Alumnae Bulletin May 2009


book cover As Time Goes By, Abigail Trafford '62, Basic Books 2009.

Subtitled "Boomerang Marriages, Serial Spouses, Throwback Couples, and Other Romantic Adventures in an Age of Longevity," the book describes how people 50+ are redefining the institution of marriage. Trafford interviewed hundreds of people who are raising the bar on marital satis­faction. Trafford is a columnist and former health editor at the Washington Post.

book cover Betraying Season, Marissa Doyle '85, Henry Holt 2009.

A companion to Doyle's well-praised Bewitching Season, this young adult novel tells the tale of Penelope Leland, who has come to Ireland to study magic and prove to herself that she is as good a witch as her twin sister, Persy. But when Niall pays her court, she gets distracted from her studies. Doyle lives in Massachusetts. Visit

book cover The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom, and Their Lover, Victoria Janssen '90, Harlequin Spice 2008.

In this erotic novel, Duchess Camille learns that her cruel husband is plotting to have her killed to make way for a more nubile companion, she flees into the night, taking with her some special friends. Under her pseudonym, Elspeth Potter, Janssen has sold more than 30 short stories. This is her first novel.

book cover Félicité de Genlis: Motherhood in the Margins, Bonnie Arden Robb, Ph.D. '85, University of Delaware Press 2008.

This book examines how French writer/educator Félicité de Genlis theorized the maternal role in her works, as well as the manner in which she lived out her own maternity. Robb is an associate professor of French at the University of Delaware.

book cover Images of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, Katherine Powell Cohen '85, Arcadia Publishing 2008.

Images tells the story of the neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, which survived world wars, industrial and cultural revolutions, and the dot-com boom. Cohen compiled images and stories from interviews she conducted as a columnist for the Haight Ashbury Beat. She is an English professor at San Francisco State and Golden Gate Universities.

book cover A Jury of Her Peers, Elaine Showalter '62, Knopf 2009.

The first comprehensive history of American women writers from 1650 to 2000, Jury discusses more than 250 women writers, many who were once acclaimed yet now are little known. Showalter shows how these writers were connected to one another and to their times. Showalter is professor emerita at Princeton University.

book cover Nurturing Young Children's Disposition to Learn, Sara Roosevelt Wilford '54, Redleaf Press 2008.

The book discusses how young children's unique learning styles can be recognized and nurtured so that they are more inclined to develop socially, emotionally, and mentally. Wilford is the director of Sarah Lawrence College's Art of Teaching Graduate Program.

book cover The Separatist Conflict in Sri Lanka: Terrorism, Ethnicity, Political Economy, Asoka Bandarage '73, Routledge 2009.

Separatist Conflict provides a detailed analysis of the origin, evolution and potential resolution of the civil conflict in Sri Lanka over the struggle to establish a separate state in its northern and eastern provinces. Bandarage is a visiting associate professor at Georgetown University.

book cover Ranklin Inlet, Mara Feeney '73, Gaby Press 2009.

Set in an isolated community on the west coast of the Hudson Bay from 1970 to 1999, the novel concerns a British nurse-midwife and a traditional Inuit hunter and his family. Feeney worked for the government of the Northwest Territories, and as an Eskimo Housing Officer before attending graduate school at UBC. This is her first novel.

book cover Shattered Nerves, Janet Oppenheim '70, Oxford University Press 2009 (1991).

Of Shattered Nerves, R.K. Webb (University of Maryland) writes, "Oppenheim traces the English history of depression with genuine humanity and not a trace of condescension." Subtitled "Doctors, Patients, and Depression in Victorian England," this edition was shepherded by Cynthia A. Read '70, executive editor at Oxford. Oppenheim died in 1994.

book cover Try to See It My Way: Being Fair in Love and Marriage, B. Janet Hibbs, Ph.D. '84, Avery 2009.

Hibbs argues that the way we each define "what's fair" is complex and shaped by our family expectations and experiences. Without a sense of fairness, she says, marriages fail. The book supplies a road map to real fairness. Hibbs has more than 30 years of experience as a psychologist and couples/family therapist.

book cover A Women's Berlin: Building the Modern City, Despina Stratigakos, Ph.D. '99, University of Minnesota Press 2008.

A Women's Berlin describes how women claimed Berlin as their own around the beginning of the 20th century, both culturally and architecturally. A visible network of women's spaces arose to accommodate changing patterns of life and work. Stratigakos is an assistant professor at the University of Buffalo.

More alumnae/I books

book cover Cultural Transmission and Material Culture, Lee (Ellis) Horne '58, co-editor, University of Arizona Press 2008.

book cover Italy's Eighteenth Century: Gender and Culture in the Age of the Grand Tour, Wendy Wassyng Roworth, Ph.D. '77, co-editor, Stanford University Press 2009.

book cover Sex Differences: Summarizing More than a Century of Scientific Research, Lee Ellis (Horne) '58, co-editor, Psychology Press 2008.

book cover Neurotropic Viral Infections, Carol Shoshkes Reiss '72, editor, Cambridge University Press 2008.

Books by faculty

book cover Crowd Scenes: Movies and Mass Politics,Michael Tratner, Fordham University Press 2008.

Tratner examines crowd scenes in The Birth of a Nation and other films, contrasting these with scenes in early Soviet and Nazi films. Tratner is the Bryn Mawr Mary E. Garrett Alumnae Professor of English.

book cover The Idea of Creativity, Michael Krausz, co-editor, E.J. Brill 2009.

In this volume of essay, 17 philosophers, scientists and artists consider questions about the idea of creativity. Is creativity essentially mysterious? What role does skill play in creativity? How does creativity relate to self-transformation? Krausz is the Bryn Mawr Milton C. Nahm Professor of Philosophy.