSA) is active in facilitating a safe atmosphere in which dialogue on matters of Islamic faith can be discussed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  We aim to create  an educational and enriching atmoshpere where we can learn from one another through discussions, community service, prayer services, inspirational speakers, and interfaith events.  We welcome all and would like to take advantage of the wealth of diversity in thought that exists on both campuses.

Contact: Sofia Javed, Maryam Elarbi, Hena Cebeci

*Renewal College Fellowship

RCF is a Christian organization on Bryn Mawr and Haverford College campuses that is open to believers and those who are seeking. It welcomes all who are willing to learn more about the Christian faith and those who are looking to grow and mature in their walk with God. there are weekly small group Bible studies, large group on Fridays, and Sunday services.

Contact:  Esther Chiang

*Tri-Co Chabad Student Association

The Rohr Center for Jewish Life-Chabad House and the Bi-Co Chabad Student Association, serves as a resource for the students and faculty of the bi-co. RCJL offers on-campus programming and classes, as well as hospitality Shabbat and Holiday dinners at the Center for Jewish Life, 780 College Avenue, Haverford, PA 19041 - opposite the College Ave. entrance to Haverford College, near the Blue Bus/Swarthmore Shuttle stop.

Contact: Zoe Colman


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Service, Activism and Outreach


12+is a non-profit organization that inspires students from underserved communities to pursue education beyond 12th grade.

Contact: Rae Hamilton, Sofia Vitale, Jackie Slaby


Admissions Ambassadors

Student volunteers are a group of students who wish to volunteer with the Admissions Office and prospective students. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: hostessing, contacting prospective students, speaking on panels, and helping during Admissions events.  Becoming a student volunteer is a great way for students to showcase their own achievements, while also showing their love for Bryn Mawr!

Contact: Jenna Myers

*Best Buddies

Best Buddies® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) (i.e. Special Needs).

Best Buddies Colleges pairs people with IDD in one-to-one friendships with college students. In the past, individuals with IDD have not had the opportunity to have friends outside of their own environment. By becoming a College Buddy, volunteers offer a Buddy the chance to explore a new way of life. College chapters have grown from one single chapter at Georgetown to active chapters on more than 425 campuses worldwide.

We seek to bring the Best Buddies mission to the Bryn Mawr community as well as to help facilitate meaningful friendships between Bryn Mawr students and college-aged buddies with IDD in the greater Philadelphia area.

Contact: Josette Graves

BMC Greens

The BMC Greens is a student run organization determined to remind as well as educate the Bryn Mawr, Lower Merion and Philadelphia communities about current environmental issues.  Additionally, we are committed to working closely with the school's administrations in hope of moving towards a creation of a much more sustainable campus.
Contact: Meg Sumner-Moore

Bryn Mawr Global Medical Brigades

Bryn Mawr Global Medical Brigades Club organizes Medical/Dental brigades in collaboration with Global Brigades. Global Brigades is a secular, student volunteer based organization whose mission is : "to empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under-resourced communities while fostering local cultures". The Medical Brigades program aims "to work with licensed medical professionals and community health workers to provide comprehensive health services in rural communities with limited access to health care". Club members will fundraise and gather medicine and other supplies with the ultimate goal of traveling to Honduras and assisting medical professionals as they deliver care to the community.

Contact: Caty Austin, Maya Sachdeva

Buzzing 4 Change

Buzzing 4 Change is a one day event where participants shave their heads and/or cut their hair to show solidarity with those who suffer from medical hair loss.
All cut hair will be donated to a non-profit organization to be made into wigs for people with medical hair loss (via Wigs4Kids), and all money raised for the event is donated to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Contact:  Shannon Murphy, Lucy Gleysteen

*Connect the World

"Connect the World" aims to gather students who are proficient in a language and are willing to provide others, such as non-native speakers, with opportunities to polish their respective language conversational skills. Such practice channels include but are not limited to online video chats.

Contact: Judy Yeung, Tiannan Zhan

*Invisible Children

Our goal is to teach the message of "Invisible Children" and inspire the community to be part of the campaign through sharing of their time, talent, and ideas.

Contact:  Maura Dillon, Emma Burke

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice

Mawrters for Immigrant Justice is a grassroots activist group for fair inclusion of undocumented Mawrters on campus and for immigrant rights in the US. We are consisted of undocumented and documented Mawrters who are committed to defending the rights of immigrant youth, our families, and the communities we live in. We have made history on campus by making the College go public about admitting undocumented Mawrters on a fair basis and are excited to continue to make history. Join us in our work!

Contact: Ana Mejia

She's the First*

She's the First sponsors girls’ education in developing nations, giving them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school. She's the First focuses on gaining an understanding of complex global issues and fundraising in creative manners to support young women in developing countries.

Contact:  Sheena Gopal, Stephanie Bredbenner,

Sisters Empowering Sisters

Sisters Empowering Sisters is a mentorship program in St. Barnabas Mission in West Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr students and youth of St. Barnabas develop meaningful mentoring relationships with the ultimate goal of finding the path to higher education.

Contact: Rose Pierre-Louis

Students United Around the World (SUAW)

Join the grassroots movement to bring global awareness on at-risk children in urban and rural America. We are a group chartered by the Palmer Foundation, a local organization founded by University of Pennsylvania Professor and community activist Dr. Walter Palmer. Our projects include contributing to the goal of the Palmer Foundation to petition or sign up one million (1,000,000) students world-wide who will support the Palmer Foundation’s continuing work to bring global awareness and help save “at risk” children in urban and rural America. Also, to create volunteer opportunities for students on campus to work with local "at risk" children and teens.

Contact:  Jacqueling Slaby, Mercedes Munn, Sofia-Bella Vitale-Gill


UNICEF on campus is a club that partners with the U.S Fund to educate, advocate and fundraise for UNICEF’s lifesaving work. It plays a vital role to help the world's children survive by promoting children's issue and fundraise.

Contact: Judy Yeung, Tiannan Zhan

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Contact:  Nawar Naseer

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Special Interest

Adopt-A-Grandparent Program

Adopt-a-Grandparent is a student run club that visits the elderly residents of a local assisted living facility.  During these weekly visits, students and residents forge meaningful and fun intergenerational relationships.  Students really make a difference in the lives of the residents they meet.

Contact:  Eleni Gizas

Aerospace Club

The goal of the Aerospace Club is as follows:
To educate Bryn Mawr students across all academic disciplines of the diverse opportunities available for work in space-related fields.
To educate members on how to access the field.
To make connections between Bryn Mawr students and aerospace professionals and students.
To increase the visibility of Bryn Mawr students in the aerospace field.
To promote discussion on space exploration topics in terms of scientific and humanitarian goals.

Contace: Lindsey Marinello, Mariam Khoudari, Yuping Zhai


The purpose of starting AIESEC club is to provide college students like us with a new platform to get more opportunities to do international exchange programs in academic fields and wide enterprise fields. Also, we provide our members with chances to do the first-hand management work along with the local companies and more AIESECers all over the world . Over 2000 universities in 110 countries worldwide together build this student driven organization, and our college will be part of it. AIESEC is such a diverse community that it embraces all kinds of people with different concentrations and interests; provides students from the bi-co campus and more college students from other parts of the world an equal chance to pursue their goals. Utilize the AIESEC connection: participate global learning environment; dig out your potential ability; gain the leadership and have a life-long experience. AIESEC is run by young people for young people, enabling exceptional experience to all its stakeholders. Please join us, together we can make difference!

Contact: Danqi Luo, Hazara Akthar


*Anime Club

Bi-Co group for fellow otaku, or students who just want to take a break from studying to watch some anime (Japanese animation) together.  We meet weekly to watch and discuss various anime, and we also take occasional group trips to conventions, museums, stores, and restaurants.

Contact: Sarah Ames

Art Club

Art Club exists to promote the arts at Bryn Mawr. Art Club provides art materials, studio space, and workshops to all members of the Bryn Mawr community. We believe in working to integrate art into daily life here at Bryn Mawr by providing art space, workshops, and by displaying art work on campus. We also collaborate with other groups on campus on specific projects such as co-sponsoring teas and doing collective exhibitions connected to other clubs’ work.
Art Club has no regular meetings, but does host weekly Community Art Night open to club members and other community members as a time to get together a work on our art projects. The Art Club studio is located in Arnecliffe Studio, across the street from Dalton and near Perry House.  Those interested in gaining access to the code to the studio should e-mail

Contact: Isabel Andrews, Rabia Shahab, Amanda Beardall

*Bi-Co Business Group

The Bi-Co Business Group (BCBG) is a student-run consortium of different business and finance related clubs of Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College. Our mission is to promote and enhance student awareness of different business sectors, to facilitate collaboration between aforementioned clubs, and to provide guidance towards a profession in business. We achieve this mission through our efforts: to form and foster social networks for students interested in business; to encourage students to better understand the strategies and techniques unique to the business environment and profession in out-of-the-classroom learning experiences; and to familiarize our members with business practices and career paths through hands-on field tours, networking events with students and alumni in business, and alliances with local business persons and establishments.


*Bi-Co Finance Club

The Bi-Co Finance Club serves the Bryn Mawr and Haverford community as a networking and event organization for students interested in pursuing careers in finance. Founded in 2010, Bi-Co Finance has held numerous events designed to expand our knowledge of the financial services industry, make us more competitive for internships and full-time employment in the industry, and get to know fellow Bryn Mawr and Haverford students interested in pursuing this path.

Contact:  Soyoung Kim, Daisy Sheng


This is a club that aims to create a community around bikes and biking. Workshops on fixing bikes, biking trips, helping & sustaining bike share project (where everybody can check out a bike and use it whenever they need), perhaps even some activism on wheels!

Contact:  Johannah Cordonhill, Su Oner, Lavanya Nott

BMC Community Garden

Contact: Frankie Leech

BMC Lean In Circle

BMC Lean In Circle is a club of BMC women that discuss how women can successfully negotiate the increasingly complex minefield that will be their careers. (Coursework planning, internships, seeking out mentors and sponsors, discussing interesting related articles and books, etc.) BMC Lean In circle is designed to give BMC students the extra support they need to lean in.

Contact:  Ashley Dimond, Beatrice Ary, Miriam Gentile


BRANCH Out, Bryn Mawr's outdoors club, gives students the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors no matter their experience level. We love to hike, camp, canoe, bike, rock climb, and do just about anything else that can be done outside and in nature. Education is also a priority of BRANCH Out. We learn Leave No Trace Principles, survival skills, and navigation. Mostly, we just want to have fun and take advantage of the amazing natural world that surrounds us!

Contact: Kathryn Diamant, Sara Powell

Bryn Mawr Beekeeping Club

Contact:  Anna Sargeant

Bryn Mawr-CHOP MVP Chapter

The main purpose of this club is to help Bryn Mawr students spend time with international patients and help them to transition during their stay at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Volunteers will be expected to meet with the patient on a weekly basis for a minimum of one hour. They can do any range of activities from translation, working with therapists, to reading, and playing games. We will organize events throughout the semester to encourage students share their experiences volunteering at the hospital and instigate further conversation regarding global health, education, and development.



Bryn Mawr Entrepreneur Club

The Bryn Mawr Entrepreneur Club aims to offer women a better understanding of the principles that shape entrepreneurship. In addition, the club hopes to empower students to achieve their own impactful entrepreneurial aspirations around the world.

Contact:  Laura James, Priyamvada Golcha, Tehzeeb Tyebjee

*Bryn Mawr Microgravity

As a club, we hope to continue the legacy of the Bryn Mawr Microgravity Team by annually applying to be apart of NASA's Reduced Gravity Educational Flight Program. This entails developing a unique experiment that aims to determine the porosity of Martian soil simulant, which has important implications for planetary exploration. We also hope to develop outreach materials for the entire community.

Contact: Danyelle Phillips

*Bryn Mawr for MLAR

Bryn Mawr for MLAR (Main Line Animal Rescue) seeks to enrich the lives of both students and animals through regular volunteering at a local animal shelter. Trips to the shelter will occur 1-2 times a month on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Contact:  K.C. McConnell

Bryn Mawr Outdoors

Bryn Mawr Outdoors exists to provide Bryn Mawr Community members with the resources, transportation, and contacts they need to enjoy the outdoors. Anyone who loves adventures: hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, fishing, skiing, climbing, kayaking, and alternative sports (paintball, bungie-jumping, etc.) is welcoming to Bryn Mawr Outdoors. We believe that Outdoor events should be adventurous, fun, simple, and educated. Regular outdoor events will be hold throughout the semester and we listen to your opinions about where & what you want to explore!

Contact: Pan Hu

Bryn Mawr Jewelry Collective

Contact: Jocelyn Moye

Campus Girl Scouts

Campus Girl Schouts provides fun and informative activities for local Girl Scout troups in the Eastern Pennsylvania Council.  We mostly focus on badge workshops and Thinking Day, but we also organize cookie booths on campus.

Contact: Melissa Torquato

*Card Sharks

Card Sharks is a friendly and fun club for all card enthusiasts. Hearts, pig, president, or bridge - we'll gladly teach newcomers and we'd love to learn some new games. Our goal is to provide a space to kick back, relax, and play some cards with other students.

Contact: Stephanie Yang, Alysse Mastrude, Josephine Hsu


*Casa Brazil

There is only so much you can learn about Brazil, the largest country in Latin America and one of the world’s fastest growing economies. There is only so much you can learn about its culture, its language, its rhythms, its contradictions – and our mission is to wrap it all up and offer to the Bi-Co an entertaining and fun taste of Brazil!
Casa Brasil is a new club that aims at gathering students interested in discussing aspects of the Brazilian society and how they fit in a global context, as well as learning some dance moves, cooking skills and notions of Portuguese – you know you want to be fluent when the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics come around.
Casa Brasil meets on the three first Sundays of the month. The monthly schedule looks as follows:
1st and 3rd Sunday: Come learn some Portuguese with us! You will develop conversation skills and build on your own survival guide for when you go on THAT trip to Brazil.
2nd Sunday: Brazilian culture and society: see what is far beyond Samba, Carnival and Soccer. Movie screenings and cooking nights will give us an opportunity to rediscover Brazil and have a blast.
And more! Multicultural events in Philly are also part of the plan for this Fall.
Join us at Casa Brasil, and make yourself at home!

Contact:  Vanessa Gonzalez, Estella Barbosa

"Click" Photography

"Click" is a casual photography club for students of all skill levels who wish to explore the Philadelphia area and local culture through photography. The club will organize and lead photo taking expeditions to locations of interest, as well as host an exhibition of student work at the end of the year. Join the dark room. We have cookies.

Contact: Kathryn Darling, Caroline Zhang, Dijia Chen


Creative Cuisine Art

Our goal is to inspire creation and interest in decorating dishes. We hope our members can consider that food is not just food, but also a way of art throughout the activities. Everyone has the opportunity to make stylish dishes and share their works with others. It is definitely a good chance to have fun, relax and enjoy something delicious made by yourself! Join us!

Contact: Yingzhao Li, Peiwen Tang, Siran Tang

*Culinary Club

The Culinary Club's goal is to bring the art and science of cooking to Bryn Mawr campus. Through different-themed cooking/baking sessions, (Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) we hope to not only encourage the cultivation of culinary skills, but also create delectable dishes to share with one another. The club is for all different cooking abilities and styles!

Contact:  Lina Li

*Culture Behind Chinese Food

It is traditional to have specific dishes for nearly each Chinese Festival, and the cultural meaning behind it enjoys a very long history and develops over time. The ways to cook certain dishes vary dramatically across the physical distance, and, tracing back the causes of the variations helps people understand the history, climate, and minorities' culture. This club aims to provide delicious, authentic Chinese food, tea, and a casual environment to learn Chinese culture and history. During major Chinese festivals, participants can gather at SGA kitchen to cook and talk together.

Contact:  Yuwei Liu, Yuewei Wang


*Dao Cha

Our club is all about tea! A beverage first served on the Eastern side of the world, tea has a long history filled with stories and culture. The purpose of our club is to provide a relaxing and intimate environment for tea lovers and people who have an interest in Asian culture. We meet once a week to drink tea.
Each meeting consists of fun, engaging topics for members to discuss, such as Chinese customs. Throughout the year, we will learn to make tea in the traditional way, and have several tea ceremonies. If you are in the Bi-co community and are interested in drinking tea, learning the cultural stories behind tea, or simply curious, you are more than welcome to join us!

Contact:  Jihan Liang, Ziyi Yan

*Double Star

Double Star Science Fiction and Fantasy Club meets once a week to discuss different topics as they related to SciFi/Fantasy.  We also hold monthly marathons of movies or TV shows.

Contact: Heather Brosius, Janna Coles

*Education Under Fire

This is a group dedicated to the furthering of Baha'i higher education in Iran, and the United States.  It works closely with other organizations on campus in a multidisciplinary attempt at illuminating the work of the BIHE and continuing their work on campus.

Contact: Julia Jameson

Environmental Justice League

Contact: Johannah CordonHill


Contact:  YueYang

Focus Photography

Focus Photography club aims at gathering students who share the same interest in photography. Meanwhile, we seek to perserve students' photograph pieces dedicated to their college experience. We will organize routine events throughout the semester for students to share knowledge on photography.

Contact: Tiannan Zhan

For the Love of Books
Too often at Bryn Mawr we become so busy we must set aside the books we read for fun and focus on schoolwork. This club hopes to encourage pleasure reading by coming together and discussing the books that we have read, want to read or want others to read. From romance to political thriller every genre and every writing style is welcome as well as everyone who simply loves to read!
Contact: Chaney Harter


GenderQuest aims to support and advocate for students who identify as transsexual, transgender, gender nonconforming, or non-cisgender, or who are questioning their gender. We hope to create a safe, accepting, and affirming environment for these students and want to serve as a resource for both them and cisgender students who would like to learn more about trans* identities or show support for these people. Our ultimate goal is to foster community within the group and among Bryn Mawr students as a whole.

Contact:  Rhett Richardson, Serena Pierce, Airen McClure

*Geology Expeditions Outdoors

G.E.O Club intends to broaden geologic horizons for those who have interest in the field of geology as a science, discipline and hobby. The club will feature speakers from the geologic community and one geologic expedition per semester. Geology rocks! (Official motto of the G.E.O Club)

Contact:  Melissa Clark, Claire Johnson, Meg Sumner-Moore

Hula Club

Hula Club is a student led organization to celebrate the dance of Polynesian cultures. Dancing is a great way to relax and meet friends!

Contact:  Melissa Torquato


This club will be composed of Ambassadors for the iFlip4 movement. iFlip4 is a social enterprise that will raise money and awareness for every person’s favorite nonprofit. Our mission is to inspire vehement support from high school and college students by getting them passionate about a cause. Each supporter will choose a nonprofit and Flip4 it. That gets them an iFlip4 t-shirt, and half of the profits from the sale of that shirt go to the nonprofit they Flip4. The shirts are printed at the North Jersey Friendship House, a nonprofit that employs disabled adults.

Contact:  Stephanie Ulloa


We explore and support microfinance and social innovation initiatives.

Contact: Lizzy Lee, Brigitta Schuchert

Iron Owl Strength Society

To encourage weight training in all forms for health, competition, and fun!

Contact:  Davin Bernard, Bryce Lewis, Monica Nelson

*Italian Club

The Italian club ventures to explore and celebrate all things Italian. From history, to food, to science and language, the Italian club at Bryn Mawr promotes and preserves Italian culture. We welcome anyone who is interested to discover more about the deeply fascinating culture of Italy.

Contact:  Laura Silla, Sofia Vitale-Gill, Roberta Ricci


J Street U

J Street is a national activist/lobbyist organization that advocates for a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders. J Street is heavily involved in developing critical positions on Israel’s government and its past actions with regard to the conflict among Jewish-American communities. However, the organization is not a Jewish one, and it welcomes members from all faiths and backgrounds.

J Street U is the grassroots arm of the organization, which aims to mobilize American college students around the issue and creates a national network of students dedicated to changing the current political climate, which until recently was one of political stagnancy and worsening conditions on the ground. There is a wide pluralism of views within J Street, and especially in J Street U.

Contact:  Violet Baron, Maya Felman, Pia Crawford-Silva

Jewelry Making Club

Contact:  Jocelyn Moye

Justice for Palestine

Contact:  Falastin Issa


We are dedicated to the appreciation of Korean and Japanese pop and dramas.

Contact: Krystal Caban, Jenna Myers, Chrystine Tran

Knitting Club

Knitting Club is a great place for people to get together and spend time working on their latest yarn project! We welcome anyone who knits, crochets, felts, does needlework, and will teach anyone who wants to learn!

Contact: Heather Brosius, Samaita Jana


Contact:  Chandrea Peng

Mock Trial

Prepare and argue a case in order to compete American Mock Trial Association competition. Actors, debaters and people interested in law are welcome.

Contact: Jayne Anderson, Elizabeth Lorenzana, Miriam Doepner

*Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an authentic simulation of the U.N. General Assembly and other multilateral bodies that promotes student interest in international relations, increases the capacity for students to engage in problem solving, teaches aspects of conflict resolution, research skills, and communication skills and creates the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. The Model United Nations Club at Bryn Mawr benefits the Bryn Mawr Community in several ways. It provides Bryn Mawr students, who have an interest in global politics, economics and international relations, with a forum to discuss various issues that confront world leaders today and to draft resolutions in response to these global issues. By attending the conferences and bi-monthly debates, Bryn Mawr students develop their public speaking, debating and reasoning skills. Model UN conferences provide Bryn Mawr students with an opportunity to enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills, by giving them the opportunity to interact with young people of different backgrounds. This exposure to divergent points of view helps to expand our understanding of politics and foreign relations, thus helping the members of the Bryn Mawr Community to become more open-minded and knowledgeable about the world at large.

Contact: Deeksha Soni, Chunan Liu

NETwork Against Malaria

The purpose of this organization will be to host events and activities to raise awareness to the serious impact of malaria in rural Uganda. Moreover, we will raise money through these events to donate to the non-profit NETwork Against Malaria in order to help provide bed nets for school children, pregnant women, and families. For $10 dollars we can protect children from malaria, combat poverty, and promote education. This will be a great space for people interested in global health and social issues and for people looking to get involved to help with the current issue.

Contact:  Odeymarys Garrido, Noor Masannat, Rachel Weissler

Perry House Step Team

To unite the minds, bodies, and spirits of women through the power of rhythm and motion.

Contact:  Jonetta White, Tonja Nixon, Khadijah Seay

*Project Nur

Project Nur is a student-led initiative advocating for social justice by empowering responsible leaders to cultivate an environment of acceptance and mutual respect between Muslims and all communities.

Contact: Hazara Akthar, Bara Almomani

Public Speaking Club

The purpose fo this organization shall be to help Bryn Mawr students improve their public speaking skills in both informal and formal settings.

Contact:  Olivia Xia

Real Food Challenge

This club, initiated by the Sustainable Food Committee, is a chapter of the national Real Food Challenge campaign, which seeks to see 20% more real food in college dining halls by 2020.

Contact: Anne Claire Grammer, Piper Martz, Maddie Lane


Through the cult classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show, this club is designed to be a fun and safe environment where members, and interested parties, can talk about their sexual experience and supplement/compare it with others. Also, the movie is used as an interpretative tool, with the positive and negative images of sex it portrays, to lead balanced, well-contrived discussions on a variety of topics. Potentially, we will have roughly one showing of the film per semester, complete with shadow cast. Auditions will be held for parts in the early fall after the first week of classes. Whether you are experienced, or an RHPS virgin, you'll be sure to have fun!

Contact:  Anastasia Kyriacou, Emily Mobus, Betsy Helm

*RoboCup Team

The bi-co RoboCup Team is for anyone who has interest in robotics, computer science, and building a soccer team of humanoid robots! It aims to compete in the international RoboCup competition for standardized Nao Robot league, where students can meet and compete against peers from top colleges and universities. Last year we placed 5th in the national competition. No knowledge is necessary to join the club, only an interest in learning about computer science and robotics. There will be weekly meetings at Bryn Mawr College during which students will brainstorm team strategies and program the five Nao Robots.


Sneetch Ultimate

Contact:  Julia Neumann

*Sunrise Discussion Group

Our mission is to engage the seniors of our local community in a weekly discussion of current events. Sunrise Discussion Group meets once per week at the Sunrise Senior Living Center in Haverford. Students involved in the club take turns preparing summary articles that are then used during discussion. Through this program, we are able to engage the residents in a meaningful discussion - one which is beneficial for both the students and for the residents.

Contact:  Ekaterina Vlasova



Taboo provides a safe space for tri-co students to discuss issues relating alternative sexualities and lifestyles.  Our topics include  BDSM, polyamory, swinging, the sex industry, sex positivism, sexual spirituality, and more.

Contact: Taboo

Ukulele Club

Contact:  Linh Tran

* Video Gamer's Club

Providing stress relief to students via video games.

Contact: K.C. McConnell, Tara Chatterjee

Whisper Club

This is the group for campus representatives of the Whisper app.

Contact:  Bianca Heyward, Yara Jishi, Emma Geering


Women in Service Project - Undergraduate Initiative

The Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) was established by the US State Department and Seven Sister schools to encourage more women leaders to run for various political positions. As the undergraduate initiative, we hope to bring key alumnae and speakers to Bryn Mawr. Inspiring mawrters to pursue public service leadership positions and internships is our goal.

Contact: Maya Sachdeva, Hannah Smith

Zone 3 Productions

Zone 3 Productions is an independent student-run film group at Bryn Mawr College that makes movies and/or short videos.  If you have a passion for film, come join us!  All experience and talents are welcome.  Bi-Co students are more than welcome to join.

Contact:  Rhianna Shaheen

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*Bi-Co Club Soccer

Contact: Kathryn Darling

*Bi-Co Equestrian Team

The Bi-Co Equestrian Team is a student-run organization serving the niche market of equestrian demands of women and men at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. The club provides and organizes weekly hour-long group horseback riding lessons at a local barn called Willow May Farm and requires an 8-week lesson commitment over one semester. The goals of the Team are to raise awareness of the sport of horseback riding to the Bi-Co community and to provide students access to affordable riding lessons, which might otherwise be cost prohibitive for a college student’s budget.

Contact: Emma Kioko, Maddie Caron

Bryn Mawr Badminton Team

The Bryn Mawr Badminton Team consists of players of all years, aiming to develop skills in playing badminton competitively.  With many years of good performance, the team is constantly striving for excellence, and welcomes motivated and dedicated women.

Contact: Amy Zhao

Bryn Mawr Judo Club (BMJC)


The purpose of this club is to give Bryn Mawr students the opportunity to study the Japanese Martial Art of Judo, under the tutelage and supervision of the professional Senseis at Main Line Judo. Through Judo, students will learn a competitive sport that is at the same time a great method of self-defense, encouraging self-confidence in participants. Students will have the chance to exercise off-campus and meet students from other local universities, fostering inter-collegiate relations.

Contact: Bryce Lewis, Monica Nelson

Club Tennis


Club Tennis is being introduced to the Bryn Mawr campus in order to make playing tennis available to all who are interested regardless of skill level, without the time and committment constraints of belonging to a more competitive team.  The basics of the game, from scoring to play, will be covered so that anyone can come develop and refine the skill sets they've already acquired.

Contact: Faith Chung

*Double Dutch

Double dutch is a form of jump rope played in many urban areas throughout the United States.  It is played with two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions.  One or more players jump simultaneously.  As a game, it promotes good sportsmanship, coordination, competition, and teamwork.  No experience necessary to join. 

Contact: Tyler Garber

Fencing Club

The Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club (Vixens) is a competitive club that practices and teaches fencing in a supportive environment. We compete in local individual tournaments, collegiate events including the Temple Open, and team events in the Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference (BWCFC) in all three weapons (foil, epee, sabre). No previous experience or equipment required! Dues are required, but provisions can be made.

Contact: Marianne Wald, Emily Maroni

Golf Club

Golf is a fun sport and a good one to know, we welcome anyone regardless of skill level. Our main goal is just to spend some time on the Links and makes sure everyone has fun!

Contact:  Georgia Piatt, Alexandra Nae, Rebecca Cook

*GymOwls Gymnastics

The purpose of GymOwls Gymnastics Club is to provide the opportunity for Bryn Mawr students to exercise using gymnastics equipment and to instruct members at any level to progress their gymnastics skills by increasing flexibility, strength, courage, and element level.

Kendo (Japanese Fencing)

Kendo (剣道), "Way of The Sword", is a modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting. The Kendo club is a sport club in which members can learn and practice Kendo together. Immersing in Kendo culture, members will not only physically challenge themselves, but also carry out the spirit of diligence and bravery.

Contact: Yanrong Chen, Xue Jin, Yichen Liao

*Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong club provides two tables for club members and the whole community. As a member of NCTTA, it participates in the national college table tennis tournament and recruits talented players. PPC plays twice a week.


*Rugby Club

The Horned Toads is a varsity club team that plays both a fall and spring season.  There is no formal tryout process to join the team, we welcome everyone interested.  Practices are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Graduate School pitch on Bryn Mawr's campus, with games on Saturdays.  The Horned Toads are a Bi-College team, meaning we welcome players from both Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.  No experience is necessary to play; we will gladly teach you everything you need to know.  In fact, most players join the team with no prior knowledge of rugby and many have little or no prior sports experience.

Contact: Katie Guye

Squash Club

A Bryn Mawr club sport that practices at Haverford College, the Squash Club has had greater interest over the past year. The club practices one night each week for two hours under the instruction of a coach. The club is partially funded through the help of a Bryn Mawr alumna.


Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a spiritual-training martial art originated in Korea. Tae Kwon Do training helps students improve their self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and respect, and gain self-defense skills. Training will be in the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) style. Our main focuses are physical fitness and intercollegiate competition. Everyone is welcome to join. Previous experience is not required.


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