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Highlights from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin Spring 2001 issue

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TEACHING IS ART By Alicia Bessette
Elana Haviv ’94’s Children’s Movement for Creative Education improves the academic experiences of disadvantaged children by breaking down personal and cultural barriers in the classroom.

At Bryn Mawr, classical archaeologist Lucy Shoe Meritt ’27, Ph.D. ’35, was taught to observe and question. She made a revolutionary discovery.

CHILD'S PLAY By Catherine Hooper ’94
Through mastering fly-fishing, the author grows to enjoy play that is real work

Alumnae Regional Scholars learn about the wider world—and themselves.


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Bryn Mawr celebrates centennial of Tsuda College
Faculty obituaries: Samuel T. Lachs, Emmy Pepitone
Alumnae in the news: The Allergist's Wife on Broadway directed by Lynn Meadow ’68; Linda Levitt Turner ’57 to appear on PBS; The Mayman Sister Act: Toby ’63 and Myra ’66; Mike Niccolls ’39 honored
Mawrters dumpster dive
Recycled research
SAW (South Asian Women) presents Rangotsav, a Festival of Colors