Alumnae Bulletin February 2011

From the Editor

Dear fellow alumnae/i,

With the support of the Alumnae Association, I retired in January 2011 as editor of the Alumnae Bulletin to work on my own creative projects.

I returned to Bryn Mawr in December 1989 after eight years as a newspaper reporter and editor. It has been my privilege for the last 21 years to discover how individual alumnae work to make the world a better place—for their families and communities, in the arts, business, science, education and government—and then to bring those stories to all of you. Working on campus has also provided constant intellectual nourishment, dear colleagues, and year after year, the wonderful students.

I especially want to thank the faculty members who have given the magazine interviews and class time and the alumnae who have served on the editorial committee and board

. The Bulletin is one of the few remaining independent alumnae/i magazines and has been distinctive in its focus on ideas and truth. I hope it will continue to present issues as rationally and completely as possible.

In this issue, the Bulletin hosts the Annual Report of the College. We have had fun planning the May 2011 issue, which will report on “digital Bryn Mawr.” Article topics will include the use of technology across the disciplines to transform the process of acquiring a liberal arts education and the exciting jobs of alumnae who work in new media and web 2.0.

—Jan T. Trembley ’75