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From right: Evan McGonagill ’10, Hannah Curry-McDougald ’10, Mariel Woods ’10 and Jenna Thorsett ’10. Photo by Paola Nogueras '84

Egg-and-spoon race replaces final exams?

Undergraduates ran three-legged, wheelbarrow and egg-and-spoon races, played dodgeball, volleyball, and capture the flag, and competed in watermelon-eating contests during Dorm Olympics on April 28. Organized by the College’s Residential Life office and the Residence Council, which includes dorm presidents, Dorm Olympics is a spring stress relief event. “Of course, this is Bryn Mawr, so we also had competitions in Boggle, Sudoku and Pictionary, which were the most popular,” said Director of Residential Life Angie Sheets. “While the student Athletic Association did not help organize any events, many members, myself included, participated in a large number of the activities offered that day,” said Stephanie Wujcik ’09. “It was amazing to see how creative students and the Residential Life administrators could get, and I know that I speak for the other participants when I say it was a blast!”



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