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Jessica Harper married Christopher Zafiriou (Hfd 97) on October 21, 2000. Bryn Mawrters at the wedding (l to r): Back row: Sally Van der Water, Kathryn Sharpe, Suzanne Mills 99, Emilie Brondyke Calvello. Front row: Sandra Medinilla, Jessica, Emily Walling.

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Bride's attendants at Sara Kruger's marriage to Ryan Garcia were (left to right): Sarah Wakefield '97, Alison Gilchrest '97, Rebecca Lasky '97 and Eva Weis.

Present at the wedding of Whitney Pennington Leber: front row (l to r): Lisa Leber, Alison Bischoff; back row: Jessica Lerbs, Whitney, Emma Wegner, Meghan Preston, Susan Welt.

Jessia Lerbs married Mark Duffy (Perdue '98) on October 12, 2002. Class member present were (l to r): Whitney Pennington Leber, Jessica, Meghan Preston, Susan Welti, Alison Bischoff.

Mawrters at Melissa Cohn's June 22, 2003 wedding to Eric Lindbeck included (from left): Kimberly Blessing '97 and Rebecca Rabin '97. In attendance but not pictured was Elizabeth Bolognini Ostrom '97.

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