photo of Frances Ann Parrish

Bryn Mawr Farmer

Since her graduation from Bryn Mawr, Frances Ann Parrish '44 has owned the 320-acre farm in Vandalia, MO which her father left her. She grows wheat, soybeans, milo and corn. “I rotate my crops, planting each on a different field each year,” she explains. Attending the College on a scholarship, Frances majored in history and minored in French. She wrote her honors thesis under Helen Taft Manning. “My memories of Bryn Mawr include the hard work, lantern night, and living in the French House my junior and senior years.” Frances' mother, Mary Alice Hanna Parrish, received a Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr in 1917.

Frances pursued her graduate studies at Stanford, then worked for five years in Washington, DC before returning to Missouri to work with the Naval ROTC in Columbia.

Now retired, she shares the profits of her farm's bounty with James Robinson, who raises and harvests the crops. Frances is active in the local DAR chapter, preparing the minutes of each meeting for publication in the Vandalia papers and for the national DAR pressbook. Vandalia has a population of about 3,000; Frances Ann Parrish's farm is northwest of town.

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