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Student Clubs

Bryn Mawr Student Clubs
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Clubs denoted with an * are Bryn Mawr/ Haverford clubs.

Starting a Club

Student Club and Organization Policy

Bryn Mawr College is committed to supporting a variety of student clubs and organizations which are consistent with the educational philosophy and mission of the College.

Social fraternities or sororities are not permitted at the College. The College has determined that students are better served by the numerous non-exclusive student clubs and organizations which exist on campus. Bryn Mawr College does not recognize the charter of any social fraternity or sorority. No College facilities (including all public and private spaces, bulletin boards, and campus mail) can be used for any social fraternity or sorority activities.

Violation of this policy by any student constitutes a violation of the social honor code and may result in disciplinary sanctions.

Steps for starting a new club

1. Explore the clubs already in existence at Bryn Mawr College before starting a club. If a student finds that we do not have a club which is of interest to them they can choose to start their own club. However, the club must be different than any club already on campus.

2. Gain interest and members from the student body by hosting an event. A minimum of five member is required for any new club.

3. Once you have five members you can petition the Office of Student Activities to start a new club. Petitions are accepted in September and January and the petition form will be available on the Student Activities website during the first two weeks of each semester.

4.If funding is desired, the new club must submit a written consistitution to SGA's Student Finance Committee in the beginning of the semester. Please review the Constitution Guide for a template. Consitution Guide (pdf) (doc)

5. All clubs are required to register each academic year with the Office of Student Activities at the beginning of the fall semester.


*Bi-Co Consulting Club

Bi-Co Consulting Club aims to promote Bi-Co students' interest in the consulting industry and to support the development of consulting career opportunities by providing the Bi-Co community with year-round business education and relationship-building events with consulting firms, classmates, and colleagues. Over the course of the academic year, the club partners with consulting firms and holds a wide range of events for its members aimed at helping students best position themselves to successfully enter management consulting.

Contact: Carissa Yao, BereketGebregziabher

*Bi-Co inSTEM and Business

As students in small LAC's with varying interests in STEM and business, we have often found it difficult to find the support and resources we need to be successful in these fields. The purpose of this group is to serve as a resource - we will be hosting resume workshops, interview advice, a mentoring service, and other opportunities like volunteer projects and help finding internships.

Contact: Mimi Benkoussa, Allison Yang

Bryn Mawr Engineers & Makers

We wish to promote engineering opportunities on Bryn Mawr's campus in order to enhance student education and make the field more accessible to students of all backgrounds. While the STEM gap is generally closing, this trend is not present in Engineering and Technology, two expansive and well-regarded fields that hone skills essential to solving world problems. As a women's college, especially one known for its service to society, perhaps we owe it to ourselves to be this change and help pave the way for others.
Specifically, the purpose of this organization shall be:
* To increase participation in, represent student interest in, and expand opportunities for Bryn Mawr students in engineering, technology, and sciences through hands-on projects, educational sessions, and initiatives.
* To encourage interdepartmental faculty and administrative-level collaboration and support of such initiatives.
* To provide a creative and recreational outlet for science, technology, and space enthusiasts.
* To increase the participation of underrepresented groups in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.
* To educate Bryn Mawr students across all academic disciplines of the diverse opportunities that exist within engineering fields and the space sector.
* To promote the professional development and visibility of Bryn Mawr students in engineering and sciences.
* To build collaborative relationships between Bryn Mawr College and regional institutions to work towards mutual goals.
* To promote awareness and discussion of space exploration issues in terms of scientific and humanitarian goals.

Contace: Claire Wang

*Business Initiatives Group

We are Haverford and Bryn Mawr College's first business club to foster a community that inspires entrepreneurial pursuits and provides opportunities for future careers through networking events, knowledge, and management workshops.

Contact:  Anita Ntem, Aditi Sriram

Minority Association of Pre-medical Students

"To provide underrepresented pre-med students with knowledge, skills, and experience that are both prerequisite to professional participation in health care fields.
To improve minority student matriculation into all professional health related programs, with an emphasis on medicine.
To encourage culturally conscious physicians by increasing awareness of issues that underrepresented communities face."
- Student National Medical Association

Contact:Nori Cubias

Owl Investment Group
OIG is a student-run organization whose purpose is to learn about and explore investing through the stock market, weekly informational and decision-making meetings. We invest in a portfolio worth $100,000, and give back the profit through club donations and gifts to the school. Learn to invest with real money in our portfolio and help us to decide what stocks to sell and what stocks to buy. It's never too early or late to learn to invest!
Contact: Abigail Lee, Hunter Rendleman

Pre-Health Society

The Pre-Health Society provides educational support and volunteer opportunities for Bryn Mawr’s pre-medical community. Our club organizes medical school visits, volunteer and mentor-ship programs, guest lecturers, and many other special events, serving as a resource for students seeking a career in medicine. Our goal is to increase our efforts to improve health awareness through strengthening our club's partnerships with local organizations in Philadelphia.

Contact: Julianna Nechin, Nikki Shakamuri

Pre-Law Society

The purpose of this club is to form a social network of like-minded individuals hoping to attend law school and pursue law-related futures post-graduation. This club will provide a community for those going through the law school application process through group practice LSATs and essay editing as well as guidance regarding the law field through the use of guest speakers.

Contact: Sophia Bokhari, Sophia Schein

Redefine Her Street

Redefine Her Street ("RHS") is an organization focused on creating a women's business network at liberal arts institutions and dedicated to empowering women interested in careers in finance, consulting, and corporations by supporting them during the undergraduate recruiting process and familiarizing them with concepts related to these fields.

Contact:  Keana Bloomfield

*Society of Physics Students

The purpose of this organization shall be to unite all students at Bryn Mawr College interested in physics and the physical sciences. As a student chapter to the national Society of Physics Students, the organization shall represent Bryn Mawr College in the larger national SPS community through outreach and communication to other SPS chapters in colleges or universities.

Contact:  Leqi Liu

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Awareness and Advocacy

Amnesty International

Bryn Mawr's Amnesty International (AI) group is part of a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. Currently the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization, AI investigates and exposes abuses, educates and mobilizes the public, and helps transform societies to create a safer, more just world.

Contact: Ayesha Islam, Yani Miles


Autism Speaks

Autism is a pervasive developmental and the rate for Autism Spectrum Disorder in America is now 1 in 68 children. This organization is aimed at helping raise not only awareness, but also support for Autism Spectrum Disorders around the Bryn Mawr campus. This club also strives to provie funding and aid to individuals with ASD. ASD is gaining support and this club is Bryn Mawr's contribution to the Autism Community.

Contact: Bisma Naqvi

Body Image Council

The mission of the Bryn Mawr College Body Image Council is to advocate and support the growth and development of healthy body images and attitudes among all members of the college community.  The council plans educational activities that offer information, personal experience, and cousel about the range of care, support and referral services available in our college community and promotes dialogue aimed at enhancing wellness for all.

Contact: Faith Daniel

Dialogue on Race

Dialogue on Race is an initiative that provides an open safe space for honest discussion on the issue of racism and its impact. It's an important step in a journey toward understanding and the elimination of racism from our society. It's a journey that should include the majority of individuals. Since most of us do not believe we are a part of the problem, it must mean we are not in favor of racism and therefore would like to create a more just society.

Contact: Paola Bernal, Evelyn Aviles


EnAble is a student club that focuses on support, community-building, awareness, and advocacy for Bi-Co students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, other medical conditions, and their allies. We host discussion meetings, movie nights, and events surrounding disability issues, rights, and awareness-building.

Contact: Thea Flurry, Margaret Gorman

Fem-Co (Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance)

Fem-Co. (Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance) is an organization open to all BMC students to establish a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals -- social, political, and economic equality for women and men, to study and take action on national, campus, and local feminist issues and concerns, to provide leadership and career building opportunities for feminist students, and to ... educate the community about feminist issues. Campaigns include: Birth Control Access (on campus and globally), Global Reproductive Health/Rights, Eco-Feminism: Women & Climate Change, Gender Equity in Education, & Sweat Shop Elimination.

Contact: Maeve Malloy, Faith Daniel


GenderQuest is a Safe Space for all students who identify as trans, genderqueer, non-binary, agender, genderfluid, etc, non-cis and/or are questioning their gender.

Contact:  Toby Makowski, Elliott Mutschlecner, Sean Keenan

Little Known Help Zone

Little Known Help Zone is a student started organization devoted to the human rights issues of Central America. Through fundraisers and awareness campaigns, Little Known Help Zone works to fix human rights violations to underrepresented groups in Central America. This includes Mayan children in Guatemala, workers in El Salvador, and children in gang terrorized areas of Honduras.

Contact: Makenna Lenover, Cathy Campo

NAMI on Campus

NAMI on Campus clubs are student-led clubs that tackle mental health issues on campus by raising mental health awareness, educating the campus community, supporting students, promoting services and supports and advocating. These clubs are open to all students, whether they live with a mental health condition, are a family member or friend or have an interest in mental health. NAMI on Campus clubs aim to address the mental health needs of all students so they have positive, successful and rewarding college experiences.

Contact:  Sophia Brown, Maura Fitzpatrick

Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Alliance is a group for LGBTQ+ students at Bryn Mawr. We host a variety of activities and events as well as more casual social meetings.

Contact: Elinor Haney, Cheng Mun Chang


The name Zami comes from the a book by Audre Lorde; one of the first openly gay female activists of color. As a way of honoring her legacy, we call ourselves Zami and we are an LGBTQ group for students of color on Bryn Mawr's campus. Our weekly meetings revolve on what it means to be queer, and also what it means to be a student of color on campus. All are welcome to join!

Contact:  Yiedaly Mejia, Nanda Bhushan 

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Asian Students' Association

The Asian Students Association (ASA) is a space for Asian and Asian American students and the general Bryn Mawr community to explore and embrace their multiplicity of cultures and identities, especially those of Asians and Asian Americans; to promote cultural, social and political awareness of Asian and Asian American perspectives in an inclusive and engaging environment; and to foster outside connections by inviting Asian American professionals to campus.

Contact:  Amy Xu, Malini Sharma

Association of International Students

The mission of AIS is to provide another level of support and guidance for international students, and to encourage overall cultural inclusion and understanding in the Bryn Mawr community. Our events are open to everyone in the Bryn Mawr community, to foster cross cultural communication!

Contact: Yuying Guo, Iris Liu


BACaSO is a dynamic organization promoting the rich heritage of Africa, the Caribbean and diaspora communities.  The organization is open to all members of the community who are interested in and/or are of African and Caribbean descent.  The purpose of the organization is to support and articulate the needs of BACaSO wormen as members of the larger community as well as create awareness of the diverse cultural and social experiences of Africa, the Caribbean and the diaspora through a range of campus-wide activities.

Contact: Anita Ntem, Sarah Juma

Chinese Culture Study Association (CCSA)

Do you really know about China? Do you want to get deep in touch with Chinese culture and people? Come join us! Chinese Culture Study Association (CCSA) is an association that aims to provide a platform for people to truly understand Chinese culture. In order to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and grasp the essence, we present you an opportunity to learn about the culture outside of a classroom environment. There are various fun activities throughout the year involving bubble tea, dumplings, and much more!

Contact: Jialu Guo

Japanese Students Association

We warmly welcome students who love Japanese culture and hold exciting culture-related activities. We also hold the annual field trip to Washington D.C for the cherry blossom.

Contact:  Marjorie Wu, Maiko Sho

*Korean Students Association

The purpose of this organization is to act as a resource for the Bi-College Korean American student community, and to provide a space for networking through community activism and cultural events. The organization also strives to raise awareness of Korean and Korean American culture within the Bi-College student community.

Contact:  Stephanie Lee, Anna Jeung


Mujeres* supports Bryn Mawr student, staff, faculty, and administration of the Latin American Diaspora. Mujeres* increases awareness of and affects change pertaining to significant issues that affect us as Latina women on campus. Mujeres* encourages its members to participate in meetings and events hosted by other Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Swarthmore, and University of Pennsylvania culture groups. Mujeres* shares Latinx and Latin American cultures with the Bryn Mawr community through discussion and by brining outside performers, speakers, and activists to campus. Mujeres* strives to increase the number of academic options for studying the languages and cultures of Latin American diasporas. Mujeres* hosts a number of events for National Latinx Heritage Month, as well as throughout the school year. Mujeres* works towards being a prominent, powerful, and respected presence on campus.

Contact:  Olive Guerra,


Sisterhood is a support network for African-American/Black women at Bryn Mawr College. We hold weekly meetings to discuss issues that affect the African-American community at large. We host a number of events to inform Bryn Mawr and the wider Main Line community about these issues. Sisterhood is also very eager to educate Bryn Mawr about African-American culture, as we utilize various mediums including cultural performances, music, speakers, service initiatives, and most importantly dialogue to do so. Like all cultural organizations at Bryn Mawr, Sisterhood welcomes all women regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.


South Asian Students

Bryn Mawr College South Asian Students (BMC SAS) is an organization dedicated to promoting South Asian culture and that of its diaspora by organizing a variety of events ranging from community service, cultural and religious events, and guest speakers.

Contact: Alexandra Sanyal, Alina Noon



Tai๑ne(TaiOne) is biweekly collective of students interested in Thai and Taiwanese culture. Our aim is to explore the commonalities and differences between Thai and Taiwanese culture; two nations that are often confused with each other due to their names. We also invite the community to discuss various political and cultural issues that revolve around these two countries.

Contact: Friend Chaiprasit, Isabell Gerbig

*The Melting Pot

The primary purpose of TMP is to:
1. Uphold the traditions of Brazil at Bryn Mawr College;
2. Share Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language to members;
3. Establish prolific relationships between TMP and Brazil, creating a platform where our members can act to improve Brazil;
4. Assist prospective students with the application process;
5. Offer networking opportunities and professional exchange programs with Brazilian lead institutions.

Contact:  Larissa de Paula

Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) hopes to bring together Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American students and anyone on campus with an interest in Vietnam as well as to build a community to serve as a support network for fellow Vietnamese students. VSA aims to promote an awareness of Vietnamese culture through a variety of events such as culture show, food tastings, and festivals celebrating traditional holidays.

Contact:  Trung-Ahn Nguyen

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Self-Government Association (SGA)

The Self-Government Association is the self-governing body of the undergraduate community of Bryn Mawr College. Every Bryn Mawr undergraduate is a member of SGA. The purpose of the Association is to empower undergraduate students to create a positive environment for all students on this campus, and to ensure that every student's voice is heard by SGA and Bryn Mawr faculty and staff.

Contact:  SGA

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*The Bi-College News

The Bi-College News, the official newspaper of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, has published trustworthy, independent, and accurate reporting for over 100 years. Founded in 1909 as the Haverford News, the two colleges joined forces in 1968 renaming the paper The Bi-College News. Today, it is a testimony to our shared relationship and a news outlet into campus culture.
The Bi-College News publishes weekly online and in-print periodically covering a wide range of topics from campus events to global news to entertainment. It is also a forum for students to publish and practice op-ed essays, columns and photography.

Contact: Abby Hoyt, Chloe Lindeman

Bryn Mawr Economic Policy Blog

The Bryn Mawr Economic Policy Blog is dedicated to covering developments in economic research, economic policy making, and current domestic and foreign affairs. Our writers are passionate about all things econ related. They use this writing platform as a means of exploring their own economic vocabulary as well as a method of communicating to the general public the state of current economic topics in a captivating and comprehensible manner.

Contact: Janavi Janakiraman

*The College News*

*the college news* is a feminist news journal which serves as a source of information and self-expression for the Bryn Mawr community. recognizing feminism as a collective process, we attempt to explore issues of interest to all women, both as members of this college and of the larger world community. through this continuing dialogue, we seek to promote communication and understanding while fostering self-confidence and independence in expressions.

Contact: Sofi Chavez, Sasha Rogelberg

Her Campus Bryn Mawr

The purpose of the Her Campus Bryn Mawr organization is to provide an online hub for Bryn Mawr College's students by providing content that is both a resource and a source of entertainment, highlighting campus news, events, interesting students, faculty, alumni, campus photos, and fashion and lifestyle content specifically tailored for students at Bryn Mawr College. Staff members will gain journalism, marketing, publicity, and digital media experience, and all students at Bryn Mawr College will gain a new and fun online resource through this online publication.

Contacts: Sierra Norman

Nimbus Literary Arts Magazine

Nimbus is Bryn Mawr College's premiere literary and arts magazine showcasing student writing and artwork: poetry, short fiction, narrative essays, photography, painting, etc.  We publish annually.

Contact:  Maggie Alvarez

Odyssey Online

Do you have an opinion? A knack for writing? Odyssey democratizes the way stories are told online.  We believe multiple perspectives, opinions, and ideas should be captured and heard, shared, and amplified on a worldwide scale. 

Contact:  Veronica Walton, Isobel Blanchard

Picture This

A place to get together and take pictures, discuss photography techniques and share and critique work.

Contact:  Aayzah Mirza, Helena Hanson

The Side Eye

The Side Eye is a blog showcasing alternative student writing and journalism, updated twice a month. It seeks to highlight less-amplified student voices by publishing candid, edgy, wry, thought-provoking pieces spanning the genres of short fiction, poetry, personal narrative, cultural reporting, opinion, deadpan, surrealism, dark humor, and socio-political satire. Political cartoons are also included. Material can focus on local, college-wide events as well as worldwide issues, happenings, and oddities. Besides inspiring readers to laugh, cry, gasp, and think about the world differently, the main goal of Juice. is to celebrate the diversity of voices in the Bi-Co, as well as the unique wit and charisma of each writer.

Contact:  Isobel Blanchard, Natasha Ryan

*WHRC Radio

Haverford College radio began in 1923, and was one of the first and most influential college radio stations at the time. WHRC was alive and kicking up through the 1980s, sometimes with a DJ staff of 100 people! Since then, the station has disappeared and returned several times. It was last operating in 2009.
Now, WHRC is returning as a web-based collective of audio content and multimedia generated by the Bi-Co community. We aim to be a source of community news and a platform for students to express themselves through podcasts, music shows and multimedia projects.
Help us rebuild WHRC as a place for the students to better connect, create and engage the entire community.

Contact:  Sophia Randazzo, Katherine Lee


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Music and Performing Arts


We are a Bryn Mawr a cappella group who sings all sort of songs from 80s, to pop, to folk.

Contact: Callie Folke


A dance club dedicated to creating and performing a mix of Classical Indian, Nepalese, Bollywood, Street Jazz and Contemporary choreographies made by all members of the group as a way to appreciate different cultures of dance.

Contact: Anisha BharathSingh, Kanai Gandhi

*BiCo Original Works

A BiCo group that produces original student-written theater. In the form of a one act festival, students can be involved in any part of the creative process, including playwriting, acting, teching, and directing.

Contact: Emma Basen-Engquist

*Bi-Co Ballroom Dance

Provide professional ballroom dance classes and opportunities of performance.

Contact:  Jingyi Tang

*Bryn Mawr College Night Owls

Founded in 1989, the Night Owls are the official acapella group of Bryn Mawr College. We sing at major campus events and traditions, such as May Day. On top of traditional songs, our repertoire includes a variety of songs that range from rap to pop to folk, all arranged by our group members.
We also tour once a year - either during fall or spring break - as well as record two to three songs every semester for group CDs that are produced every few years.

Contact:  Maya Berrol-Young, Kathryn Goldberg

*Choom Boom

Choom Boom is Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College’s one and only pan-Asian Dance Performance club. The club meets weekly to learn various pop dances and also performs at events throughout the year. The club is open to all members of the Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College community regardless of dance experience.

Contact: Cecilia Truong

*Fall Student Dance Concert

The Fall Student Dance Concert is a showcase of student dance talents within the bi-co and is a tradition that has allowe Haverford to host a dance show while Bryn Mawr hosts the spring show that is put on by the BMC Dance Department. FSDC is completely student run from the student dance clubs that perform to independent choreographers who perform their work. It's an all inclusive space for all dance and there is always something new each year!

Contact:  Kyra Sagal, JoyAngelica Chan

*Flute Choir

Flute choir is a small Bi-Co group of flute players who's goal is to continue our music skills in a low-key environment. We accept flute players of many different levels and pick pieces that accommodate each of our musical tastes. We give a concert every semester and are always looking for new members!

Contact: Delaney Williams, Aja Ould

Ginger Ale Rock Band

We are a club of aspiring Rock lovers who are setting out to create the first Rock band belonging to Bryn Mawr. We accept not only dedicated Rock players but also those enthusiastic about Rock too. We are looking forward to give a conert on regular basis and are always looking for new members!

Contact:  Jingwen Qiang, Kewei Qu



*Harlequin Theater Group

Harlequin is a fun theater group that provides students with the chance to act, direct, and produce plays that other theater groups on campus may not do. We can do anything from original plays to classics. Our goal is to help get everyone who's ever been interested in theater, into theater, and we welcome all levels of experience!

Contact:  Natalie Schall

House Music Society

This club provides a fun and interactive way of exploring house music through DJ'ing. It aims to teach members of the club how to use technology to create unique blends of songs, while encouraging creativity and passion for house music.

Contact: Grace Lee, Nam Nguyen

*Just Plays

No original works, no musical theater, no Shakespeare, just plays. We are student run theater club that focuses any and all kinds of plays. Our aim is to create a space on campus for others who want to get together and perform in a collaborative and professional way. Anyone is welcome to join!

Contact: Felicia Grable, Kara Williamson

Lavender's Blue A Cappella

Lavender's Blue is Bryn Mawr's oldies a capella group. We share our love of songs from before 1980 with the Bryn Mawr community with various concerts throughout the year. Auditions are held in both the fall and spring semesters.

Contact: Kate Pellegrini, Miriam Himelstein

*Looney Tunes A Cappella

Looney Tunes is Bryn Mawr and Haverford's only Bi-Co, Coed a cappella group. Our songs span a wide variety of genres, and we perform at various events across the two campuses. Above all else, we believe that time spent singing should be time spent having fun!

Contact: Helen Whitty, Louise Prescott


Mayuri is the Tri-Co's premier South Asian fusion dance team. In addition to Bollywood, our dance styles include African, Hip Hop, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra, Garba, and more! We will be looking for new dancers to join our team this year, and no prior dance experience is required!

Contact: Maira Karan, Alexandra Sanyal

*Midnight Gaiety

The Tri-Co's first queer cabaret-style variety show for exploring & celebrating all intersectional queer identities through performance!

Contact: Brittany Pena, Annika Lutzenhiser

*Productions of Color

This is an acting troupe dedicated to the visual representation of people of color in the performing arts. Our productions and projects, including films and plays, will reflect our mission of empowerment of people of color as a counter to the mainstream media and forms of acting we are regularly exposed to. We will work with original works by students as well as reclaim published works. Open to all experience levels and interests on and off stage.

Contact: Sophia Bokhari

*Pulso Latino
Pulso Latino is a Bi-College dance troupe dedicated to the exuberance and passion of Latino culture and dance. We choreograph various styles ranging from Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and so much more. Our pieces are performed at community events and showcases.
Contact:  Selena Martinez, Leah Baker

*Rhythm 'N Motion

RnM was born from the response of several individuals who wanted to express themselves and create a community through the dance styles of the African Diaspora, but found no appropriate outlet through Swarthmore's curriculum. The group has now evolved into a Tri-College performance-based group. The styles of the African Diaspora now serve the group as an influential place mark in our history that we adhere to through the combination of current member’s diverse strengths with the styles of our founding.

Contact: Ivana-Ajee Dolic

Rince Na Mawr

Rince Na Mawr is a group dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Irish culture through dance lessons on campus with a certified instructor. All levels welcome, from beginner to champion.  Come dance with us!

Contact:  Bridget Murray, Sophie Rehrig, Veronica Benson-Moore

*Scottish Country Dance

The Bi-Co Scottish Country Dance Club offers students the chance to learn Scottish Country Dance, a social dance form, under the instruction of certified teachers. Club members also have the opportunity to attend formal balls among other social events, club meetings, however, are fun and informal. We are open to dancers of all levels!

Contact: Rachel Ellerson, Chris Nandor

Shakespeare Performance Troupe

The Shakespeare Performance Troupe is a student theater group dedicated to performing the works of William Shakespeare. In addition, we often produce works by other playwrights, both historical and contemporary, that we feel represent issues of identity and self unique to Bryn Mawr's community. Our seasons usually consist of two shows a semester, and all productions are entirely student-run. Students are in charge of producing and organizing the entirety of our plays, including the directors, actors, tech crew and costumers. We welcome performers of all experience levels to join us in bringing Shakespeare back to life.

Contact: Alison Robins, Kristiana Marcopoulos


Spokes is Bryn Mawr's spoken and written word poetry collective. We facilitate workshops, host poetry events such as open mics and slams, and send a team to the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) in the spring.

Contact: Noura Jaber


Tabitha is a student group that provides more choreographic and performance experience for serious-minded dancers. Working with a Dance Program faculty mentor, a student director choreographs or invites other choreographers to join her in producing an evening length performance.

Contact: Joy Chan

The Extreme Keys

The Extreme Keys came together in 1981 to sing and have a good time (not necessarily in that order). With more than three amazing decades together, the Extreme Keys proudly hold the title of the oldest female a cappella group in the Haverford/Bryn Mawr consortium! Every year we go on tour over spring break and every semester record our songs to for our website, Soundcloud, and Spotify! Listen to us on Soundcloud!

Contact: Julia Shreiber

*The Melatones

The Melatones are a BiCo acapella and affinity group for people of color. Our main purpose is to bring together people of color together appreciate music of Latina, Caribbean, African and black diaspora. We will discuss and analyze the different music types in our weekly meetings while also choosing which songs we will perform. Through our performances we will foster and promote contemporary acapella music while also providing education about our different backgrounds.

Contact: Nadia Delisfort, Mikal Hayden-Gates


W-KAP is a club where we learn hip-hop dances to the mix of multiple American Pop & K-Pop songs. We are the only dance club that establishes the interactions between two cultures: Korean and American. Through powerful movements, our main goal is to emphasize women's strength.

Contact: Sophia Kim, Charlotte Lin

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Bryn Mawr Conservatives

The Bryn Mawr Conservatives are a coalition of moderates, libertarians, and conservatives who aim to provide a conservative perspective on public policy. As a club we aim to educate the Bryn Mawr community about the intellectual and philosophical foundations and practical applications of conservatism. We hold weekly meetings, have outreach efforts, and host guest speakers as well. Along with the political activism, The Bryn Mawr Conservatives hope to create a bond among all conservatives at Bryn Mawr College.


Bryn Mawr College Democrats

A student organization bringing together Bryn Mawr undergraduates to discuss prominent political issues and to support local and national Democratic candidates.

Contact: Nora Dell, Evelyn Ferrall

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Association of Dharmic Students

We are committed to providing students who practice Dharmic faiths (Hinduism, Jainism, etc.) a place to worship. We provide weekly prayer services and celebrate festivals.

Contact: Indu Upadhyay, Mina Bansal

Athena's Circle

Athena's Circle exists to provide a safe and welcoming space for students who identify as, or who are interested in learning more about, Pagans, Wiccans, or followers of spiritual paths not represented by other campus groups. Through meetings, celebrations, workshops, meditations, and discussions, we create a community of open-minded, thoughtful people in which all are welcome, no matter what faith they follow.

Contact:  Rachael Lightstone, Elinor Haney

BMC Interfaith Council

Why?  We hope to facilitate collaboration between various faiths/non-faiths on campus as well as provide spaces for interfaith dialogue.
Why now? Recent surveys and events have revealed a desire for more visibility and safe spaces to meet and discuss interfaith topics on campus.
Who? A representative from each religious and spiritual group on campus as well as others who are passionate about this matter.
What? Monthly meetings to share information about everyone's activities, foster community and plan interfaith events for the wider BMC community.

Contact: JoyAngelica Chan

Bryn Mawr Hillel

Bryn Mawr College Hillel provides an outlet on campus for students to explore their Jewish identity, observe Jewish holidays, and access Jewish tradition in a pluralistic environment.

Contact: Rachel Silverman, Hannah Rifkin

Bryn Mawr Unitarian Universalists

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a safe space for Unitarian Universalists and anyone interested in it to practice and discuss their religion, to provide transportation to religious services, and to practice campus ministry.

Contact:  Abby Crum, Maria Shellman

Dharmic Student Association

The Dharmic Student Association provides a space for students to practice Dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc). We hold weekly prayers, a yearly Diwali function, and educational events.

Contact: Mina Bansal, Indu Upadhyay

*Harvest Christian Fellowship (HCF)

Harvest Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational college ministry affiliated with Grace Covanent Church, integrated with other college campuses on the Mainline. GCC is Word-centered, prayer driven, community based, and missions focused. Our mission is to raise up kingdom workers transformed by Christ to influence the world. HCF partakes in on and off campus activities and events such as weekly Family Group bible studies on campus, church-wide Friday Night Live worship service, and much more to strengthen the campus faith community and give students the opportunity to explore or grow in their faith throughout their Bryn Mawr experience.

Contact: Abigail Lua, Shinhae Lee

Interfaith Council

We hope to facilitate collaboration between various faiths/non-faiths on campus as well as provide spaces for interfaith dialogue.
Why now? Recent surveys and events have revealed a desire for more visibility and safe spaces to meet and discuss interfaith topics on campus.
Who? A representative from each religious and spiritual group on campus as well as others who are passionate about this matter.
What? Monthly meetings to share information about everyone's activities, foster community and plan interfaith events for the wider BMC community.

Contact:  Joy Chan, Sukhan Kaur

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

We are the Bryn Mawr College chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In other words, we're a group of Bryn Mawr students who are trying to learn how to follow God together. We do things like having small group Bible studies, prayer night, worship nights and large group worship meetings open to the whole community. Our purpose is to be a resource to all the members of the Bryn Mawr Community that have questions about faith or want to explore more about faith. In addition, we hope to provide a safe open space where this exploration can happen.

Contact: Jennifer Acosta

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim Students Association is a religious organization dedicating to creating and maintaining a community of Muslim students at Bryn Mawr College

Contact: Maryam Toorawa, Miha Alam

*Renewal College Fellowship

The Renewal College Fellowship (RCF) is the college ministry of Renewal Presbyterian Church, an urban PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church located in Devon, PA. Our fellowship consists of college students from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Villanova.

Contact:  Alex Wang, Vivian Nguyen

*Tri-Co Chabad

The group focuses on creating a safe space for Jews away from home.

Contact: Revital Laurence, Eli Gurevitz


*Tri-Co Newman Catholic Community

Tri-Co Newman Catholic Center provides space for Catholic students from Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore college to meet and celebrate Mass or participate in fun group activities. We host retreats and we provide many service opportunities, including a mission trip.

Contact: Emily Haller, Anushka Robinson

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Service, Activism and Outreach

Ardmore Community Tutoring & Parkway West High School

These are two tutoring programs available for work-study students through Civic Engagement. The goal of both Ardmore Community Tutoring (ACT) and Parkway West High School Tutoring is to provide academic guidance to K-12 students. In ACT, students are paired one-on-one with Bryn Mawr students, whereas in Parkway West, Bryn Mawr students will be providing help within classrooms.

Contact: Yuying Guo, Aarionna Goodman

Belmont Mentoring Program

Contact:  Smitha Pallaki, Khadijah Alibhai

BMC Campus Girl Scouts

The purpose of Campus Girl Scouts shall be to support, in whatever way possible, Girl Scouts from the youngest Daisies to the oldest graduating Seniors on their paths to developing positive and necessary life skills such as leadership, service-orientation, persistence, drive, and, most importantly, how to be a strong woman. Through active seasonal mentorship, the members of Campus Girl Scouts will live out the Girl Scout Law by being honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and by being a sister to every Girl Scout.

Contact: Sarah Depew

BMC Greens

The BMC Greens is a student run organization determined to remind as well as educate the Bryn Mawr, Lower Merion and Philadelphia communities about current environmental issues.  Additionally, we are committed to working closely with the school's administrations in hope of moving towards a creation of a much more sustainable campus.
Contact: Delaney Williams, Emily Geoghegan

Bryn Mawr Buddies

Contact: Kexin Qiu, Stella Hu

Bryn Mawr Owl Ambassadors

Bryn Mawr College Owl Ambassadors are an integral part of the Admissions program. By engaging with students and families in authentic experiences, they help create a meaningful visit and thereby assist in recruiting and enrolling a group of great students.

Contact: Gabrielle Smith

Bryn Mawr Tutoring Club

The Bryn Mawr Tutoring Club was made for the purpose of instructing and providing support for high school students looking for tutelage. This Club will provide tutoring services to students seeking help with college applications, homework, and SAT preparations.

Contact: Rachael Abraham

Liberty in North Korea

The BMC LiNK Rescue Team is proud to support Liberty in North Korea in their mission to accelerate change in North Korea. The North Korean people are overcoming one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. The purpose of BMC LiNK is to raise awareness about the current issues in North Korea and to raise money to help fund the rescue missions and resettlement programs of North Korean refugees. We host a variety of different events including film screenings, fundraisers, and presentations from guest speakers to involve the community and make an impact!

Contact: Lauren KimChristine Choi

NETwork Against Malaria

The purpose of this organization will be to host events and activities to raise awareness to the serious impact of malaria in rural Uganda. Moreover, we will raise money through these events to donate to the non-profit NETwork Against Malaria in order to help provide bed nets for school children, pregnant women, and families. For $10 we can protect children from malaria, combat poverty, and promote education. This will be a great space for people interested in global health and social issues and for people looking to get involved to help with the current issue.

Contact: Odeymarys Garrido

Oxfam Club at BMC

Oxfam@ BMC is a student organization affiliated with Oxfam America, an international relief organization focused on finding lasting solutions to global poverty, hunger, and social justice. As an affiliate, we work towards those goals by hosting awareness raising events, fundraising, volunteering, and discussions. We aim to educate each other and mobilize a community of global citizens who come together for personal growth and engaging discourse. Oxfam @ BMC bridges global values and local action in order to promote the mission and vision of Oxfam worldwide.

Contact:  Victoria Espinoza

*Parkway West SAT

This program is a group of volunteers that offers free SAT prep to students at Parkway West High School through Khan Academy and college board.

Contact: Elizabeth Hilton, Assata Acey

Project Educate
Project Educate is a club devoted to promoting literacy worldwide through a variety of fundraising and volunteering events.
Contact: Cassidy Gruber Barath, Rachel Hertzberg

Project Nur

Project Nur is a student-led initiative advocating for social justice by empowering responsible leaders to cultivate an environment of acceptance and mutual respect between Muslims and all communities.

Contact: Victoria Espinoza

*She's the First

She's the First promotes girls' education in 3rd world countries by fundraising and congratulating a sponsee's academic journey.

Contact: Victoria Tamura, Catherine Woodrow

*United Nations Association

Bryn Mawr and Haverford have officially become a college chapter of the United Nations Association. This gives students the opportunity to interact with UN officials and analysts, attend events and conferences specifically for UNA chapters, and to get involved with UN projects and internships.

Contact: Larissa de Paula, Genesis Perez-Melara


United Students Against Sweatshops

Bryn Mawr's United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) chapter offers students the opportunity to learn more about labor rights issues. In the past, our focus has been on the apparel industry with the goal to spread awareness about companies that are guilty of worker exploitation on our campus, in our communities, and in the global factories where clothing is produced. We have expanded our vision to incorporate the workers rights of student workers and staff on Bryn Mawr's campus in an effort to support the social justice values of Bryn Mawr within our own workforce. By educating ourselves and collaborating with others, we plan on taking action against sweatshops and other forms of labor inequality through the use of discussion, events, and activism.

Contact:  Shaina Robinson

United Organization of Underrepresented People in STEM

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage students that come from underserved backgrounds in the STEM field. These groups include but are not limited to people who identify as a racial minority (african american, asian/ pacific islander, hispanic, and/or native american) and/or are from a lower socioeconomic status. The purpose of this organization is to ensure that these underserved groups have the resources and information necessary to excel in the STEM field.

Contact:  Ashley Ossimetha

*Zero Waste Initiative

The purpose of this organization shall be to educate and empower the Bi-Co community to encourage more waste free lives and create more waste free facilities. The club will provide resources to the Bi-Co on how to make more environmentally conscious purchases as well as daily choices. It will work with the Bryn Mawr and Haverford campuses to eliminate the need for disposables that are toxic for the people using them and the environment. It aims to empower consumers to make choices in their own personal lives in order to more positively impact the environment, through showing documentaries, hosting workshops, organizing events/panels for the Bi-Co and Bryn Mawr town. The club will be collaborative with the other Green clubs at Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College.

Contact: Kim Davis, Helen Harmen

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Special Interest


Contact: Yeidaly Mejia, Aditi Sriram


Adopt-a-Grandparent is a student-run volunteer organization that visits the residents of a local Sunrise Assisted Living Community on a weekly basis. Through sharing art, music, games, and stories, each student fosters a meaningful, inter-generational relationship with an adoptive “grandparent,” thus providing both parties with a sense of connection and emotional fulfillment.

Contact:  Kira Schmidt, Nozomi Park

Anime Club

The Anime Club provides a comfortable space for Bryn Mawr community members who enjoy anime (Japanese animation) to relax and meet other people on campus with the same hobbies. The club holds weekly meetings to watch, discuss, and learn about anime, runs events such as movie nights and club outings, and organizes a yearly trip to a nearby anime convention.

Contact:  Emily Hsu, Eileen Li

Art Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote art and art making on the Bryn Mawr campus and within the Bryn Mawr community. This includes maintaining and stocking a studio available to the entire community: students, faculty, and staff; running student-taught workshops; running non-credit art classes with local artists; holding a weekly Community Art Night (called CreativiTEAs) to socialize and make art in the studio; and holding art-related events in the studio and around campus. Art Club is community based and works to bring together members of the Bryn Mawr community around art and art making. Our intended audience is mostly the Bryn Mawr student body, but during our larger events we welcome the whole Bryn Mawr community.

Contact: Gwendolyn Vary, Amber Maser

*Artist Collective

Our aim as artists is to perform, create, and compose collaborative projects as well as support one another in our endeavors. We will support one another by sharing equipment, space, or materials, as well as provide honest feedback on one's work. Our purpose is to make it easier for people to connect with one another and provide inspiration for artistic works. We provide Artists with an open space to collaborate with one another through music, photography, film, and other mediums. We all share a passion for spreading creativity and artistry along with shared ideologies, aesthetic, and political views.

Contact: Dani Roomes

*Bi-Co Architecture Club

The Bi-Co Architecture Club is for Haverford and Bryn Mawr students either interested in or considering a design-related career.
As of Spring 2015, we are a registered two-college chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) under the guidance of Daniela Holt Voith, FAIA. In addition to creating a community of architecture-interested students, the Club aims to:
-Provide information to students applying to graduate programs.
-Host portfolio workshops with Bi-Co faculty and local architects.
-Share exciting ideas, books, and projects.
-Meet to sketch our two beautiful campuses.
-Host speakers and panels on architecture, sustainability, and design.
-Assist underclassmen with navigating pre-arch requirements within the Bi-Co.
-Visit local firms and build professional alumni relationships.
-Advocate for better support for careers in architecture in the CCPA and CDO.
-Travel into Philadelphia for PennDesign and AIA events.
-Run trips to historic buildings.
-Provide tutorial and material resources to students enrolled in design studios at BMC.
-Maintain a relationship with HC and BMC facilities offices.
-Encourage members to get involved in ongoing campus facilities plans and renovations.

Contact: Sophia Randazzo, Rio Morales

*Bi-Co Debate

The Bi-Co Speech & Debate Team aims to provide a space for undergraduate students in the Bryn Mawr and Haverford community to develop public speaking, critical thinking, and persuasion skills through competition and collaboration. Through practices and tournaments, we discuss a wide range of global and domestic topics. No experience is necessary to join the Bi-Co Speech & Debate Team. Practice is held twice a week & the team attends 1-2 tournaments every month. (Note: We compete in speech, debate, as well as acting events.)
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Contact: Daniela Lopez Lopez, Magdelena Yeakey

*Bi-Co Friends of Israel

Our goal is to expand upon the discussion of Israel at Haverford and Bryn Mawr. We offer some insight into the varied and multiethnic nature of Israeli society, and aim to show aspects of Israel that are often missed in discussions surrounding Israel at Haverford and Bryn Mawr.

Contact:  Eitan Geller-Montague

*Bi-Co Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP Points of Unity:
1. Ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;
2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.
Bi-Co SJP Mission:
Our vision is an end to the occupation of Palestine and of Palestinians. This vision includes the protection of human rights and freedoms, land access and the right of return for Palestinians in diaspora, and the preservation (vs. erasure) of indigenous cultures and histories.
We know that there is no true peace without justice. Our resistance is based in open dialogue and truth as well as education, culture, and pride.
In recognition of the USA’s involvement and culpability in this conflict, we aim to harness our power as students at an American college to inform others about the region’s history and current events, to respect Palestinian narratives, and to inspire and lead real change in our local, national, and global communities.
Our group is anti-Zionist and anti-apartheid and stands in solidarity with other anti-occupation, anti-racism, anti-colonial, demilitarization, and human rights movements around the world. Our group has no religious affiliation and we warmly welcome support and involvement from any and all community members opposed to the occupation of Palestine.
That said, we reject attempts to “normalize” Palestine-Israel relations –– that is to say, approaches that ignore the systemic violence towards and disenfranchisement of Palestine and Palestinians and that try to superficially equalize the dialogue between oppressor and oppressed.

Contact:  Rosie Cohen

Big Hill Entrepreneurial Fund

Hill Entrepreneurial Fund (BHEF) is Bryn Mawr College's first and only microfinance initiative for students interested in economic and business development. Members learn about the technical aspects of loan-making and entrepreneurship through projects working with local businesses and non-profits. Alongside hands-on activities, students attend multiple conferences each year hosted both at Bryn Mawr and other institutions. No previous experience is required or assumed to participate in BHEF activities.

Contact: Hunter Rendleman

BMC Chemistry Club

Our goal is to bring together everyone who is interested in chemistry. We strive to create a sense of community among the chemistry majors as well as those who have a strong interest in Chemistry. As a club, we provide social events as well as service events to give our members a well rounded club experience. Our future goal is to apply for the club to become approved as an ACS Student Chapter.

Contact: Mary Sexton, Victoria Berke

BMC Woodworking

The purpose of this organization shall be to empower Bryn Mawr students with the ability to confidently use tools in both practical and creative ways, and to create a safe workspace for students with the tools and resources they require. Here, students of all experience levels are welcome to share tools, safety equipment, and knowledge, and are free to explore the different disciplines of woodworking, including but not limited to: detail carving, whittling, pyrography, inlay work/marquetry, and lutherie.

Contact: Clara Wright


The purpose of this organization shall be to improve the
health and safety of the Bryn Mawr College campus community. Activities of the organization include facilitating training as Emergency Medical Technicians, hosting EMS-related educational events, facilitating clinical experiences with local EMS agencies, enhancing campus emergency preparedness, offering CPR/first aid training to the community, and attending the annual National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation Conference.

Contact: Lauren Sauers


BRANCH Out is Bryn Mawr College's student-run outdoors club. We have a focus on hiking and camping, but are always open to suggestions. Our main objective is to get students off campus and into the wilderness as often as possible. People of all skill levels and experience are welcome. Check us out!

Contact: Helen Whitty

Bryn Mawr NaNoWriMo Writers

Bryn Mawr Writers is for all students participating or interested in NaNoWriMo and writing. We host events for students to write, edit, collaborate, or seek help for their novels and creative work.

Contact: Sophia Schein

Changing Lanterns

We are a group for students completing their Bryn Mawr education in a non-linear manner resulting in a change of class year and color. We wish to provide a monthly meeting in which students can safely share their experiences, concerns, or questions with other students in similar situations.

Contact: Isobel Blanchard

*Cosplay Club

Cosplay Club aims is a place for Bi-Co students with interest in Cosplay to meet, share resources, and work on projects together.
Cosplay is the hobby of dressing up as fictional characters. The possibilities are endless, drawing from different forms of media and original designs that the cosplayer creates themself. Cosplayers often construct their costumes and props by themselves, usually by teaching themselves methods like sewing, wig-styling, woodworking, beading, makeup, painting, sculpting, and others.
Cosplay Club is open to people of all experience levels (including people who've never cosplayed before!). In our meetings, we'll cover a different topic each week (such as wigs, makeup, or small/large props) and share tutorials or resources that we found helpful. Following the meeting will be an optional studio time in which cosplayers can work on current projects in a relaxed, creative environment.

Contact: Christina Ulowetz

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides a place where people can express themselves through writing in a fun, supportive atmosphere. We focus on a variety of different types of writing based on the interests of the members of the club.

Contact:  Chloe Lampros-Monroe, Shaina Robinson

Dao Cha Tea Club

Our club is all about tea! A beverage first served on the Eastern side of the world, tea has a long history filled with stories and culture. The purpose of our club is to provide a relaxing and intimate environment for tea lovers and people who have an interest in Asian culture. We meet once a week to drink tea.
Each meeting consists of fun, engaging topics for members to discuss, such as Chinese customs. Throughout the year, we will learn to make tea in the traditional way, and have several tea ceremonies. If you are in the Bi-co community and are interested in drinking tea, learning the cultural stories behind tea, or simply curious, you are more than welcome to join us!

Contact:  Kewei Qu, Sherry Mao

Depression Awareness Club

This club exists to provide a safe space for students to speak about mental health at Bryn Mawr. We will share coping strategies, discuss difficulties, and promote awareness on campus.

Contact: Sara King, Kyra Sagal


We discuss science fiction and fantasy in our regular weekly meetings and are a safe place for people to be nerdy and make new friends who have similar interests.

Contact: Brittney Beidleman, Sarah Lew

Filmmakers Association

The Filmmakers Association is dedicated to providing resources, assistance, and support for student filmmakers through workshops, discussions, and mixers.

Contact: Kristal Sotomayor


FoodSavers is dedicated to: 1) Food waste reduction by recovering surplus perishable food from the dining halls, 2)
fighting hunger by delivering the food to nearby food shelters, and 3) student accountability, as we work towards being aware and acting as members of a larger community.

Contact: Lauren Kim

*Genius Game Club

Inspired by Liar Game and The Genius: Rules of the Game, this is a club that hosts board game and beyond. We plan both big and small scale games of wits and strategy, and provide NPCs, judges and game setups. This is a club for strategy game lovers including board games. We are interested in exploring all types of games around the world with you. We play it for fun and get smarter at the meantime.

Contact: Wanying Xu

*Geology Expeditions Outdoors

G.E.O Club intends to broaden geologic horizons for those who have interest in the field of geology as a science, discipline and hobby. The club will feature speakers from the geologic community and one geologic expedition per semester. Geology rocks! (Official motto of the G.E.O Club)

Contact:  Abby Ackerman

*Haverford Mock Trial

Founded in 2014, the Haverford College Mock Trial team seeks to foster abilities in public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork in order to provide students the opportunity to develop and use those skills.
Mock Trial appeals to a diverse range of individuals with a broad range of interests, which are especially present in the College’s academically rigorous environment. Students interested in law, public speaking, performing, debating, acting, arguing, reading, writing, forensic science, and a host of other disciplines will find “Mocking” to be both an intellectually stimulating and fun experience.
We receive the annual American Mock Trial Association national case packet and works together to build original arguments for both the prosecution/plaintiff (depending if the case is civil or criminal) and defense sides. Our members extensively train and prepare to play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and expert witnesses at trial. There are over 600 collegiate teams in the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) to compete against, ranging from small liberal arts colleges to large public and private universities. Our team competes in the AMTA's annual tournament that starts at the regional level and progresses all the way to the national championship. In addition, we are eligible to enter nationwide invitational tournaments that occur before Regional trial season. Teams in the AMTA competition advance to the various stages based on their wins and performance against other teams at trial.
Our team plays a vital role on campus as Haverford’s only competitive debate organization. Our members come from a number of diverse backgrounds, ranging from Model UN to Lincoln-Douglas Forum Debate. This is largely why our initial recruitment drive was so successful, given the lack of other debate-related opportunities for interested students. We also continue to accumulate high school Mock Trial veterans, many of whom are eager to continue with their passions.
We are in the process of developing a closer relationship with the Haverford Pre-Law Society and Haverford College Lawyer’s Network (HCLN) in order to provide students further opportunities to connect with alumni in the legal field. This dynamic will be especially useful in allowing prelaw students to develop legal skills while simultaneously receiving mentorship from local alumni. The HCLN has already provided us with a number of Haverford lawyers to serve as coaches, including current head coach Jeff Monhait ’09.

Contact: Liv Phillips,

Hawaii Club

The BMC Hawaii Club is open to all Bryn Mawr students. The purpose is to bring a sense of aloha to campus. While "aloha" has many meanings, the word can describe a sense of community and understanding, which the club hopes to foster on Bryn Mawr's already open-minded campus. The club holds small events that are intended to defeat both stereotypes (we don't wear grass skirts) and the stress of college life!

Contact: Lauren Goto, Christina Pellegrino

Humans of Bryn Mawr College

Humans of Bryn Mawr College is a media organization that vividly captures the daily college life, unique traditions, and special occasions at Bryn Mawr College with photographs and captions, familiarizing and promoting Bryn Mawr College to prospective students and their parents in order to help them to become part of the Bryn Mawr family, therefore creating an increased sense of unity within the Bryn Mawr community for the current students and faculty.

Contact: Rachel Bruce

Iron Owls Barbell Club

Iron Owls is an athletic club focused on strength training, specifically Olympic Weightlifting. Our purpose is to give our members a foundation in strength and teach the proper form of weightlifting's two lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. We have athletes ranging from rookies to national competitors - if you want to get stronger, we can help you get there!

Contact:  Hope Walsh

J Street U

J Street U Bryn Mawr is Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestinian, and Pro-Peace. Students participate in meaningful and open dialogue on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, engage with challenging and interesting speakers, explore various perspectives, and otherwise work to change what is broken about this issue and ultimately create peace. All are welcome!

Contact:  Shirah Kraus, Leonor Suarez

Knitting Club - Yarn Owls

Knitting Club is a great place for people to get together and spend time working on their latest yarn project! We welcome anyone who knits, crochets, felts, does needlework, and will teach anyone who wants to learn!

Contact: Samantha Wall

Learn Through Teaching

It is not a secret that one of the best strategies to learn something is by explaining it to someone else. Learn Through Teaching is a club that allows students with different academic interests to present lectures on various topics in front of a live audience.
Members of the LTT take turns attending the lectures of their fellow students (and learning something new and unexpected!) and preparing such lectures themselves. LTT gives everyone a unique opportunity to enhance their learning experience and improve their public speaking skills in an unusual yet effective way. Whether you are studying for an exam, practicing before a conference, or just feeling excited about something you've learned, Learn Through Teaching will make your voice heard!

Contact: Kate Petrova

Mindful Meditation

The club creates a setting, whether you have prior experience with meditation or not, where you can come and learn about the life-changing benefits of what it means to meditate. We collectively meditate together and explore different kinds and forms of meditation that is commonly practiced! Great way to learn more about your mind body and soul!

Contact: Anita Ntem, Michelle Fleuriot

Overbrook Art Club

Overbrook Art Program works with Overbrook Elementary School in providing weekly art lessons. Bryn Mawr students help teach and encourage art appreciation and creation!

Contact:  Renee Eddy Harvey, Kate Pellegrini

Puzzle Club

The Puzzle Club provides a fun, relaxing way to take a break from the stress of school with puzzles! Every week we have a wide variety of fun puzzles (crosswords, logic puzzles, sudoku, etc) for you to go through! We're a pretty relaxed group whose events include a jigsaw puzzle night.

Contact: Naomi Siegel, Carrie Sauder

*Russian Club

We meet to celebrate the Russian speaking world! Expect blini, nesting dolls, and more! Stay tuned for more fun.

Contact:  Hannah Rifkin, Tim Harte


Thanks to a mix of misinformation, miscommunication, and misogyny, sex education is spotty at best. When people begin college, incomplete information about sex and sexual health can jumble up in unintended ways, sometimes in interactions with other people. Sexplanations! is a group that works closely with Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA to help increase awareness, humor, safety, and fun when it comes to sex, relationships, identities, and everything else that gets tangled up

Contact: Emma Basen-Enquist

Students With Diabetes

Students With Diabetes aims to create a community and connection point for young adults with diabetes ages 18-30 on both college campuses and in local communities across the country.
We want to simplify life for young adults with diabetes. Young adult life presents new situation and experience which can be daunting. Students With Diabetes equips young adults with the tools and information they need to succeed, as well as providing professional and social opportunities to create individual networks.

Contact:  Meredith Scheiring, Ellen Cohn

Sudo Hoot

Sudo Hoot is Bryn Mawr's all-inclusive computer science and coding club. Members are provided with many opportunities including internships, learning opportunities, app development, and more.

Contact:  Mimi Benkoussa

Suffragette City

We are a book club that reads feminist theory and literature from various feminist movements, past and present, in order to help its members gain a better understanding of feminist herstory, thought, theory and arguments.

Contact: Alex Tucker

*Sunrise Discussion Group

The purpose of this organization shall be to facilitate intergenerational dialogues about issues of importance. We will fulfill this purpose by holding informal conversations with the residents of Sunrise Senior Living in Haverford about current events, guided by a specific news article.

Contact: Anna Bezruki

Sustainable Food Club

We aim to help run the Real Food Challenge, a national effort to bring more sustainable food into college dining halls, as well as spread awareness about sustainable food on Bryn Mawr's campus.

Contact: Carissa Yao



Taboo provides a safe space for tri-co students to discuss issues relating alternative sexualities and lifestyles.  Our topics include  BDSM, polyamory, swinging, the sex industry, sex positivism, sexual spirituality, and more.

Contact: Taboo

TedX Planning

The purpose of this club is to create a TEDx talk at Bryn Mawr in the coming future. In order to receive SGA funding and truly connect with the community, we viewed the best way would be to form a club. We also hope to foster a continued use of TEDx talks throughout the future of BMC.

Contact:  Shelby Hoogland, Lillian Oyen-Ustad

*Tri-College NAACP

Founded in 1909, the NAACP ( acknowledges that we do not live in a ‘post-racial’ society and works to “achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States.” The mission of Bryn Mawr’s NAACP College Chapter is to inform the Tri-College community of the problems affecting racial and ethnic minorities, advance the economic, educational, social and political affairs of these groups, and develop “an intelligent, militant and effective youth leadership.”
By making hidden inequalities and prejudices visible, Bryn Mawr’s NAACP College Chapter hopes to raise more awareness of issues of race and transform the way we act both within and outside of our college communities.
For our main website, click on the link at the bottom of this page. You can also find us on Facebook

Contact: Precious Robinson, Daniela Lopez

Ukulele Club

Contact:  Linh Tran

Visual Humanities Society: A Film Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide a space for film enthusiasts to watch a film together every week, and then have an opportunity to discuss it with their peers. It will provide a space dedicated to the enjoyment of film, separate from academia, while still generating productive thoughts and ideas.

Contact:  Taylor Milne, Hannah Henderson-Charnow

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*Bi-Co Boxing Club

The Boxing Club aims to create a space where students of the Bi-Co can learn and hone boxing skills in a low-stakes, group workout setting. Our hope in establishing such a club is that students will have the opportunity to explore both the physical and emotional benefits of such a dynamic sport, while also focusing on the importance of group-trust and commitment.

Contact:  Amake Eze, Cordelia Larsen

*Bi-Co Gymnastics Club

We are a Bi-Co group of students that work out at Upper Merion Dance & Gymnastics Academy in King of Prussia, PA. The group is comprised of former competitive gymnasts, enthusiastic newcomers, and just about everything in between. The goal of the organization is to bring the health benefits of gymnastics to a wider and more mature audience. The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the opportunity for Bryn Mawr and Haverford Students to exercise using gymnastics equipment, and to instruct members at any level to progress their gymnastics skills by increasing flexibility, strength, courage and element level.

Contact:  Liana Thomason, Kennedy Ellison

*Bi-Co Quidditch Team

The purpose of this organization is to provide Haverford and Bryn Mawr students with the opportunity to participate in and compete in Quidditch, a sport that is currently unavailable on both campuses.

Contact: Avie Hochberg

*Bi-Co Table Tennis Club

Bi-Co Table Tennis Club is for experienced players, enthusiastic newcomers, and all the levels in between - everyone is welcome! Our goal is to have fun while learning ping pong. So if you are interested in playing table tennis or just looking for a place to distress after class, we have a place for you in this club!

Contact: Nam Nguyen

*BMC Skateboarding

For all kinds and levels of skateboarders - longboards, cruisers, etc. Come be a part of our crew! We hope to provide a supportive space to come practice skating with fellow students. People new to skateboarding and want to learn the basics in a positive environment - please come!

Contact:  Lizzy Chan, Maryam Jahanbin

Club Soccer

Club Soccer is a great way to meet new people, be part of a team and to play the game you love (and get P.E. credit while you do it!)! The team has a full range of players, from those who played club and varsity in high school to those who have never played before or haven't played since their pee-wee league.
We encourage people of all skill levels to come out and play! We have a few competitive matches each semester with teams from other colleges and universities in the area.

Contact:  Renee Eddy Harvey, Karyn Sheline

*Equestrian Team

The Bi-Co Equestrian Team is a student-run organization serving the niche market of equestrian demands of women and men at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges. The club provides and organizes weekly hour-long group horseback riding lessons at a local barn called Willow May Farm and requires an 8-week lesson commitment over one semester. The goals of the Team are to raise awareness of the sport of horseback riding to the Bi-Co community and to provide students access to affordable riding lessons, which might otherwise be cost prohibitive for a college student’s budget.

Contact:Emma Tunstall, Carolyn Randive

Fencing Club

The Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club (Vixens) is a competitive club that practices and teaches fencing in a supportive environment. We compete in local individual tournaments, collegiate events including the Temple Open, and team events in the Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference (BWCFC) in all three weapons (foil, epee, sabre). No previous experience or equipment required! Dues are required, but provisions can be made.

Contact: Anita Brown, Emily Kampmeyer

Intramural Volleyball Club

This club is a non-academic outlet for students interested in playing volleyball. It provides the space (Schwartz Gym) for students to gather and scrimmage on a weekly basis to de-stress and have fun. People of all levels (advanced, intermediate, beginner) are welcome. Come be a part of the intramural volleyball club!

Contact: Joanna Lee, Lily Meyer

Judo Club


At Bryn Mawr Judo Club, we not only learn the technique of the ancient Japanese martial art of Judo, but also its history and applicability to every day life.
Classes are held M, W, Su at Bryn Mawr Fitness on the Main Line with the Main Line Judo Club. Attend as many practice as you like, though attending one practice a week is required for PE credit. We have a table at Fall Frolic, so please stop by, meet some of our members, and learn about the club. We have open houses at the beginning of each semester for those who want to come try some Judo, or just see what the atmosphere is like! Bi-Co Judo is a member of Campus Philly Judo- a city wide association of Judo clubs at Philadelphia area colleges.

Contact: Meredith Scheiring, Kristian Moravec

Ping Pong Club

The purpose of Ping Pong Club is to create a place for experienced and new players to meet, hang out as well as strengthen physical endurance.

Contact: Nam Nguyen

*Rugby Club

The Horned Toads Rugby team is a Bryn Mawr-Haverford club-varsity sports team that believes in fostering teamwork and a spirit of competitive play, while also maintaining a sense of fun and community. It is a team open to all to join, regardless of prior athletic experience, and above all, the team mission is to foster a love for rugby and its culture.

Contact: Zahabya Mama, Taylor Milne

*Sneech Ultimate Frisbee

The bi-co women's Ultimate Frisbee team practices five days a week, from September till early November and then from late January till May. Our team continues to grow in numbers and school support; all students, staff and friends are welcome to attend our Haverford-based tournaments. We participate in eight to ten tournaments a year and co-host two of our own (Haverween and Layout Pigout) with the men’s team, Big Donkey Ultimate.
We cut no one; anyone who wants to play may join us and participate. We are entirely run by students who are responsible for organizing practices, budgeting moneyz, planning tournaments, and coordinating other logistical aspects. We are known for our great spirit, witty cheers, and flair.

Contact:  Zoe Lewis, Sneetches

*Snow Sports Club

Tai Chi is known as one of Chinese Martial Arts. It emphasizes utilizing softness in movement to solve hard force. The club is committed to practising Tai Chi in its self-defense application, and meditating by Yangsheng theories, which pursue health by inner peace and tolerance.

Contact: Chelsea Thangavelu

Tai Chi and Yangsheng Method Club

Tai Chi is known as one of Chinese Martial Arts. It emphasizes utilizing softness in movement to solve hard force. The club is committed to practising Tai Chi in its self-defense application, and meditating by Yangsheng theories, which pursue health by inner peace and tolerance.

Contact: Zichu Zhao

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