Club Handbook
Table of Contents

I. Introduction to Clubs and the Alumnae Association

1. Welcome

2. Background of the BMC Alumnae Association

3. Alumnae Association Statement of Purpose

4. Alumnae Association Core Values

5. Alumnae Association Motto and Logo—"Lift the Lantern High"

6. Where Clubs fit in the Districts

7. What the Alumnae Association Does

8. Who’s Who on the Alumnae Association Staff

9. Confidentiality of Alumnae Information Statement

II. Organization of Clubs

1. General Goals of Clubs

2. General Requirements of Clubs

3. Three Levels of Clubs (Small, Medium, Large)

III. Leadership

1. Job Descriptions for Club Officers

2. Nominating Committee Procedures

IV. Programming—What You and Your Club Can DO

1. 101 Things you can do for and with BMC in 2001. . . .

2 . Program Ideas

3. Planning Events—Who does what when

4. Event Planning Calendar

5. Event Budget Sheet

6. Event Evaluation

V. Alumnae Association Support

1. General AA support

2. Guidelines for Ordering Mailing Labels and Lists

VI. Communicating with Alumnae and the Alumnae Association

1. Newsletters

2. Email Broadcasts

3. Telephone Tree

4. Web Page

5. Public Relations

6. Club Directories


VII. Finances

1. Club Financial Records and Accounts

2. Budget

3. Sample Club Budget

4. Dues

5. Expense Policy

6. Non-Profit Status/Federal Taxes

7. State Taxes

8. Financial Records

9. Insurance

10. Bulk Mail Permits

11. Alumnae Regional Scholarship Funds

VIII. Starting/Growing Your Club

1. Getting Started

2. Attracting, Sustaining and Increasing Membership

3. Dues

4. Bank Accounts

5. Building and Managing Your Board and Committees

IX. Appendix A (Forms)

1. Club Annual Report Form

2. How To Fill Out the Annual Financial Report Form

3. Annual Financial Report

4. Alumnae Association Speaker Request Form 2000-2001

5. BMC Alumnae Association Reimbursement Form

X. Appendix B (Samples)

1. Sample By-Laws

2. Sample Nominating Committee Procedures

3. Sample "Just the Facts" Quiz

4. BMC Philadelphia Club Newsletter/Survey/Dues Request

5. Sample Club Directory Cover and Page

6. Sample Club Invitations

7. Sample President’s Letter w/ Dues and Fundraising Request

8. Sample Web Pages (including Club listings on AA web page)

9. Sample Calendar

10. Ten Steps to a Perfect Career Event

Tools for Volunteers

Graphics for use on the Club or Class websites