photo of Lauren Baier and Laurie Granieri

Soap Dish

Vicky’s in love with Bobby. Too bad he’s on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. A mysterious woman from his past can prove his innocence, but she’s not talking. Just as Bobby’s being led to the death chamber, Vicky and Jake race to the courthouse with information that may save his life. Will they make it in time?

If you watch the soap opera “Another World,” you already know the answer to this question. But if you want to know more you could always pick up the weekly magazine, Soaps in Depth. Two Bryn Mawr alumnae — Lauren Baier Kim ’89 and Laurie Granieri ’93 — work on this new publication. Lauren was a psychology major and Laurie studied art history, but both had come to love writing and the publishing field before landing their jobs as news editors at Soaps in Depth.

Each reports on a different soap — Lauren covers “Another World” and Laurie watches “All My Children.” They gather information about the show, receiving advance storyline news from the publicist, they interview the actors, make set visits and supervise photo shoots for the magazine. Both used to watch soap operas in high school and college, but neither covers the same show now. Laurie isn’t disappointed: “This way it feels like work,” she says.

One of the most exciting aspects of the job is interviewing the actors. “When we do an interview we usually do it over lunch in Manhattan,” says Lauren. “I like getting out and meeting people. We develop a working relationship.” Luckily, however, “most of them are quite different from their characters.”

Both women are proud of their work on the magazine. “As much as you can chuckle and giggle about soap operas, for me it’s such a dependable medium,” says Laurie. “Day after day you see the same characters, and they’re a part of your life.”

Both women are also glad to have a Bryn Mawr connection at work. When Laurie started, she bought the 25th anniversary scrapbook of her soap, studied the characters and past plot lines, taking careful notes. A friend teased her, “You treat everything like an academic exercise,” to which Laurie could only respond, “That’s the Bryn Mawr in me.”

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