New Regional Scholars

The latest Alumnae Regional Scholars were announced at May Day. The Scholars, all members of the Class of 2002, were chosen by ARS selection committees in their districts under the program, which was revised two years ago. The students submitted proposals for up to $2,000 to fund projects that will enhance their growth and academic development. Each project will be overseen by a faculty member or other sponsor and must be completed before the end of the senior year. As one ARS volunteer comments, "This program gives alumnae an opportunity to support sophomores, to remind them that College is also a time to dream, to explore, and to play."

Look for more on these scholars and their projects:

District 1: Natalie Doel will study strategies for sustaining tropical ecosystems at the School for Field Studies in Costa Rica. Blythe Handley Foster will attend a film production workshop. She will then shoot a short video documentary of her grandmothers' life stories in an attempt to gather a family history. Abigail Matthews will receive training in ground penetrating radar (GPR) for non-invasive excavation in archaeological research and then survey a prehistoric site in Unalaska, Alaska for as yet undetected cultural remains. District 2A: Amy Peltz will study historical archaeology at a field school or at a dig. Selena Roker will work with the Local Development Corporation of East New York in Brooklyn to help create educational and economic opportunities. District 3: Lamoy Morgan will design an after-school program for the students of University City High School in West Philadelphia that will explore issues in Hip-Hop and urban culture such as race, class, gender, perceptions of beauty, black patriarchy, education and politics. Ahanara Nauruzbayeva will attend the International Student Symposium in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution July 17-August 11 in The Hague and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.She will also write a series of articles for the Znamya Truda newspaper in her home country of Kazakhstan reflecting on the symposium and causes of ethnic conflicts. District 5: Courtney Wilburn will intern with Speak Out, an organization in San Francisco that provides speakers on topics affecting society such as racism and sexism. She will bring what she learns to a campus organization at Bryn Mawr dedicated to promote understanding between people of different racial and ethnic groups. District 6E: Jessica Ruth Kiefer will attend the University of New Orleans summer field school in anthropology program at Brunnenburg Castle, Italy, to study historic and contemporary cultural ecology and ethnicity of the South Tirolean alpine region. District 6W: Rachel Burt will attend an intensive summer study program in Japanese. District 7: Katharyn Hanson will interview 20 women of a variety of ages and backgrounds who have had corrective spinal fusion for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS); District 8: Melinda Anne Phelps will continue in an internship at Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia, a non-profit media arts center, and help coordinate Scribe's Community Visions program. District 9: Molly Clarkson will increase her knowledge of the Russian language and acquire teaching and leadership experience by spending the summer of 2001 at a summer camp in Russia ; District 10: Melissa Brochwicz-Donimirski will study judo in Japan at its birthplace in Kodokan, Japan. She will document her time of study through black and white photographs and poetry about Judo; District 11 (International): Lakshmi Indrasimhan will help organize youth activities at refugee work camps in Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia through Volunteers for Peace.

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