By Mary Maxwell


(This poem accompanies the essay "A Motherís Meter," by Mary Maxwell '81 in the Winter 1999 issue of the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin.)


In interweaving circles children A B remember

C D with their feet little girls E F G clap their hands

in draped garments sing the alphabet song inter-

weaving a dance H whose movements I significance

dithyrambic J K Demeter literacy circles is that

L M N mysterious game only grown-ups O know

how to play dithyrambic movements but since

there exists no complete P Q written R record S T of

those early dances in interweaving circles only

U fragments V the daughters of Demeter dance lost

dithyrambic movements fragile draped songs

from childhood garments once beloved but forgotten

daughters abandoned Demeter now deemed

W insignificant X in circles Y dancing Z little girls.

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