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Highlights from the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin Summer 1999 issue

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Meet new Executive Director,
Wendy M. Greenfield.

BINDING TIME By Alicia Bessette
From Canaday’s basement, a scholar brings old books to life.

POWER OF PRINT By Katherine McCanless ’94
Belief in the power of the text sustains the effort of making books by hand.

A PAPERWEIGHT’S SOJOURN By Patricia Keleman Szuhaj ’88
A daughter learns the full story of her father’s flight from Hungary.

PRACTICING GRIEF By Lynn Litterine ’96
’96 A grandmother’s early death shaped a dark story inhabited by daughter and mother.

A DANGEROUS ROAD By Alison Hicks ’82
A daughter uncovers the story of an inherited fear.

CODES OF HONOR By Ashley Doherty ’71
’71 Membership in a variety of “clubs” determines view of Clinton debacle.

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