Your Poems

The Bulletin has received many poetry submissions from readers over the years. In the past, because we just didnít have the space, weíve had to turn them away.

Happily, weíve now designated some pages on our website for your poems. They are listed here alphabetically according to the authorís last name.

We canít shake off the space restrictions, even on the Web. Therefore alumnae/i may not post more than two poems at a time on this site. Poems must be under 400 words. Please submit your poems to Robin Parks, Assistant Editor, 101 N. Merion Ave, Wyndham, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. You can also email them to

Adele MacVeagh Bourne '57

Kit Burns '66

Jennifer N. Carson '84

Mary Beth Krane Derr '85

Susan Orbeton Gilpin '67

Gay Greenleaf '61

Lisa Margo Faerman Herman '76

Lily Ann Hoge, M.S.S. '81, Ph.D. '87

Caryl Johnston

Mary Maxwell '81

Judy Michaels, Ph.D. '74

Josie A. Miller, M.S.S. '91

Darlene Virginia Quarles '84

Mary Watts '64

Poetry pages designed by Alicia Bessette.

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