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from the editor

Students at the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers portray “Wealth.” (“Industry” is on right.) Photo courtesy Bryn Mawr College Library.

The photo on our front and back covers shows students at The Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry performing a skit, “Wealth and Poverty,” in 1930. Opened in 1921, the School offered scholarships for programs in political economy, science and literature to factory workers until 1938. The first of its kind, it was the vision of President of the College M. Carey Thomas, who recognized the importance of women’s roles in Progressive-era social reform. Thomas had already established the Carola Woerishoffer Graduate Department of Social Economy in 1915, making Bryn Mawr the first institution to offer advanced teaching in social economy and research.

Our three feature articles in this issue celebrate Bryn Mawr’s tradition of engagement with the world. (A study by The Washington Monthly, reported here on page 8, ranked Bryn Mawr third among 30 liberal arts colleges in serving the public good.) This fall, the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research celebrated 90 years of leadership in social change. The Office for Civic Engagement, just one year old, offers greatly expanded opportunities for community service, service learning and activism. Serendip, the first website launched at Bryn Mawr, celebrates its 10th year as an intellectual community open to the world.

In this issue, we also introduce the first professional redesign of the Bulletin done since the mid-1980s.

With the support of the Executive Board of the Alumnae Association and College administrators, the Bulletin engaged designer Suzanne DeMott Gaadt, principle of Gaadt Perspectives, LLC, to develop a distinctive graphic identity for the magazine that would be engaging, accessible and appropriate for our content.

In order to help keep alumnae/i informed about the goals of the College, and as a recognition that our community extends beyond the campus, we have moved the former “College News” section to the front of the magazine and renamed it “Archways.” In the future, this section will highlight alumnae/i accomplishments as well. A section of news from the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research (pages 28-29) will also appear in each issue. “On Course,” which describes a College course and its reading list, will return in the February issue as a regular department. Finally, a Report of Gifts from the College’s Resources Office is bound into the back of this issue.

In the spring of 2004, Market Street Research, Inc., of Northampton, Massachusetts, interviewed a cross-section of 500 alumnae/i. The survey results showed that while readers perceived the Bulletin to be doing a good job overall, there was room for improvement.

The Bulletin’s twin goals are to connect alumnae/i to one another and to the College. In each issue, we try to balance coverage of the life issues, professional concerns and achievements of alumnae with news of the College. We welcome your reactions and input as we continue to develop the publication.



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