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Clockwise from top left: fragment of mosaic pavement (unknown, possibly Anatolia); wall fresco fragment (unknown); Brocatello di Spagna (Spain).

Mystery of the stone samples: a cache of Roman building materials

While unpacking the Ella Riegel Memorial Museum collection and the archaeological objects brought over from Dalton Hall in 2004 before its reno­vation, Bryn Mawr Collections staff found “two very dusty old cardboard boxes containing several layers of thin, irregularly-shaped pieces of stone,” said Tamara Johnston, registrar of the Collections.

“We brushed a few off and found labels on most of them, with very faint script referring to a collection date of c. 1909,” she said. “At one time, the collection had been carefully cataloged and put together. How did these samples end up in boxes on the floor? This is a mystery that has eluded all our inquiries of recent professors and staff working with the archaeology collections. To this day, we do not know who collected these instructive specimens.”

The stones are now on display in two cases in the Ella Riegel Memorial Museum in Thomas. “The exhibition is intended to offer a visual aid to students learning about Greek and Roman art and architecture,” said curator Cathy Person, Ph.D. candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, “so that they may understand how some monuments and buildings may have looked with their original revetments and decorations.”

Displayed are stone samples from quarries in northern Mediterranean regions, such as the Pyrenees, Italy and Greece, including Broccatello di Spagna, Peperino tufa and Parian marble; samples of building and decorative materials collected mostly from Rome, such as floor and wall bricks, mosaic floors and wall painting; as well as samples from quarries along the eastern and southern Mediterranean, Anatolia, and North Africa including Egypt, such as granites, alabasters, and porphyries.

The pieces are similar to ones found in Roman imperial buildings such as the Atrium Vestae in Rome (2nd–4th century CE) or the House of Cupid and Psyche in Ostia (4th century CE), Person said.


Volunteers in the lantern light

During Alumnae Volunteers Weekend, held at the College September 29-30, the Alumnae Association presented four Service Awards, given to volunteers of Bryn Mawr College and the Alumnae Association for their efforts in support of institutional goals and intiatives and who, through their exceptional vision, dedication, service and consistent financial support, have strengthened the College community and alumnae connections.

The Young Alumnae Service Award was presented to Sally Bachofer ’97 for her efforts on behalf of her class as an Annual Fund Chair and service on the Nominating Committee of the Alumnae Association.

The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Ann Logan ’76, chair of the Annual Fund and representative to the Executive Board of the Alumnae Association, and a member of the Challenging Women Campaign Steering Committee.

Lifetime of Service Awards were presented to Peggy Oneil ’47 and Nancy Cooper ’47.  Peggy’s volunteer activities include tireless efforts over the years on behalf of the Class of 1947, as Annual Fund Chair and Reunion Gift Chair, and in support of the Bryn Mawr Club of Philadelphia. She was also treasurer of the Owl Bookstore and Centennial Captain for the Campaign. Nancy has served 1947 as Class President and Chair of the Bequest and Deferred Giving Committee. She has also been a member of the Executive Board of the Alumnae Association and a member of the Challenging Women Campaign Steering Committee.

From left: Denise Lee Hurley ‘82, vice-chair of the Challenging Women Campaign; Ann Logan ‘76, chair of the Annual Fund; and Ruth Kaiser Nelson ‘58, chair of the Challenging Women Campaign.



From left: Maria Herd ’02, Audrey Ting ’99, Nina Box ’03, and Amy Dieterich ’02 at the Baltimore Team Relay.

More than 70 alumnae in 19 cities have participated as runners, walkers, and cheerers in races this fall as part of the new “Bryn Mawr Women Running the World” program. Many other cities have asked for places on the spring 2007 schedule.

Most of the events are for charitable causes, following in the tradition of Bryn Mawr women making a meaningful contribution to the world. Five events have been Races for the Cure, in Boston, Chicago, Portland, Oregon, Denver, and the New York metropolitan area. Others include “Race for the Rescue” in Pasadena, “Race for Cooperative Development” in Washington, D.C., and the Inaugural Zoo Run in Madison, At the Philadelphia Distance Run September 17, nine alums ran, eight of whom had been varsity runners at Bryn Mawr. The College’s current Cross Country team worked at the water station with Head Coach Dan Talbot (son of Patty Talbot ’61).

From left: Nina Vergari ’00, Susan Campbell Caudell ’01, Laura Stamp ’88, and Libby Sander ’99 at the Chicago Race for the Cure.

Audrey Ting ’99 and T-shirt designed by Suzanne Gaadt.

“More than half of the local alumnae coordinators for these events competed for the cross country or track and field teams,” said mastermind Audrey Ting ’99. “Most of the others were on a varsity team. The range in class years is from 1959-2006!”

Ting, the former Bryn Mawr record holder in the 400-meter dash, 800 and 1500-meter runs, and several relays, served as the cross country and track and field teams’ captain and was a driving force in getting varsity status for the latter squad in 1999. She is also representative to the Executive Board of the Alumnae Association for admissions.


Briana Pobiner ’97, Elizabeth Niemeyer ’94, Rachel Steinberg and Audrey Ting ’99 ran in the Race for Cooperative Development 5k, October 7 in Washington, D.C.

Joanna Simonis Herres ’05 on top; her twin, Flori Simonis ’05 on bottom. (Photo by Dan Talbot)

Bryn Mawr students, alumnae and staff at the September 17 Philadelphia Distance Run.

“These destination races have brought together alumnae from past classes who may or may not have known each other at Bryn Mawr,” said Ting, who organized the first race in Baltimore in 2005. “I think it has and will strengthen the ties between alumnae as well as students and staff at the College.…Competing and wearing uniforms is also a great way to give the College exposure!”

If you would like to organize a run-walk event in your city, please contact Audrey at For more details, see:


At the Komen 5k Race for the Cure Sept 10 in New York City. Second from left: Jessica Bass Kirk ’91; far right, Meera Ratnesar ’01.

At the  September 10 Boston’s Race for the Cure, Artemis Hionides ’82, Cecilia Diniz Behn ’99, Meredith Maseychik Toumayan ’86, Rosi Straijer Amador ’81, and Barbara Schieffelin Powell ’62.

Dan Talbot and Audrey Ting ’99.


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Specify size(s) and quantity when ordering, and include phone number and shipping address.

Credit Card Orders: 610.526.5228 (fax) or 610.526.5227 (phone)

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