Alumnae Bulletin August 2009


book cover Building a Home with My Husband, Rachel Simon '81, Dutton 2009.

Subtitled "A Journey Through the Renovation of Love," Simon's memoir describes the emotional journey she and husband/architect Hal embark upon when they decide to renovate their charming but dilapidated old home. From Hal's first design sketch to the last stroke of paint, memories of a difficult childhood, friendships left behind, challenges with siblings, and an improbable path to marriage emerge. Ultimately, Simon discovers profound insights about the construction, demolition, and renovation of personal connections. Simon is the author of The Magic Touch; Little Nightmares, Little Dreams; and Riding the Bus with My Sister.

book cover Chasing Paper: The Keys to Learning About and Loving Discovery, Janet S. Kole '68, American Bar Association 2009.

An attorney's ability to home in on the best documents for a client's case is as important as the overarching strategy. It is a rare case that proceeds on testimony alone. Veteran litigator Kole suggests that paper discovery can appeal to young lawyers on several levels so it is less arduous, more satisfying and more productive. Chasing offers a humorous and practical approach to paper discovery. In addition to reshaping negative attitudes about paper discovery, she offers concrete, practical tips on all aspects of paper discovery.

book cover Chrétien Continued: A Study of the Conte du Graal and its Verse Continuations, Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner '68, Oxford University Press 2009.

Bruckner provides the first book-length examination of the four verse continuations that follow Chrétien's unfinished Grail story. She focuses on the dialogue between Chrétien and the verse continuators, and demonstrates how his successors' additions and reinventions shed light on the problems medieval readers and writers found in the mother text: questions about society and the individual; love, gender relations, and family ties; chivalry, violence, and religion; and issues of interpretation, rewriting, and collective authorship. Bruckner is a professor of French at Boston College.

book cover Grief and Loss Across the Lifespan, Carolyn Ambler Walter, M.S.S. '68. Ph.D. '84; Judith L.M. McCoyd, Ph.D. '03, Springer Publishing 2009.

Grief gives students and practitioners a context for understanding how grief is influenced by biological responses to stress, psychological responses to loss, as well as social norms and support networks. Jeffrey S. Kauffman writes that Grief is a "thorough, thoughtful, sensitive, and up-to-date contribution that may be the best book available today for teaching bereavement, grief, and mourning." Walter is a professor at the Center for Social Work Education at Widener University. McCoyd is an assistant professor at Rutgers University School of Social Work.

book cover In the Grip of Desire: A Therapist at Work with Sexual Secrets, Gale Holtz Golden, M.S.S. '63, Routledge 2009.

Written in a first-person, narrative style, In the Grip of Desire gives both the professional and lay reader the rare opportunity to experience the sequestered world of the therapist as she works with people who have sexual secrets and behaviors. Referencing academic literature and research, and case material, Golden demonstrates the basic concepts and issues in treating compelling and legal sexual behaviors. Golden is a social worker and psychotherapist in private practice, and a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at University of Vermont Medical College.

book cover Lavender: How to Grow and Use the Fragrant Herb, , Ellen Spector Platt '56, M.A. '59, Stackpole Books 2009.

The leaves, stems, buds, and flowers of lavender are valuable for a variety of uses. This guidebook gives instructions for growing and harvesting lavender, with ideas for using it in the garden landscape, in crafts, and in recipes. Projects are included for making potpourris, wreaths, garlands, arrangements, and even lavender-spiced chicken, halibut, potato salad, madeleines, and bread. Platt lives in New York City and is the author of 10 books. She grows a wide variety of flowers and herbs and teaches dried-flower crafts and fresh-flower arranging.

book cover Palestine and the Gulf States: The Presence at the Table, Rosemarie Said Zahlan '58, Routledge 2009.

This final book from Zahlan, renowned scholar of Middle East politics and history, explores relationships between Palestine and the Gulf since the 1930s. She discusses how these relationships have pervaded national, regional and international politics, and explores how regional Gulf politics in this part of the world will continue to be impacted by the abiding non-resolution of the Palestinian problem. The late Zahlan was the author of The Origins of the United Arab Emirates, The Creation of Qatar, and The Making of the Modern Gulf States.

book cover We Used to Own the Bronx: Memoirs of a Former Debutante, , Eve Pell '58, SUNY Press 2009.

Pell tells the story of being born into the proprieties of an East Coast dynasty, then leaving that world for a career as an investigative reporter. The memoir introduces the reader to eccentrics, muckrakers, revolutionaries, and radical activists committed to reforming the California prison system. Jane Fonda writes, "Eve Pell gives us a fascinating glimpse into a secret world of unfathomable wealth and privilege. Hers is an unexpected and ultimately hopeful journey of rebellion and reconciliation." Pell is the author of Maximum Security and The Big Chill.


book cover Die Grenzen des "American Dream": Hans Sitarz als "Gelddoktor" in Nicaragua 1930–1934, Anneliese Sitarz '50, co-trans., Iberoamerica/Vervuert, Vervuert Verlag 2008.

book cover Healing from Despair: Choosing Wholeness in a Broken World, Erica Shapiro Taylor '81, ed., Jewish Lights Publishing 2008.

book cover Migrations and Mobilities: Citizenship, Borders, and Gender, Judith Resnick '72, co-ed., New York University Press 2009.

book cover Northern Lights: Translation in the Nordic Countries,B.J. Epstein '01, ed., Peter Lang 2009.

book cover A Scandinavian Story: Two Families Allied in Art and Marriage, Teresita Sparre Currie '43, Xlibris 2008.

book cover Survivor's Guide to Grief: Meeting it, Managing it, Mastering it, Patricia Luce Chapman '50, Chapman Works 2008.


book cover Enterprising Women in Urban Zimbabwe,Mary Johnson Osirim, Indiana University Press 2009.

book cover The Fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass, Julia Haig Gaisser Princeton University Press 2008.

Iberian Worlds, Gary McDonogh, Routledge 2008.

book cover Tales of Crossed Destinies, Azade Seyhan, Modern Language Society 2008.