Alumnae Bulletin
November 2010


Shaping the future

In the May and August Alumnae Bulletins President McAuliffe underscored the significance of the College's 125th anniversary in a global context, stating, "It provides a year-long occasion to begin shaping the future as we celebrate our distinctive past," and noting, "possibilities for global connection will shape our future academic program and our sense of mission as a women's institution".

By both accounts, we are off to an exceptional start! This August the Alumnae Association hosted its first international community service trip. Ten members of the BMC community answered the call to create positive impact on a global scale by embarking on an expedition to Costa Rica. Their mandate: to partner with field scientists and micro-capitalists in the Tarrazu Coffee Region and develop sustainable models of coffee production, one of the country's most vital exports and determinants of economic growth.

The team spanned four decades, came from different walks of life and contributed perspectives as unique as Bryn Mawr itself: a business owner and her husband of 40 years, a social worker getting "hands-on", a banker seeking purpose, a doctor striving to achieve, a web-designer wanting inspiration, an entrepreneur conducting research, a non-profit professional with a sense of adventure, and a student on the trip of a lifetime with her father.

Although their personal motivations were different, they were unified in their commitment to intellectual excellence, social responsibility and global citizenry that is quintessentially Bryn Mawr. For this week they joined forces, rediscovered what makes us "Us" and proceeded to represent that to the world at large. Through the lessons learned, the perspective gained, the work done and the friends made— they've laid the groundwork for more to come. To Caroline Beale '70, Betsy Soifer '76, Nora Adelmann, M.S.S. '78, Paula Anderson '88, Jackie Leung '04, Katie Pflaumer '08, and Morgan Turner '13, thanks for answering the call.

—Leslie Knotts '00