Alumnae Bulletin
August 2010

Reunion: 25th Reunion Address

by Lauren Buxbaum Kacir

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, I volunteered to be the voice of our class. Only after I volunteered did I read the somewhat intimidating instructions to us speakers. I will, nonetheless, strive to make my remarks” both personal and universal” and to “illustrate a transcendent quality across generations which would otherwise be lost in the business” of the annual meeting.

I represent the Centennial class of 1985, now celebrating our 25th Reunion along with Bryn Mawr College’s 125th anniversary. It doesn’t seem possible that almost three decades have passed since I first met the women of Pem West who would become my dearest friends. I was delighted to see so many names from my freshman orientation group appear on the roster of reunion attendees.

In the years during which we attended classes together we weathered the storms of exams and papers and commiserated over countless cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We survived Room Draw every year and were occasionally drawn into passionate debates over the role of the Honor Code in our campus life. We celebrated May Day with varying degrees of enthusiasm and enjoyed baking chocolate chip cookies in an illicit dorm room toaster oven.

In the years since graduation, we have gone our separate ways and established careers and families. We have also found new relationships with men and women outside the Bryn Mawr community. Somehow, however, we never completely lose touch with our college friends. Years may go by with minimal interaction, but when we seek each other out, it is as if no gulf of time or space exists between us. It is this bond on which the strength of the Bryn Mawr experience is based.

We came to Bryn Mawr for its rigorous academics, beautiful campus and accessible professors. We stayed here because we became fascinated by our chosen fields of study. We come back to join with the amazing women who shared four intense years of our early adulthood and we look forward to returning again and again in the future.

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