Front Cover: A Page 1993-2000, 6X8 feet, by Emma Varley, Lecturer in Fine Arts. The Page is a collection of 300 cells of paper printed by the artist with techniques that include intaglio, silkscreen, monoprint and lithography. Varley has printed, cut up, collaged and reprinted all of the papers that make up the piece since 1993. The papers are recycled to form the Page, which represents the passing of time-a visual diary both physical and emotional. See page 30 for more informati on.

In this issue of the Bulletin, alumnae tell stories of choices they have made that have come to define their lives. Some made personal choices early in life; some were drawn to make commitments in adulthood and continue to realize the connections that can radiate out from one's choices. Others took up opportunities and followed where they led, sometimes with unexpected adventures.

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