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Nancy Cristoforo married Jonathan Beliush on September 7, 2002 in New Hope, PA. Pictured (l to r), top row: Vivian Chern Shnaidman 84, Nancy, Kathleen, bottom row: Stephanie Pinz Plaut 84, Jennifer Carson 84, Clare Payne Symmons 84, Shannon Stringer 84.

At a celebration of the marriage of Becky Plassmann ’83, MA ’88, and Dorothy Leman ’84. “Our wedding took place in Vancouver, Canada, in September of 2003, and the party where this photo was taken was in August 2004 in Bend OR, where we live.” From left: Mary Rasmusson ’84, Hideko Secrest ’85, Jayne Marino ’84, Marieke MacLeod Thayer ’83, Sara Hamlen ’86, Becky Plassmann ’83, MA ’88, Dorothy Leman ’84, Elizabeth Hebb Plassmann ’50, Nancy Lynn Evans ’84, and in the foreground, Carol Mei Rosenzweig, daughter of Hideko Secrest.

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