South Asian Women (SAW) of Bryn Mawr presented Rangotsav, or "Festival of Color," the 7th annual SAW culture show, in Thomas Great Hall on November 18. The Great Hall was decorated with the flags of South Asian nations even Athena wore a sari! The event of dancing, singing and recitation, began with a slide show of images from South Asian nations, from the traditional to pop culture, that were compiled by Sonal Kapoor 01 and accompanied by a soundtrack of instrumental music and singing. The event closed with a choreographed fashion show of clothing from the classical to modern.

In January, SAW raised more than $1,000 to send to the areas of India devastated by the January 26 earthquake. At its November culture show, the group sold raffle tickets to help Calgary Eye Hospital in Jaipur, India perform free cataract operations for the poor. In December, SAW also sold holiday cards and raised money for VSEI, an American charity that helps children and educational projects in India.

Anjali Alimchandani 01, Monica Bhanote 04, Uma Jagtiani 02, Sonal Kapoor 01, Neema Saran 04 and Prerna Srivastava 04 perform Dholi Tao Dhol Baje, a folk dance in the Garba style, often performed in large groups on festive occasions in the state of Gujarat. It is most often characterized by graceful movements, jumping and clapping performed in a circle to rhythmic drum beats and song.

Shrooti Singh 03 dances "Bumbro" from the movie "Mission Kashmir." The dance celebrates the adornment and teasing of women during wedding festivities.

Anjali Alimchandani 01 and Sonal Kapoor 01 perform a traditional Radha and Krishna scene.

Prerna Srivastava 04 performs "Dheem Ta Dare," a modern Bharathanatyam rendition from the film, "Thakshak."

Snehal Niak 03 reads "No Shadow Fell," a story she wrote about the trauma caused to a child by the abuse inflicted on his mother by a man he has never known to be his father.

Mahnoor Ahmed 03, one of three performers of a dance put to a medley of music by two great South Asian artists, Nusrat Fathel Ali Khan and A. R. Rahman.

Vidya Ramachandran 01 performs "Anantha Cuthadinar," in Bharathanatyam, a classical dance form of South India. This piece is a about Shiva (Nataraja), the Lord of Dance. His dance symbolizes the cosmic energy in the universe, which destroys, creates and sustains.

Anjali Alimchandani 01 performs a dance whose movements were inspired primarily by Kuchipudi, an Indian classical dance form.

Banner art by Mishayl Naek 03.

Photos by Jan T. Trembley 75

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