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wedding photo
Present at Lorrie Kim's June 20, 1997 wedding were (l to r), back row: Eun Min '89, Patrice Gammon '91, Kimberly Kindya '90, Jennifer Woodfin '91, Victoria McManus '90, Amy Wall '89, Beth Michener '90, Sarah-Marie Belcastro (Hfd '91). Front row: Kelly Farrelly '92, Becky Carpenter '89, Mark-Jason Dominus, Lorrie Kim, Linda Friedrich '89, Siyon Kim '93, Robin Bernstein '91.

wedding photo
Pictured (l to r): Stephanie Ravizza, Hilary Newman '89, Federico Palmeros, Celeste Provost '89, Anne Riddell '89, Beth Hillig '89.

Michael Sentovich and Kim Curtin Sentovich.

wedding photo
Carrie Wofford married Colin Crowell in Nantucket on August 21, 1999. Pictured (l to r): Back row: Jackie Posner (mother of Beth Posner '89, holding photo of pregnant Beth), Grace Ledbetter '87, Colin, Harris Wofford (former president of Bryn Mawr), Joan Parker Wofford '57 (mother of the bride).
Front row: Kathy Roth '87 (holding daughter Sophie), Carrie, Lillian Daniel '87.

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