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wedding photo
At the July 26, 1997 wedding of Maria Agostinelli to Denis Marusic (l to r): Amy Pelos '86, Carol Hitselberger '86, Sharon Walker '86, Maria, Vivian Chern Schnaidman '84, Barbara Mackie Franklin '86.

wedding photo
Jill Caskey married Richard Pfohl (Priceton '86) in Toronto in August 1998. Mawrters and 'Fords in attendance were (from left): Claudia Callaway '88, Katherine Kaplan (Hfd '86), Ethan Nelson (Hfd '85), Regina Cosnowsky '86, Bruce Carvalho (Hfd '84) and Elizabeth White '86 wedding photo
Present at the wedding of Teri Slivers were (l to r): Tracey Ericksen Ohaus, Anne Kessler, Teri, Cheryl Turner '86 and Karen Cunningham Helde. Also in attendance were Mark Goldman (Hford '86), John Genovese (Hford '86), John Helde (Hford '87) and Rich Thau (Hford '87).

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