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Thankful for...


Responses to a college news poll asking students "what are you thankful for on our campus?" included the varied “stickers on the mailboxes" in the Campus Center (above).

What else made the list?

Golden trees on senior row in the fall. Diversity of thought on this campus. Class colors. Dining Services. Plaques in rooms that show the history of where we live. Self-scheduled finals and take home exams. The sound of seniors ringing Taylor Bell. The Cloisters. Chocolate Fondue teas in Merion that traditionally set off the smoke alarm and make Public Safety mad. 24-hour Computing and the Guild Webcam. Housekeepers who are so influential in a living environment that they are considered an important quality of a dorm to take into consideration when evaluating what dorm to pull into. Too many activities to do, not enough time. Sidewalk chalking. The Quita Woodward Room, the London Room, and the Dorothy Vernon Room; if you don't know where they are, go find them. Strawberries and cream for breakfast on May Day. The Goodnight Song. So few people in classes that you get emails from your prof asking, "Where were you today? Are you okay? Can I do anything for you?"



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