Why Bryn Mawr?

Though C3 is a relatively new program, Bryn Mawr College's student population already includes many women who have transferred from community colleges.

Pam Lavin '14, transferred from Delaware County Community College:

"What I love about Bryn Mawr’s classes is that they want us to think outside the box and see opposing viewpoints. My community college built my confidence in academics, but Bryn Mawr really teaches more to my way of learning."

Gloria Kuoh '12, transferred from the Community College of Philadelphia:

"The Community College of Philadelphia's Honors Curriculum unquestionably helped me to develop intellectually and to appreciate fully what I needed to do to thrive at Bryn Mawr."

Sarah Buonanno '14, transferred from Lehigh Carbon Community College:

"I always knew that I would transfer to a four-year institution after I received my associate's degree, but I did not always know that a school as elite as Bryn Mawr College would be interested in me. During my time at community college, I realized how valuable I was as a student, a scholar, and a woman. I took advantage of every wonderful opportunity that the college offered me, and the opportunities were abundant. Somewhere along the road I began to understand that I was as capable and deserving as any other hardworking student. I decided to take my chances and apply to the college of my dreams. Now I am surrounded by intelligent, enthusiastic, driven women every day. I am challenged in my classrooms by stellar faculty, am part of a vibrant and diverse community, and feel as though I have always belonged at Bryn Mawr. If you are a community college student who is considering transferring to Bryn Mawr College, stay confident. If you are excelling in your two-year institution, you can excel here."

Abby Hochman '14, transferred from Montgomery County Community College:

"I feel more inspired in academics when I’m surrounded by women."