Alumnae Bulletin
November 2010


book cover ACADEMIC BODY, Shirley S. Allen, M.A. '43, Ph.D. '49, Mainly Murder Press 2010.

In Allen's novel, a retired theatrical director is struggling with his new career as drama professor at a small college when he finds himself a murder suspect. He becomes a reluctant sleuth with only three weeks in which to solve the mystery. New Mystery Reader writes, "If you like a cerebral sort of mystery with minimal gore and sadism, this one's your cup of tea."

book cover AL JAFFEE'S MAD LIFE, Mary-Lou Weisman '59, HarperCollins 2010.

Weisman has written the author - ized biography of long-time friend and legendary MAD magazine cartoonist Al Jaffee, whose childhood she describes as "peculiar." Jaffe drew 65 original fourcolor illustrations for the book. Weisman is the author of the bestselling My Baby Boomer Baby Book, among others. Visit for more information.

book cover APPRECIATIVE LEADERSHIP, ,Amanda Trosten Bloom '79, co-author, McGraw- Hill 2010.

Subtitled "Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization," Bloom's guide describes team-building through positive inquiry and open dialogues. President Jane McAuliffe writes that the book "offers an approach to organizational trans formation applicable to [varied] institutions," and "offers key insights translated into replicable strategies for action."

book cover ART AND SOCIETY IN CYPRUS FROM THE BRONZE AGE INTO THE IRON, Joanna S. Smith, Ph.D. '94, Cambridge Univer - sity Press 2010.

This study emphasizes the placement and scale of images and how they reveal the develop ment of economics and social control at Kition, a harbor city of ancient Cyprus, from its establishment in the 13th century BCE until the Phoenicians developed a centralized form of govern ment in 707 BCE.

book cover THE COMPLETE BOOK OF TRADITIONAL REIKI, Amy [Zaffarano] Rowland '75, Healing Arts Press 2010.

Reiki practitioners direct universal energy into the physical body through hands-on and energy-field healing to support the client in reclaiming well-being. Rowland's book is a comprehen sive guide to the techniques taught to practitioners in a traditional Reiki I class.

book cover CONTEMPLATIVE AGING, Edmund Sherman, Ph.D. '67, Gordian Knott Books 2010.

In today's society, people are expected to remain activityoriented in their later years, rather than change to a more peaceful lifestyle. Sherman argues that the latter, however, is ideally-suited to people in later life and offers many healthful benefits. Sherman's book presents contemplative practice methods designed for those entering or already in the later years of life.

book cover THE CRITICAL ASSESSMENT OF RESEARCH, Ann Grafstein '74, coauthor, Neal- Schuman Publishers 2010.

Subtitled "Tradi - tional and New Methods of Evaluation," Critical Assessment examines the need for a more nuanced approach to evaluating information than the peer review process, arguing that evaluation of information requires the consideration of additional factors. Grafstein is an assistant professor of library services at Hofstra University.

book cover DEATH IS IN THE BREEZE, Bonnie Brice Dorwart '64, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Inc. 2009.

Dorwart's 32 years of experience treating patients with rheumatic ailments helped produce this book, subtitled "Disease in the American Civil War." Stimulated by her greatgrandfather's service as a Confederate regional surgeon, Dorwart describes the medical aspects of numerous conditions in easily understood prose.

book cover HANDBOOK OF AIDS PSYCHIATRY, Mary Ann Cohen '62, co-author, Oxford University Press 2010.

Cohen's handbook is a practical guide for AIDS psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and clinicians who work with persons with HIV and AIDS. It examines the dynamics of adherence to risk reduction, as well as strategies to improve adherence using a biopsycho social approach. Cohen is clinical professor of psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

book cover HAOLES IN HAWAI'I, Judy Rohrer '89, University of Hawai'i Press 2010.

Rohrer's book strives to make sense of haole (white person in Hawai'i) and "the politics of haoles" in current debates about race in Hawai'i. David E. Stannard, professor of American studies at University of Hawai'i, writes that Haoles "is a terrific book. It handles complex and sensitive issues with knowledge, grace, and sophistication.… This is a book that everyone should read. It will make Hawai'i a better place."

book cover IMAGES OF THE PACIFIC RIM: AUSTRALIA AND CALIFORNIA, 1850–1935, Erika Esau, Ph.D. '85, University of Sydney Press 2010.

Images examines the ways in which Australia and California have shared aesthetic ideas through imported popular imagery for nearly 200 years. From gold rush photography to Spanishstyle houses, Esau's book tells the story of the countries' aesthetic exchange, based upon a shared ocean and climate.

book cover IMPERIAL CHARACTERS, Tara Ghoshal Wallace '73, Bucknell University Press 2010.

Subtitled "Home and Periphery in 18th- Century Literature," Imperial Characters traces literary articulations of how British national character is formed, changed, and distorted by the imperial project. Wallace demonstrates how certain texts, contextualized within historical moments, enact the opportunities and dangers of imperial adventurism.

book cover INFANTS AND TODDLERS AT WORK, Ann Lewin- Benham '60, Teachers College Press 2010.

This book contains practical, specific activities and materials to use with infants and toddlers to enhance growth and development. Lewin-Benham looks at research from the neuro sciences to provide a guide for professionals who work with young children. Lewin- Benham founded the Model Early Learning Center in Washington, D.C.

book cover THE LAST VIKINGS, Kirsten A. Seaver '66, I. B. Taurus 2010.

Late in the 10th century, the Norse Vikings embarked on a voyage of no return, sailing to North America and setting foot on its shores 500 years before Columbus. But by about 1500 AD, their settlements were abandoned and their explorations receded into the realms of myth. Seaver's definitive history is subtitled "The Epic Story of the Great Norse Voyagers" and draws upon the most up-to-date evidence from archaeology and medieval history.

book cover THE MATERNITY LABYRINTH, Ariel Balter '86, Plain View Press 2010.

Balter offers a window into her experience navi - gating the often bewildering, frustrating, dehuman izing, and heart-wrenching experience of family building for the infertile. Maternity chronicles her five-year-long quest to have a child on the frontlines of the fertility industry. Alexandra Enders '86, author of Bride Island, praises it as "a moving, graceful, and deeply honest book."

book cover MOVING, Elizabeth Greene '65, Inanna Publications 2010.

Moving is Greene's second collection of poems. Poet Sue Goyette writes that these poems "embark on a true voyage." Green's poems have appeared in The Antigonish Review and Freefall, and has been anthologized in Crossing Lines: Poets who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era and in Arms Like Ladders: the Eloquent She. Greene is the Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets.

book cover MUSIC AND MUSICIANS ON THE LONDON STAGE, 1695–1705, Kathryn Lowerre '90, Ashgate 2009.

From 1695 to 1705, two rival London theater companies each mounted more than 100 new productions while reviving stock plays by authors such as Shake - speare and Dryden. All included music. Lowerre charts the companies' interactions from a musical perspective and demonstrates that during this period, all theater was musical theater.

book cover QUILTS: MASTERWORKS FROM THE AMERICAN FOLK ART MUSEUM, Elizabeth V. Warren '72, 2010 Rizzoli.

Quilts contains 200 examples from the museum's collection displayed via full-page color photographs. Each chapter opens with an introductory essay about why the piece is exemplary in representing the time, style and technique. The quilts date from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s. Warren is a collector, independent curator and trustee of the American Folk Art Museum.

book cover A ROMAN MAP WORKBOOK, Elizabeth Duke Heimbach '68, Bolchazy-Carducci 2010.

High school and college Latin teacher Heimbach provides students with a grounding in the geography of the Roman world with this new workbook. It walks students through each map, discussing the importance of each placename, and making connections to Roman history and literature. The maps complement subjects covered in the Latin and ancient history classroom.

book cover SAPPHISTRIES, Leila J. Rupp '72, New York University Press 2009.

Subtitled "A Global History of Love between Women," Sapphistries combines scholar - ship with perception, enfolding imaginary scenes from fiction within factual findings. Topics range from 12th-century monasteries and Mideastern harems to 21st-century transnational concepts of lesbian identities. Publisher's Weekly writes, "Rupp delivers an academically rigorous and brilliantly told history."

book cover SATAN'S CHAMBER, Molly Best Tinsley '64, Fuze Publishing 2009.

A junior CIA operative is posted to Sudan, where her father vanished five years before. Obsessed with solving the mystery of his dis - appearance, she uncovers a horrific plot that threatens to ignite World War III. Captain Thomas A. Myers (USN-Ret) writes, "Engrossing geopolitical intrigue... great book!"

book cover SYNDROME W, Harriette R. Mogul '61, Taylor Trade Publishing 2010.

Syndrome W, subtitled "A Woman's Guide to Reversing Midlife Weight Gain," explores how women who exercise regularly but who gain substantial weight in their middle years might suffer from insulin resistance, which is virtually never tested for. Endocrinologist Mogul gives the reader (and her doctor) the tools to find and fix Syndrome W.

book cover WHEN LONDON WAS CAPITAL OF AMERICA, Julie Richardson Flavell '79, Yale University Press 2010.

In this first-ever portrait of 18thcentury London as the capital of America, Flavell recreates the city's heyday as the center of an empire that en - compassed North America and the West Indies. Stories of colonials present a time when Americans saw London as their own, and remind the reader of the complex, multiracial, at times even decadent, nature of America's colonial British heritage. Visit author's site »


book cover RELATIVISM: A CONTEMPORARY ANTHOLOGY, , Michael Krausz, Columbia University Press 2010.


book cover IN THE MORNING OF TIME, Cynthia [Bregman] King '47,

book cover MEL: A BIOGRAPHY OF DR. MARY ELLEN AVERY, Bojan Hamlin Jennings '41,

book cover THE MYSTERY [BY H.D.], Jane Augustine '52, ed., University Press of Florida 2009.