Judgement Day

By Darlene Virginia Quarles


Iíve always been somewhat of a restless soul,

I never listened to what I was told,

I ran wild to let the demons inside me,

free the devil, paints a pretty picture

for those to see.

I had to have what the world could offer.

For the wrong, Iíve done,

they should cruxify me.

I was brought up by one of Godís chosen men,

but I let him down,

Iíve lived a life of sin.

My loved onesí teachings

could not change my destructive ways.

I will give account for my life on

Judgement Day.

I cannot undo the things Iíve put you though,

but never once did I stop loving you.

You cried tears of worry, I forgot to wipe away.

Those precious tears will be of blood on that

Great Judgement Day.

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