Reunion 1999 photos
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Margaret Presley '94, Erika Oliver '94, Jennifer Layfer Parker '94, and Sarah Cheavens '94.

Alison Mosier-Mills, Elizabeth Mosier '84 (who also gave a reading during reunion from her new book, My Life as a Girl), Chris Mills (Hfd '82) and Catherine Mosier-Mills.

The 'Fords respond: Preston Clark '79, Andy Searle '84, and Ron Frommann '84.

Carolyn Compton '69

Geraldine Warburg Zetzel '49 and Eve Osler Hampson '49 stroll past the corner of Thomas Library.

Nonie Taft Hall '39, Christie Solter Stephenson '39 and Jane Braucher Volckhausen 39 have tea at Pen Y Groes.

Eleanor Easton Flaxen '59 and Cathya Wing Stephenson 59.

President of the College Nancy J. Vickers.

Janet Hoopes '44.

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