Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for C3 if I go to a different community college?

No. Right now, the C3 program has only partnered with the Community College of Philadelphia and Montgomery County Community College, although the program may expand to other schools in the future. If you attend a different community college, you are still eligible to transfer to Bryn Mawr; you just will not be part of the C3 program.

Do I have to be Pell eligible?

No. You may apply regardless of financial need.

Is C3 a scholarship program?

No. The C3 program does not include any financial incentive except for one summer of guaranteed funding for research or an internship. However, Bryn Mawr’s financial aid policy is to meet 100% of a student’s financial need.

Through this program, am I considered a transfer, C3, or McBride student?

Technically, all students enrolled in the C3 program are also transfer students. However, not all transfer students are C3 students.

It is possible to be both a C3 student and a McBride Scholar—students enrolling through the C3 program who are over age 24 at the time of matriculation will be considered members of both the C3 cohort and the McBride Scholars Program.

Can I still study abroad if I transfer from a community college?

Most likely. Bryn Mawr requires that a student complete at least four semesters on campus, so as long as you plan on attending Bryn Mawr for five semesters, you will still have the opportunity to study abroad.