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Career Networking I

The Career Network is a program sponsored and funded by the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association with significant help from the College and the Bryn Mawr College Career and Professional Development(CPD).

The Career Network's goal is to provide a wide array of services such as industry panel discussions, networking receptions, and individual career counseling. Some of the events offered this past year include student-alumnae networking receptions in several cities, gatherings of professionals at local luncheons and at national meetings, and a playgroup for children and Mawrter Moms in Boston.


Below is a collection of resources provided to contribute to professional career development and to encourage and facilitate alumnae/i networking for the purposes of career exploration and job searching.

Network News
The Online Bi-Co Alumnae/i Jobs Newsletter

Network News is the password-protected, bi-weekly online jobs newsletter published by the Career Development Office for Bi-College alumnae/i. Its job postings reflect the interests and expertise of our alumnae/i, from recent grads to experienced professionals. Included are postings by or through Bi-Co alumnae/i and/or their employers, as well as other employers who have made an effort to specifically reach out to our alumnae/i populations.

  • For a password to Network News, e-mail cdo@brynmawr.edu or call (610) 526-5174.
  • To post opportunities, send information to cdo@brynmawr.edu. Please include a job description, position requirements, application process and deadline.

To post entry-level opportunities for current seniors, send information to cdo@brynmawr.edu

To post internships for current undergraduates, send information to cdo@brynmawr.edu

The BMC Alumnae Career Network
  • BMC Online Directory
    The Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association provides an online, password-protected directory to assist you in finding alumnae/i who have selected to share their occupational information. Note that if you do not select to share your occupational information it will not be visible to others searching the directory.
    Enter the Online Directory or Request a Password
  • Athena's Web
    This online community is open to Bryn Mawr alumnae and seniors. It provides an online system to create networks and affinity groups. It also supports communication to seek or share career information, and employment interests and opportunities with other Martyrs in the Athena's Web community. Enter Athena's Web.
  • Career Development Representatives (CDR) - Alumnae Volunteers
    Alumnae volunteer CDRs are in several major US cities. In coordination with their respective alumnae clubs and the Career Development Office, they organize career programs and networking events and serve as contacts and resource people for alumnae seeking to network with the Bryn Mawr or Bi-College communities. View the list of CDRs
  • BMC Alumnae List Serve
    This is an online forum for discussion and sharing of information among Bryn Mawr alumnae. Join the BMC alumnae list serve
Career Development Services
  • Career Counseling for Alumnae/i
    Cori Ashworth, M.Ed., C.A.G.S., C.M.C., Director of Alumnae Career Engagement, provides career counseling and job search coaching for undergraduate and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences alumnae/i at all stages of their careers, at the College or by phone/skype. Contact Cori at (610) 526-5230 or dashworth@brynmawr.edu. Note: undergraduate alumnae less than 2 years out are served by the CPD's undergraduate counselors and should call 610-526-5174.

    Kathy Marcolina BMC MSS '85, Career Counselor, provides career counseling and job search coaching for Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research alumnae/i as well as current students. To arrange an appointment at GSSWh&SR, in CDO in the Campus Center on the main campus or by phone/skype, call 610-526-5174 or email dburdo@brynmawr.edu.
  • CPD Web Site and Internet Resources
    The CPD web page provides links to many useful web sites providing information from general career exploration to job listings.
  • The CPD offers several password-protected databases of organizations, career and employer information on their Internet Links page. For the password to any of these resources, e-mail Dolores Burdo.