Alumnae Bulletin
August 2010


book cover As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising, Bethany Klein ’99, Ashgate Publishing 2010.

Klein analyzes press coverage and interviews with musicians, advertising creatives, and licensing managers to uncover the issues surrounding media alliances. She explores cases involving artists from the Beatles to the Shins. Klein is a lecturer in the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

book cover The Aztec Pantheon and the Art of Empire, Claire L. Lyons, Ph.D. ’83, co-author, Getty Publications 2010.

When the Aztec Empire dominated central Mexico from 1460 to 1519, artists and architects created sophisticated works on a monumental scale. Lyons and co-author John M.D. Pohl shed new light on the function of monumental art and religious spectacles. Lyons is curator in the department of antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

book cover The Man with the Knives, ,Ellen Kushner ’77,

Temporary Culture 2010. Concluding the events begun in Kushner’s 1987 novel Swordspoint, A Melodrama of Manners, carried through with the highly praised The Privilege of the Sword (2007), The Man with the Knives is accom­panied by acclaimed fantasy illustrator Thomas Canty’s drawings and decorations.

book cover Mom Still Likes You Best, ,Jane Islay ’61, Doubleday 2010.

Subtitled “The Unfinished Business Between Siblings,” Mom maps the sibling relationship across the lifespan. Judith Viorst calls the book a “lively exploration,” and Library Journal states, “This is a very thoughtful and helpful book, one enhanced by anecdotes and images but offering no easy answer. There is much to savor here.”

book cover Parallel Justice for Victims of Crime, , Susan Herman ’75, National Center for Victims of Crime 2010.

Howard Zehr, professor of restorative justice, Eastern Mennonite University, writes of Parallel Justice, “In this important book, Herman not only outlines why parallel obligations—to victims and offenders—are necessary, she offers a theory of how this might work, with concrete suggestions for where we can start today, in our own communities.”

book cover The Toxic Substances Control Act: A Practical Guide, , Jean Warshaw ’77, co-author, Oxford University Press 2010.

This book is a unique resource for lawyers and regulatory affairs specialists who need to understand the Toxic Substances Control Act, including the surrounding law, regulations and guidances. Warshaw and co-author Miriam V. Gold have more than 40 years of combined experience as in-house counsel in the chemical industry.

book cover When Money Was in Fashion, ,June Breton Fisher ’47, Palgrave Macmillan 2010.

Fisher’s memoir/ biography of her grandfather Henry Goldman of Goldman Sachs is a family portrait of America’s most powerful banking dynasty offered up, as docu­mentarian Ric Burns writes, “with an unusual degree of elegance, irony and restraint.” Bloomberg Businessweek calls the book “graceful” and “charming.” (According to Fisher, all of Goldman’s female relatives attended Bryn Mawr.)


book cover Beyond Blood, , Carol Pepper ’84, 2010.

book cover In the Morning of Time, , Cynthia [Bregman] King ’47, iUniverse 2010.