Highlights from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin May 2008 issue

From the editor



  • President-elect Jane Dammen McAuliffe
  • International scholarship honors Betty Vermey ’58
  • College obituary: Peter Bachrach, professor of political science
  • Black History Month
  • Alumnae in the news
  • BMC publications cross academic boundaries
  • Asian American alumnae career panel


Among Women in South Africa
Bryn Mawr alumnae traveled to South Africa in October 2007 to learn about local and global women's issues as part of an international dialogue series begun in 2006 by Bryn Mawr and its sister women's colleges.

The Power of Learning Together
By Dorothy Lehman Hoerr
Bryn Mawr's Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) looks to build a campus community where everyone is a teacher as well as a learner.

Humanly Impossible, Impossibly Human
On Course. Faust: Approaches to a Legend in Literature, Drama and Film.