Alumnae Bulletin November 2009


More photos of older alumnae!

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy the Alumnae Bulletin. I look forward with great pleasure to reading the entire magazine, but I must admit I turn first to the class notes because—like so many other alumnae—I made my most enduring friendships at the College, friendships that have lasted 70 years! Next I look at pictures of the campus. The College was, and is, so beautiful. I always like to see how it looks. I find also that reading about trips taken and to be taken is always interesting even though the stories make me envious!

And of course I read the articles that reflect the success stories of very many talented alumnae. I was especially pleased to see on the cover of the May Bulletin the picture of Elizabeth Schulze '79, as I've been privileged to hear her conduct the Maryland Symphony so many times.

Because I've had the pleasure of working with so many recent young alumnae, I am particularly interested in reading about the current life of the College, the faculty, the administration, reports of new progress, etc. As a classmate says, "there should be plenty of emphasis on the relevance of courses and careers after graduation."

I spoke with some of my classmates about what I intended to write and they agreed with all of it. One especially liked the use of color and she thought the typeface very readable. Another said she read the Bulletin with pleasure from cover to cover. She is interested in "the state of the College, what courses are being given, and it's important that the Bulletin include it all."

Perhaps it's not feasible but it would be such fun if you were able to show pictures of some older alumnae in their daily (not necessarily for profit) activities. Two classmates of mine, for example, are still tending books, one in the town library where she grew up and the other in her retirement home. I guess what I'd like is to see some pictures of the older classes in particular before I see the earlier yearbook picture that accompanies the obit. Keep up the good work!
- Mike Niccolls '39.