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Thank you kindly for the article on Sara McCullough ’06, the Alumnae Regional Scholar who spent an internship in Australia with bats and computers.

I too have had close encounters of the endearing and research type with bats, although in the neotropical rainforests. You ran an article on my work many years ago. I’m also a lucky recipient of an Alumnae Regional Scholarship, and currently work at Google, where in my spare time I try to improve the experience of searching for biological information.

I recently had a friendly tri-co lunch with several Swarthmore alums at Google, who asked about Bryn Mawr’s computer science department. We Mawrtyrs are rather poorly represented at Google, but perhaps in a few years with people like Sara graduating from CS and taking further studies, that will start to change. I’d be delighted to meet Sara and chat with her if the opportunity ever arises, and it was a pleasure reading about her experiences.

—Rebecca Shapley ’96, A.B. ’97                                



Use of place name questioned

In looking through my August 2006 Alumnae Bulletin, I noted that, yet again, the Bulletin contains numerous references to “Palestine” in Lee Ellis Horne’s obituary of Rosemarie Said Zahlan ’58. There is no such place as “Palestine,” and I question whether the Bulletin would consider printing references to other fictional places. Rather, the use of this term promotes inaccuracy and revisionism. Given Bryn Mawr’s commitment to accuracy and integrity (as stated, for example, in the letters to the editor section), I request that the Bulletin decline to use this term.

 —Rina Carmel ’90      



1986’s 20th Reunion

Kudos to all of you on the new format of the Alumnae Bulletin. We received our copies in the past weeks. The new look is both appealing and attractive.

  The Class of 1986’s Reunion Officers, however, are somewhat disappointed with the lack of coverage on our 20th Reunion. We cannot begin to fully appreciate how your team makes decisions about what images and data to include, and we are sure that there are myriad factors that go into these decisions, of which we are unaware. But we had more people attending this Reunion than any other class, and we raised more money than any other class with the exception of the 50th Reunion Class, including the most money ever raised for a 20th Reunion. We are disappointed that the Class of 1986 was so underrepresented in the photos and text reporting on Reunion 2006.

  We would be more than happy to hear from you, to get a better understanding of the decision-making process, but really just wanted to provide you with our feedback. Thank you again for the gorgeous new Alumnae Bulletin, and we look forward to upcoming issues.

  —Class of 1986 20th Reunion Officers: Maria A. Agostinelli, Co-President; Barbara Mackie Franklin, Co-President; Amanda Joseph, Reunion Co-Chair;
Lauren Liss, Reunion Co-Chair

Editor’s note: It is always a challenge to divide and balance Reunion coverage to everyone’s satisfaction.
In reporting on the weekend, we do focus on events that are offered for all attendees rather than on special class occasions such as discussions, meetings, parties, and memorials, which may be detailed in a subsequent class notes column, in a class letter, or on a class website. That said, we chose to devote extra text to members of the Class of 1936 and their luncheon because they were such an inspiring group of women. But, kudos are also due to the Class of 1986!

Members of the Class of 1986 at their 20th Reunion.


We welcome letters expressing a range of opinions on issues addressed in the magazine and of interest to the extended community. Letters must be signed in order to be considered for publication. We may edit letters for accuracy, length and civility.


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