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High Tech and High Heels in the Global Economy: Women, Work and Pink-Collar Identities in the Caribbean, Carla Freeman '83, Duke University Press, 2000. Freeman's fieldwork in Barbados grounds the processes of transnational capitalism-production, consumption and the crafting of modern identities-in the lives of Afro-Caribbean women working in a new high-tech industry called "informatics." She examines the expansion of the global assembly line into the realm of computer-based work, focusing specifically on the incorporation of young Barbadian women into high-tech informatics jobs. By their enactment of professionalism in both appearance and labor practices, and by their insistence that motherhood and work go hand in hand, they redefine the corporate profile of "ideal" workers and create their own "pink-collar identities." Chapters include: "Myths of Docile Girls and Matriarchs: Local Profiles of Global Workers" and "Fashioning Femininity and 'Professional' Identities: Producing and Consuming Across Formal and Informal Sectors."

Your Over-35 Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide: All the Answers to All Your Questions About Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Developing Baby, M. Kelly Shanahan '83, Prima Publishing, 2000. Shanahan addresses the unique concerns that pregnant women over 35 have, sharing entries from the journal she kept while pregnant. She gives practical advice for safe weight gain, exercise, travel and proper nutrition. She discusses changes in the body, the development of the baby, possible complications, and a mother's options during labor and delivery.

Fragile Success: Ten Autistic Children, Childhood to Adulthood, Virginia Walker Sperry '37, Paul H. Brookes Publishing, Second edition, 2001. Sperry, a former teacher, traces the lives of her autistic students over 30 years. Their updated case histories reveal how parents, teachers, medical professionals, social workers and peers relate to autistic individuals. Fragile Success provides insight into the diversity of autism, how it affects social habits and work, and how others' perceptions have changed.

Picasso's Weeping Woman: The Life and Art of Dora Maar, Mary Ann Caws '54, Little, Brown/ Bulfinch, 2000. Dora Maar, a successful young photographer, produced Surrealist images as well as reportage, portraits and fashion photography. Picasso's muse and lover for seven years, she photographed him and collected his paintings and drawings. She also created a unique photographic record of the painting of Guernica, Picasso's protest against the carnage of the Spanish Civil War, in which Maar is portrayed as a woman bearing a lamp. Caws reveals Maar as a deeply intelligent and charismatic woman and artist, dispelling the myth that she was a tragic muse shattered by Picasso, the cruel genius.

The Good Girl's Guide to Negotiating: How to Get What You Want at the Bargaining Table, Leslie Whitaker '79, Elizabeth Austin, Little, Brown and Company, 2001. A woman's internal pressure to "be a good girl" can drive her to give away more than she should, or to settle for less than she deserves. This book shows that you don't need to be a shark to be strong and effective at the bargaining table.

Mad for God: Bartolomé Sánchez, The Secret Messiah of Cardenete, Sara Tilghman Nalle '75, University of Virginia Press, 2001. Sixteenth-century Spanish peasant Bartolomé Sánchez believed God sent him in divine retribution for the crimes committed by the Inquisition. His religious deviance landed him in the very court he believed he was sent to destroy. His first inquisitor thought him innocent by virtue of insanity. In telling Sánchez's story, Mad for God offers historical insight into the debate over the nature of religious inspiration, insanity and criminal responsibility.

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