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Highlights from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin Summer 1997 issue

Click on the magazine to view a large image of the cover. Painting on cover, Interior, by Lee J. Fortmiller '92.

POETIC PUZZLES By Monica Anke Hahn-Koenig
Alumnae/i discuss the challenges of writing about art, science, history and narrative at last fall's District IV conference in Washington, D.C.

GIRLS GROWING UP By Ashley Doherty '71
Biological and social changes have shortened childhood for many preteen girls, but mothers can help their daughters manage the process of maturing.
Children need to know that they can talk with their parents about sexual health issues.

MENTORING CITY GIRLS By Ewa Irena Pytowska '74
Mentoring networks for young girls in the inner cities would encourage budding artists, poets, scientists and engineers.

CROSSING THE WATERS By Anissa J. Cadar '93
Beginning with early childhood in the Philippines, the author learns from her parents that it is worth risking one's life for ideals.

TEA WITH THE PRINCESS By Anastasia Ashman '86
Is high tea with a crown princess the fairy tale it seems?

EMERGING IN THE EAST By Aparna Mukherjee '95
Alumnae/i at a regional conference in Manila discuss challenges for women in Asia bridging professional and family responsibilities.


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