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Highlights from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin Fall 1999 issue

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STUFF IN THE ATTIC By Alicia Bessette
Fine art photographer Jane Calvin ’59 is not a capturer of real life or truth, but a creator.

FOLLOW THE OZONE By Alicia Bessette
NASA scientist Anne Thompson, Ph.D. ’78, has been internationally honored for her research on tropospheric ozone.

GODDESS OR WOMAN? By Susan E. Wood ’73
The colossal marble head of “Juno” that has been at Bryn Mawr since 1893 is a copy of a Roman bust—but who is she really?

‘REALLY BRYN MAWR’ Photos by Paola Nogueras-Balasquide Tagliamonte ’84
A special Reunion 1999 tribute to Elizabeth G. Vermey ’58, a panel discussion on Bryn Mawr during World War II, and an auction of College antiques brought a longer range of our shared history into focus.

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Convocation speaker Lynne Meadow ’68

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